How to Care for Bleached Hair

How to care for bleached hair, if you have curiosities and deficiencies in this regard, this article is for you. After dyeing your hair blonde, you can see irregular red and orange reflections in the hair color. Don't let these looks on your blonde hair overshadow your hair color. Unfortunately, blonde hair is not a hair color that can handle mistakes.

How to Care for Bleached Hair

If you are lacking in this matter after you have bleached your hair, you should definitely research the question of how to care for bleached hair. With extra care and care, you should ensure that your hair always looks flawless. The first step for this is to search for answers to the question of how to care for bleached hair.

You Should Protect Your Hair from Excess Sunlight

When you dye your hair light color, your hair can be sensitive. Therefore, our first answer to the question of how to care for bleached hair is that you should protect your hair from sunlight. The harmful UV rays of the sun, on the other hand, target dyed hair, causing dryness of the hair strands and a paler appearance in the hair color. For this reason, you may notice that your blonde hair looks duller, paler and uncared for in the summer months.

To avoid this, you should stay in the shade on hot days. In addition, you should regularly protect your hair from the effects of the sun by using hair masks and care creams. Even if you need to be under the sun, you can protect your hair in the coolest way with big hats. In fact, we have generally touched on the question of how to care for bleached hair.

Hair Care Products Suitable for Bleached Hair

In detail, we will touch on much more important points for how to care for bleached hair. After dyeing your hair, you should leave the hair care products you use in natural hair color. Now it's time for proper care for dyed hair!

The shampoo, conditioner and hair mask you use for your own natural hair color may not be good for your lightened hair. Specially formulated hair care products suitable for the use of colored hair provide the moisture, fullness and hair color special care that your light colored hair needs.

Shampoo Recommendation for Colored Hair

You should use special shampoos for washing, which is the first step in how to care for bleached hair. Let us guess your concerns about your bleached hair before you tell us. Red reflections, oranges, and hair appearing hotter than desired. This all sounds so familiar! We have a great shampoo recommendation for your bleached hair: Elseve Anti-Orange Purple Shampoo! Neutralizes the red and warm reflections seen in blonde hair color, making blonde hair turn into ashy and cold tones.

The purple pigments in Elseve purple shampoo, our most popular recommendation for how to care for bleached hair, penetrate your hair and your blonde hair takes on a cooler color day by day. Purple shampoo is suitable for anyone who has lightened hair, including blond and gray. Now you know the dyed hair shampoo you need to make your blonde hair reach cooler and ashy tones.

Apply the purple shampoo to your scalp and massage it into your hair. Keep the purple shampoo on your hair for 1-3 minutes and rinse completely with warm water at the end of the time. You should use purple shampoo once a week in addition to the shampoo you use for colored hair.

Which Hair Mask Should You Use?

How to care for bleached hair does not have a one-step answer. You can get lively and beautiful looking hair by going through many steps. In order to get rid of the red and hot reflections that occur after bleaching your hair color, you should include the purple mask in your care routine, as well as the purple shampoo. Using purple shampoo and purple mask together allows hair color to reach ashy tones faster. It also helps dyed hair look more well-groomed.

The purple pigments in the formula of Elseve Color Vive Color Correcting Purple Hair Mask turn unwanted reflections on blonde hair into a more ashy and neutral tone. Our favorite thing about the purple mask is that it gives your hair more ashy tones while caring for dyed hair at the same time. Thus, it can both improve your hair color and reduce the dryness of the hair ends. To get a blonde hair color with cool reflections, you should use purple shampoo and purple mask together.

Apply Elseve purple mask to wet hair ends and lengths after shampooing. It is necessary to keep the mask on the hair for only up to 1 minute on platinum and gray hair, 5 minutes on blond hair, and up to 7 minutes on auburn, highlight & ombre hair. At the end of the time, rinse your hair with lukewarm water. It will be enough to use the purple mask once a week.

Does Drinking Water Help?

We talked about how to care for bleached hair. Now, we will give you a few tips on how to preserve the vitality of bleached hair without applying it to your hair. Dryness is one of the most common problems faced by colored hair. Chemical bleaches can reduce the moisture in your hair. For this reason, your first goal in hair care after lightening your hair color should be to moisturize your hair.

Drinking plenty of water along with the hair care products you use ensures that your hair is moisturized quickly. The moisture coming from inside helps your hair to look brighter, fuller and lively. If you haven't been able to figure out why it looks dull after bleaching your hair color, you can support your hair to be moisturized from the inside by drinking plenty of water.

In this article, we tried to create as many answers as possible to the question of how to care for bleached hair. We touched on the important points and emphasized the importance of both physical and non-physical pathways. If you want a more vibrant and healthier look for bleached hair, you can see the difference by following our recommendations.

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