How To Care For African American Hair

The answer to the question of how to care for African American hair is hidden in this article. You should establish a hair care routine. Unique in appearance and structure, the African American hairstyle is particularly fragile and prone to damage. More than half of African American women cite thinning or hair loss as their top hair concern. Fortunately, there is much you can do if you have an African American hairstyle to minimize damage and preserve the beauty of your hair. Also, in this hairstyle, it is important to be attentive and sensitive. In addition, regular maintenance is essential for a beautiful appearance.

How To Care For African American Hair And What Are The Maintenance Tips?

To answer the question of how to care for African American hair care and to help you keep your hair healthy, you should read the following tips;

  • You should wash your hair once a week or once every two weeks. This helps prevent the build-up of hair care products that can cause dryness in your hair.
  • You should use conditioner. Make sure to use conditioner every time you wash your hair. You should make sure to coat the ends of your hair with conditioner as it is the oldest and most fragile part of your hair.
  • You should use hot oil treatment twice a month. This helps give your hair additional moisture and suppleness.
  • Before styling, you should use a heat protectant product. You should apply this to wet hair before styling, minimizing heat damage.
  • You should be careful when using relaxation products. To minimize hair damage, you should always visit a professional hair stylist to make sure you apply the relaxer safely. You should only do the touch-ups every two to three months and only on your newly growing hair. Also, you should never apply a relaxer to your already limp hair.
  • You should use ceramic combs or tongs to press your hair. If you want to press or thermally straighten your hair, you should use a ceramic comb or tongs and only do this once a week. You should use a dial straightening device to make sure the device is not too hot. You should choose the lowest possible temperature setting that will give you the style you want. For thicker hair, you may need a higher temperature.
  • You have to make sure that herringbone braids or regular braids are not too tight. If your hair hurts while styling, you should ask the stylist to stop it and do it again. Pain equals damage.
  • If you notice any changes in the texture or appearance of your hair, you should see a board- certified dermatologist. Even the slightest thinning that you can see can be the beginning of hair loss. The earlier you diagnose hair loss, the more effectively you can treat it.

How To Care For African American Hair And What are the Advantages of Usage?

African braid does not cause any damage to your hair. In fact, we can say that it relaxes and benefits your hair, as it saves you from applying things such as gel, mousse, and styling with heat. If you have oily hair that you have to wash constantly, your greasy problem will slowly disappear, as you do not have to wash your hair constantly. You can wash African braided hair just like your natural hair. When you wash your hair by breaking it into pieces using a normal shampoo, you can clean it as much as your old hair. In addition, it does not require the use of extra conditioner, hair mask and similar products. Therefore, it offers a more economical solution for you.

Unlike your normal hair in African braids, your spilled hair does not fall to the ground and stays in your hair as it cannot get rid of the braids. When you open your braids, it is only an illusion to see your larger-than-normal hairs in the bathroom drain. Therefore, you should not worry. The lost hair you see is your 3-month-old hair shedding! African Braids are not made with wax or glue. Just as you can open your hair when you braid your normal hair, you can get rid of your braids after you have an African braid. The only inconvenience is that you have to unroll a lot of braids. If you have time or friends who like to mess with your hair, you can easily solve the problem in a short time.

Things to Consider in Hair Care

Everyone wants to have perfect looking hair to feel better and more attractive. You do not need to use expensive products to have healthy and beautiful hair. 5 important steps we can take in hair care by just paying attention:

  • First of all, you should pay attention to your diet. In hair care, you should stay away from all kinds of foods that are too oily and drink plenty of water. By eating healthy, you can get the vitamins and minerals that our hair needs.
  • You should not wash your hair too often and with hot water. Due to environmental conditions, you clog the pores on your scalp. Hot water causes the scalp to dry out and cause dandruff. If you wash it with warm or even cold water, you can accelerate the blood circulation, you can feed the hair follicles more and grow.
  • The choice of shampoo you use is important. You should choose shampoos with herbal ingredients. This will be healthier for your hair and scalp. You should moisturize the ends of your hair using almond oil or argan oil. Also, you can reduce breakage and spills by applying a moisture mask every three to four weeks.
  • You should choose the hair mask suitable for your hair type and apply it twice a week. Masks you make at home with honey, eggs, olive oil and various fruits are quite natural.
  • You should be careful when drying your hair after a bath. You should take care to use both drying and hair styling machines sparingly. If you need to use it, you should dry it on low heat and away from your hair. If possible, you should let your hair dry naturally. Tools such as curling irons, straighteners and blow dryers cause your hair to wear out and fall out.

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