How To Care For Low Porosity Hair

Many people wonder that how to care for low porosity hair, because hair is one of the essential parts of them. There are lots of terms related to hair. You may want exactly to know what low porosity is. Hair porosity means that how much your hair absorbs moisture. In other words, if your hair does not repel water quickly, you have to consume water a lot; it takes time to wet your hair. At the same time, if your hair does not retain water which means your hair porosity is low.

What Is Low Porosity Hair?

You can test your hair porosity on your own. The only thing you need is a glass of water. When the strand sinks quickly which means that hair porosity is high. In contrast, if the strand floats at the top, your hair porosity is low. You can determine your hair porosity degree via this test. What does hair porosity degree mean then?

It makes sense if you know how to care for low porosity hair. When you look at information above, you can find out many things about that. Because, you should know your hair need and then you can do the best for your hair. Think about a while, water resistant means moisture resistant. Consequence of this, you have to find a solution how you can moisturize your hair sufficiently. You can try some tips for your hair at home. Keep reading this article, because there are lots of tips below.

How To Care For Low Porosity Hair

It is really important that how to care for low porosity hair. Hair care is an essential topic for everyone, some say that their hair tends to maintain dryness. On the other hand, rest of them say that their hair is oily. Dryness is not okay for anybody, because it can not glow as well as fuully healthy hair. Dryness of hair may be related to product build-up or genetic factors. You need to do something for your hair to make it as shiny as healthy hair. Actually, low porosity hair does not mean that hair is not healthy. However, your hair should moisturized regularly.

There are some tips in this article about how to care for low porosity hair. Here are some tips for you how to treat your low porosity hair. Steaming is the first option to open your hair cuticle, because when your hair cuticles are open, it means that your hair can be moisturized easily. You can steam your hair by using a hair steam cap. This option is not expensive to carry out. While desiring to lift your cuticles up, the greenhouse effect will work out. This method requires to wear shower cap, you can wear it overnight or during the daytime after that take off shower cap and enjoy seeing the steam covered your hair. Clarifying is the third one and one of the important options. Because, product build-up covers your hair and makes it not to moisture. You can use clarifying shampoo in order to clarify your hair from product build-up. The fourth one is humectants; they works as magnets. A good example for that is glycerin. The last one is deep conditioning.

How To Strenghten Your Hair Texture

Improve your hair texture by using tips how to care for low porosity hair. These tips will really help you about how to improve your hair texture. Because, they are interrelated issues. Before applying your hair any product, you should know how strong your hair is. You should do everything according to your hair quality. For instance, if your hair has tendency to dry, you should buy products for dry hair. It is really important, because you may confront hair loss problem by applying wrong shampoo, serum or someting like that. It may take the situation to transplant treatment. Okay then, keep reading to learn how to strengthen your hair texture.

Learn about how to care for low porosity hair. It is a leading way that takes you to find best way to treat kindly your hair. In order to strenghten your hair texture firstly massage your scalp with natural oil regularly. It stimulates blood circulation which promotes new hair growth. You should get used to it as a weekly routine; it is essential that to proceed the action constantly. You can prepare egg mask for your hair; egg contains protein and fat which nourishes your hair. Tea rinse is a beneficent option; black and green teas are natural substances. They are natural antioxidant and antimicrobial properties that clarify your hair from dandruff and scalp infection. Rinse your hair with these natural substances and be happy having healthy hair.

Home Remedies For Your Hair

There are some remedies about how to care for low porosity hair. Everyone is interested in with these remedies; somehow it is related to health. Hair is very important part of people; hair provides attractive appearance to people when they style it. Fuller head of hair is one of the desired thing every people want to have. Some have thicker head of hair genetically and they enjoy their healthy hair. You may desire to have such hair, but you try to something to achive that. Actually, you do not give up to try some remedies even if you are not successful at first. There are so many things you can do on your own at home. This sounds good; the natural subtances is cheaper and easy to acquire them.

You need to know how to care for low porosity hair. This brings you to find the best way when you need to improve your hair texture, and how to moisturize your low porosity hair. Home remedies make you feel comfortable and relax which is really important to be ready psychologically. It promotes the situation that you want to be successful. Firstly, mash up honey and aloe vera gel and apply this smooth paste along with your hair length; 30 minutes later wash your hair. This concoction hydrates and gives shine your hair. Prepare yourself a fenugreek seed paste to improve your hair texture. Soak them water overnight, then blend soaked seeds with virgin coconat oil to produce a paste. Apply it directly your scalp, after 30 minutes wash your hair and proceed this formula twice a week. You can observe the positive change which makes you happy.

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