How To Apply Hair Serum

Our hair is among the most striking elements in terms of appearance. That's why everyone wants their hair always to look healthy and vibrant. However, it is not possible to have this appearance without proper care. Most people use many products for hair care. One of the products used for hair care is hair serums. Hair serum is a silicone-based product covering the hair's surface and causes positive hair structure changes, affecting the scalp. Also, hair serum is an effective protection method against contaminants such as sunlight, dust, and lime. Hair serum also has useful properties for hair growth. Choosing the purpose for which will use hair serum is an essential issue for the caregiver. Therefore, after finding the most suitable hair serum, the subject is how to apply the hair serum to the hair.

Choosing The Correct Hair Serum

While we want our hair to have a beautiful appearance, we do not want our hair to be damaged. We should choose the hair care serums that make our hair look much more groomed than its natural state by touching the scalp correctly. Hair serums are products used for different purposes. We accept that every hair type and every hair problem is other. In this case, we need to determine what our question is and choose the appropriate hair serum before using hair serum. 

Although serum for hair type and hair problems is one of the most popular reasons, there are other hair problems. We don't have to worry. Serums prepared correctly and used at the right time will bring results that meet our expectations. All we have to do is know our hair structure and choose the right hair serum. There are various hair serums on the market for all these hair problems. Hair serums have different usage methods according to the problems they solve.

How To Use A Hair Serum On Wet Hair?

We can use hair serum in different ways. These are three ways to apply to dry hair before bathing, wet hair during bathing, and damp hair after washing. The caregiver should check the properties of the product he bought. If you want to apply the hair serum to dry hair, we must make sure that our hair is clean. We can protect our hair against the heat coming from these machines by using hair serum before using a hair straightener or blow dryer. 

Another way is to apply serum to the hair while bathing and keep it for 5 minutes while washing. After 5 minutes, we should rinse your hair like rinses after shampoo. The last and third way is to apply hair serum to damp hair after bathing. Hair serums are mostly used by people who care for damp hair after a bath. After taking a bath, we should lightly dry our hair with a towel. Then we can start applying hair serum. After using hair serum, we can continue our regular life without doing anything else.

Other Methods of Using Hair Serum

We apply hair serum to the hair in the same way in all three methods. First of all, we take a few drops of hair serum in our hands. By joining our two hands, we spread the serum in our palms. We take our hair in front of us, and we apply the serum to the ends of our hair with a massage method. We must make sure that we spread the hair serum evenly on the hair's ends if we can apply the additional product to our hair's tip. 

Hair serum repairs hair fractures and prevents the formation of new fractures. Then we throw our hair back to back. We also apply a small amount of hair serum to the front of our hair by massaging. To be effective at this stage, we should massage the hair serum into the hair follicles and feed them well. Hair serum applied to the hair follicles strengthens the hair follicles. If our hair is too dry, we can use a few more hair serum drops to moisturize our hair. After applying the hair serum, we can use a toothbrush to spread it evenly to our hair.

What Should We Pay Attention When Using Hair Serum?

There are some rules to be followed to get good results from hair serum. First of all, hair length and hair volume are a matter to be considered. We must pay attention to hair length and hair volume before using hair serum. We must determine the amount of hair serum we will operate according to hair length and hair volume. It is quite wrong to say that using too much hair serum is better. The rule that too much of anything is harmful also applies to the use of hair serum. Most of the time, it will be sufficient to use 2-3 drops of hair serum.

The second issue is that we must ensure that we choose the right hair serum for our hair type. If our hair dries too fast after applying hair serum to our hair, we may need to change our hair serum. When using hair serum, we should be careful that the shampoo we use is compatible with the hair serum we use. We can find the right combination of hair serum and hair shampoo for our hair by trying it.

Frequency of Hair Serum Usage

Another issue is the frequency of our use of hair serum. If we are going to use hair serum every day of the week, we need to adjust the hair serum dose well. Experts generally consider it ideal to use hair serum three times a week. We must not forget that our hair needs air. Therefore, covering our hair with a care cream can leave our hair stuffy. Also, we will take care of the way we use hair serum. Before using hair serum, we must take care that our hair is clean. That's why experts usually recommend the use of hair serum after a bath. If our hair is not clean enough, excessive hair serum can cause oily and dandruff in our hair.

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