How to care for İngrown Hair

There is more than one answer to the question of how to care for ingrown hair. Caring for long hair is more difficult than others. You should know the value of your long hair. In order to keep your hair healthy and vibrant, which everyone is envious of, you should take care of hair care. You should look glamorous with different hairstyles. We are here with a great guide for your ingrown hair! We will share the right hair care routine and styling tips for long hair in this article. How to care for ingrown hair ? Can't control your ingrown hair?

How To Care For İngrown Hair and How Should It Be Routine?

First of all, you should choose the right shampoo to clean your long hair. In order to clean your hair from root to tip and maintain the moisture balance, you should not forget to take a look at the contents of the shampoo. In addition, if you have dyed hair, you should definitely use a special shampoo for dyed hair. Thus, your hair color gains a lively appearance for a long time. When buying shampoo, you should use the shampoo that suits your hair needs. If your hair ends are split, you should buy restorative shampoos.

Don't get used to being scared when using conditioner on your ingrown hair. In order to have soft long hair, you should definitely use hair conditioner in every wash. In addition, we usually recommend using shampoo and conditioner of the same series to get the most out of the conditioner. You should apply the conditioner on your hair ends and lengths and wait. Also, you should definitely use warm water when rinsing your hair.

How To Care For İngrown Hair and Care Details

You should not forget to use a hair mask suitable for your needs and hair type once or twice a week. Hair mask not only repairs our hair but also provides a lively look. If you have dyed hair, we strongly recommend that you use a special hair mask for dyed hair. After applying the mask on your hair, you should wrap your hair in a pre-heated towel to keep it warmer. Since the mask in contact with hot air will give a more effective result, you should prefer it.

It is a little difficult to comb the known ingrown hair. For this reason, you should take care to use hair care products that can make your hair easy to comb and shape. For example, you can apply the no-rinse care cream to the ends and lengths of your hair after bathing. After using it, you will see how easily your hair is combed and how beautifully it takes shape. You should stay tuned for how to care for ingrown hair and more.

How Can We Wave Long Hair?

You can choose wavy hairstyles to intensify the wave of your naturally wavy hair and get a more voluminous look. If you are wondering how to wave long hair, you can follow the steps below! First of all, you should divide your hair into sections. If you are going to shape your hair with foam, you can directly start the application phase. You can get practical waves thanks to the styling foam. If you are going to shape it with heat, you should not forget to apply a heat protectant product.

You should always start from the ear level to make your hair look more natural while blow drying your hair. Waves under the ears look cooler in her long hair. You should first wrap your hair in the brush, then slowly open it and apply heat from a close level. If you can't blow dry, you can easily wave your hair with a curling iron. To make your hair look more natural, you should open the waves by combing them with your fingers. Finally, fix it with hairspray.

Nine Tips for Proper Care of Overgrown Hair

  • Washing alone is not enough for any ingrown hair. You should use conditioner after every shampoo and you should do a special hair care once a week.
  • You should comb your hair before washing it. Washing after combing will make your hair less knotty.
  • In addition, you should never put wet hair into a ponytail. The hair you release dries faster. Also, wet hair is more sensitive. Even the simplest rubber hair ties will damage your hair.
  • When drying your hair with a towel, you should never rub it. Instead, you should press the towel at the top of your hair and gently slide it towards the ends. This will dehydrate your hair and keep the dandruff layer calm.
  • In addition, you should never use metal clasps, tiaras and rubber rings that are not covered in fabric. These destroy the dandruff layer over time and lead to brittle hair or hair breakage.
  • You should leave your hair open at home. You should avoid hairstyles such as ponytails and braids from the back or sides, and you should treat your hair well. If you don't like getting your hair on your face, you can wear a band. But you should avoid plastic headbands.
  • Also, you should let your hair air-dry as much as possible.
  • When using a blow dryer, you should keep it on the cold setting as much as possible. If hot weather is a must, you should leave a distance of at least 6 cm between your scalp and the nozzle of the blow dryer.
  • Brushing your hair with a natural wire brush gives the most beautiful shine. The more you brush your hair with a natural hair brush, the more beautiful shine your hair will have.
  • Overgrown hair is more prone to damage as it goes from the scalp to the ends. If you are growing lion's mane hair, you will suffer from split ends. In long hair, when your hair ends split into two or more parts, there is only one solution left; take a nap. To avoid this, you can use repair products for split ends and regularly check the health of your hair.

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