How To Apply Beard Oil?

Beard oil would be an essential product if you chose to make you grow a beard. Many men like to integrate their look with a beard. If you have made this choice too, get ready because you must be ready to take care of it in the best way.

There are several things to consider. You can't help but use beard oil, which, remember, must be the right quality product.

Otherwise, you risk that your face will appear with an unkempt beard, with dandruff in some cases, giving the unpleasant feeling of being an untreated man in physical appearance.

What is Beard Oil For?

  • Makes facial skin and hair soft.
  • Prevents the appearance of dandruff

Beard Oil is essential to take care of hair that lives on your face. Whether it's a beard, a goatee, or a mentioning of a nice thick beard, you can not help but use this product. Beard Oil is a mixture of oils acts to nourish the beard and the skin of the face.

It presents the onset of dandruff and the appearance of annoying itching on the face. Besides, good beard oil can be useful to shape the beard itself and give it a pleasing and neat shape to the eye.

How to Apply Beard Oil

The best time to put on beard oil is after a good shower when the skin's pores dilate and the hairs of the beard itself are all clean. At that moment, the beard looks its best, so that's when you need to apply beard oil to nourish it best.

Some beard oils require not only a washed and clean beard but also a dry one. Others instead indicate the use of the product to dab the beard with a towel without drying it entirely and leaving it a little damp.

Be careful with the dosage. If you pour too much, you could get the unpleasant greasy effect. If your beard looks oily and smooth as well as your face, then you have dosed a little too much beard oil, and it won't look very nice.

Follow the directions of the product you have chosen to use to know the exact amount to apply on the beard. Quantities are generally counted in drops, and the number depends on how long you have a beard. For example, if you have a beard that is one month long, or two, three, and more, depending on your beard's longevity.

There are no particular indications on how often and how often to apply beard oil. Follow the tips that you can find in the package a bit.

Many men use it every day, others instead several times a day, the man who wears a not so thick beard may decide to use the beard oil even every two or three days.

Who is Beard Oil Suitable For?

Besides knowing what shaving oil is and its benefits, it is essential to understand who the oil is for. Experts indicate that beard oil is for the bearded man who is serious about maintaining and caring for his beard. With a beard from 2 cm (or one finger) in length, you can already benefit from the use of beard oil. With beards shorter than that, it is possible to use it, but in a smaller amount, the benefits may not be immediately apparent.

People with dry skin or beard will also find beard oil an excellent ally to give life, shine, hydration, and a better appearance to your beard.

And bearded men with normal and oily skin, can they use it? Yes! In the case of oily skin, it is a recommendation that you start using a small amount of the oil-less frequently (every other day, for example) and then adjust it as you feel you can. An interesting effect while observing it is that, with the continuation of using a shaving oil, the skin on your face realizes that you need to work less to create that natural oil (which has the purpose of protecting your skin and hair) since this beard oil is playing a significant role in providing this protection and nutrients, this way the natural oiliness of the skin begins to retract. When in doubt, always consult a dermatologist for specific guidelines for your case.

How Often Should You Use Beard Oil?

It's up to you to decide. We recommend that you groom your beard and apply oil every day. Thus, the beard will receive the full moisture it needs. Since the air is usually too dry (too hot in summer and cold and dry in winter), daily use of oil is the best option for beards of any length.

Why Does My Beard Look Dull And Dry?

This is a widespread occurrence. The root cause of a dry beard is when it is dehydrated. It may seem to you that this is not so, but in this way, the body gives you signals to add moisture to the body and beard. Chances are, you are not drinking enough water, and dry air, excessive heat, or frost will drain your beard hair. The first tip is to drink plenty of water to keep your body hydrated and be sure to look after your beard. Beard oil is a product that instantly moisturizes the beard, nourishes it with fatty amino acids, and restores its healthy and attractive appearance in the shortest possible time.

What Can Be Done To Make The Beard Thicker And Grow Faster?

Your beard is a living part of the body, which, like the hair on your head, needs care and suffers from external factors' adverse effects. If the soil is not fertilized and watered for a long time, even the most resistant plant will not survive, and a new one will not germinate. Beard Oil is packed with nourishing and moisturizing micronutrients that will help your beard grow faster, thicker, and most importantly, healthier. Each of our beard oils enriches it with a rich vitamin composition. Take some of your time to take care of your beard, and then a dull, sparse beard sticking out in all directions will gradually transform beyond recognition. The first effect of beard oil will be noticeable after the first use and increase with each time. Therefore, every owner of a chic beard should have their favorite beard oil.

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