How to Care for Bleached Hair?

Most hair dyes will damage your hair, but bleaching is the biggest enemy of hair. Once you become blonde through bleaching, your hair will very quickly become dry and brittle. We will show you how you need to take care of your bleached hair. You are losing natural oil and moisture from your hair, and therefore you need to be careful about how you will restore it. If you want your hairstyle to look fantastic, here are some hair care routines you can follow for your hair. 

Minimize the Impact of Bleach

Whether you want light strands or want another light color, you need to be careful not to bleach your hair too much. Use it only on the roots of the hair if you think you need to add a little.

If your hairdresser suggests a liquid bleach, you still take the powdered one. The transition from brunette to blonde should not be sudden, so enter patiently as you switch to a lighter color. It is less harmful to your hair.

Use the Right Shampoo

There are many shampoos for bleached hair, and the best is for everyone. A protein-based shampoo with keratin is the right choice. It will help you to restore your hair after bleaching. Another right choice is a dry shampoo for blonde hair.


One of the essential elements is the regular use of a hair care conditioner. Use it at least once a week, but you can choose a conditioner for blondes and use it whenever you wash your hair. A great choice is a natural treatment that includes virgin and coconut oil. 

Reduce the Use of Heating Devices

Drying your hair with a hairdryer can be a big challenge after you have bleached it. Replace the towel with a softer one made of cotton. This will help you fight curls, and you will not lose too much moisture from your hair. Natural drying of hair or drying with cold air is recommended. Hair straighteners, hairdryer, Figaro reduce their use and always use a good serum for protection against heat.

Wet Your Hair Before Swimming

Always protect your hair before you go swimming, especially in pools. Wet your hair with water before entering the pool, so it doesn’t absorb too much chlorine or salt when you swim in the sea. If your hair is also exposed to chlorine, it will become an ugly green ink. 

Protect Your Hair From The Sun

As an act of hair care, hats or scarves will protect your hair from UV radiation. Excessive exposure can cause dry hair but even change the shade of your color. Even if you use sunscreen products, still do not be too exposed. 

Hair Protection from Copper

If your local water supply or one near you is rich in copper, your hair is in danger every time you wash your hair. Just like chlorine, copper can change your color to ugly green. One great idea to prevent this from happening is to use acids. You can use diluted apple cider vinegar or melt aspirin and rinse your hair before getting out of the shower.

Help Your Hair with the Right Sprays

Even if you are not a fan of hairspray, it is easier to maintain your hair with two types of sprays. A shine spray will make your hair healthy, and a UV protection spray will significantly help your hair if you don’t wear a hat or cap. 

Visit the Hairdresser Regularly

Regular trimming of the tops is significant and many consider it to be a hair care routine, especially when you are dyeing. But don’t be tempted to bleach your hair every time you go for a haircut tops. Instead, try a pencil for darker roots to delay bleaching.

Do not Use Curlers

They twist the hair, making it even more brittle and lifeless. You have already dramatically changed your image - you have become blonde, there is no reason to change your hair's structure. Let the curls keep their curls, and the owners of straight hair - natural strands. Straight blonde hair is gorgeous.

Don't Get a Ponytail.

Your hair is already so weak after weakening, and you are relentlessly pulling it into a high ponytail! In this case, there is a disturbance of blood circulation in the scalp's vessels, the roots become even weaker, which will lead to inevitable hair loss.

Of course, a high ponytail is a comfortable and beautiful hairstyle, but it is more straightforward and more suitable for natural hair in style. Being blonde, you can afford a more stunning look - for example, loose hair.

Do a Scalp Massage

Following the head massaging hair care routine every night will strengthen your hair. The blood will pour harder to the skin, which means that the roots will also get more nutrients. The massage can be done with the hands - press the head with smooth circular movements.

Also, combing with a round brush made of natural material - wood or bone, with natural brushes is very useful.

Nutrition for Bleached Hair

Bleached hair is prone to drying out, so stylists recommend using masks rich in intensive care nutrients. A great option is to coat your hair with oil. When it comes to hydration, then any cosmetics with moisturizing ingredients.

You should also pay attention to the wise use of hairdryers and thermal equipment, straighteners, or curlers. You should choose masks with biotin, keratin, and plant stem cells and use them after each wash for this type of hair.

Rub the oil well into bleached hair. It is best to do this at night. Natural hair care oil, like argan oil, needs to be rubbed into damp hair before drying. Argan oil contains polyunsaturated fatty acids, which provide adequate hydration to the hair. It is also worth going to bed and doing a small head massage while washing to stimulate the sebaceous glands. It is recommended to put and rub vitamin E into it in the dry scalp case, which moisturizes perfectly.

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