How To Care For Permed Hair Hair Care?

Have you dreamed of amazing curls for a long time, but your hair does not curl at all? Indeed you have thought about a perm at least once. However, before deciding on this procedure, study what hair care about perm should look like. Since “perm” is a rather traumatic procedure for hair, your curls need careful hair care after it. We will tell you how to care for a perm.

What Harm Can Perm Do to Hair

Perm makes it possible to radically change the image without much effort on the part of the woman - all the "work" is done by the fixing composition, which changes the hair's shape.

However, if aggressive components are used during the procedure, be prepared for not the most pleasant consequences for your curls:

  • after perm, there is a chance to get brittle and dry like straw strands that will look ugly in any haircut;
  • become more brittle and hair follicles, which leads to a more intense loss of hair;
  • the hair color may not change for the better, becoming dull;
  • often after the procedure, the ends of the hair begin to split ;
  • perm can trigger dandruff.

Maintain Hair Quality

After a perm, your hair can become not only dry and brittle but also dull. Therefore, you just need to make sure that you pick up the right care for your permed hair. First and foremost, you should change your daily routine. All hair care products must be explicitly selected for curly and frizzy hair. And also, add moisturizers for your hair to your routine.

Shampooing and Basic Care

Remember that you must not wash your hair for 24 hours after a perm. After that, when choosing a shampoo and conditioner, make sure you are selecting specialized products designed to care for curly, dry hair. Making sure of this is important that the foods you buy are nutritious enough.

Additional Care

In addition to essential daily grooming, it is crucial to provide your hair with additional nourishment and moisture. Start doing hair masks regularly. Moreover, in the first weeks after the perm procedure, you can increase the recommended maximum (3 times a week) up to four or even five uses. You can try both store-bought masks and homemade masks—for example, oil masks for hair.


If you've recently permed, make sure your regular hairstyle routines don't damage your hair. First, it is best to opt for air drying to blow dry. This way, you will not put additional stress on your hair. And secondly, make sure that you use healthy thermal protection hair care products and do not dry out your already brittle hair.

Combing Hair

As soon as your straight strands turn into waves or bouncy curls, they will need not only new care but also a new comb. To take care of your hair after a perm as painless as possible, get a comb with rare teeth. With its help, you can easily comb tangled hair. You may also need a special moisturizing spray to make this routine easier.

Hair Coloring

Many people think about if it is possible to dye hair after a perm. And, if so, what kind of hair care is needed after perm and hair coloring? Firstly, hairdressing professionals advise you to curl and dye together only if your hair color has faded while curling.

Secondly, it is better to avoid any permanent hair coloring or toning altogether. And if you decide on such a hair experiment, it is better to wait at least two weeks from the day of "perm," when the curls are stabilized.

Do not forget: hair after "perm" should be combed gently and carefully. Firstly, this way, you can avoid damage and breakage of the strands. Secondly, this hair care option will keep the curls crisp and not frizzy.

Salon Treatments For Hair With A Perm

Since the hair is exposed to chemical lotions during a perm, it is still chemically treated. That is, it is drier than normal hair.

It is essential for chemically curled hair to restore the hydrolipid balance inside the hair, that is, to moisturize and nourish.

Curled hair needs to exclude treatments with keratin: "Keratin treatments mainly straighten and make the hair heavier. This may not be very good for permed hair. "

Home Care Rules After A Perm

1- Oils for hair restoration

One of the most common products for the care of damaged hair is oils. Most often used:

  • olive;
  • castor;
  • burdock;
  • sunflower.

If there is no desire and time to prepare a mask, apply a little warmed oil to the hair's entire length. Keep the oil under cellophane for at least 40 minutes, then wash your hair. The oils will help strengthen and restore your curls. For this, use them once a week.

2- Shampooing

You need to take care of a special shampoo in advance. Now it is not a problem to find hair care shampoos designed specifically for hair that have been exposed to potent chemical attack.

The main thing is that they should be soft, contain organic components such as coconut oil, wheat proteins, amino acids, vitamins, and keratin.

3- Rinsing

You can rinse your hair after each wash. In addition, choose the same brand of mouthwash as your shampoo. You can also cook it at home:

From vinegar - to strengthen and shine.

Dissolve one tablespoon of 6% vinegar in 1 liter of water.

From lemon juice - for a quick recovery.

Squeeze the juice of half a lemon into 1 liter of boiled water. Thanks to him, the hair is restored faster, is well fortified, and will become pleasant to the touch.

Another hair care idea includes, after washing and rinsing, do not rub your hair with a towel but gently blot and shape the curls with your hands. Try not to stretch or deform them to preserve the frizz. Wait until they are completely dry, do not go to bed with a wet head. Otherwise, you risk waking up like a dandelion.

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