How To Make Hair Growth Serum?

Hair serum is a kind of hair care product made with vegetable oils and extracts. It is used to nourish hair from root to tip, repair fractures, gain shine, and lengthen hair. Hair serums, which are a concentrated formula, are used a lot to grow hair. Because certain vitamins, minerals, and proteins are needed for hair growth. These needs can be taken with the help of a serum. Hair serum applied to the hair follicles and ends has an effect of growing, thickening, and shining in the hair.

In order to make a hair serum, you first need to decide which effects you want. In order to have a hair growth effect, the materials in the hair serum should be selected appropriately. For example; Ingredients such as coconut oil, jojoba oil, bay leaf, juniper, almond oil, keratin are very effective in hair growth. At the same time, plants such as nettle also have a hair growth effect. The use of such materials in the hair serum to be prepared lengthens the hair. Those who are thinking of purchasing instead of preparing hair serums can also prefer hair serums containing these materials.

Another point to be considered when buying hair serum is that it does not contain chemicals. Since chemical damages hair, those with chemical content in hair serum should not be preferred. If you want to use products such as hair serum produced with natural ingredients, you can visit our website. You can buy natural hair products specially prepared for you with a click.

What is Hair Serum?

Nowadays, there are many types and brands of hair serums that you can try to figure out which works best for your hair type. A good hair serum that provides softness and shine, designed as a hair care solution. 

Hair serums are used to strengthen and prep the hair before using heat on your hair. It helps prevent breakage of your hair. It usually contains silicon that can coat your hair like plastic. This can give an instantly smooth and shiny effect.

How Is The Correct Use Of Hair Serum?

The hair serum is to make the hair look healthier. But besides this, it gives shine and makes it less breakable. Since the serum reflects the light, it makes the hair look brighter and healthier. It also helps protect from dust and moisture. It not only shines but also protects against harmful sunlight. It also creates a protective layer against harmful chemicals.

Most people use hair serum as a preventive measure against dry and damaged hair. It is also used when your hair becomes dull or tangled. They can use it to protect against too much heat and chemical reactions while using hair styling products and tools.

Hair serum is only applied to shampooed hair. When you look at the other hair products, you can realize the hair serum is a source of nourishment for your hair. The main purpose of hair serum is to nourishes your hair. Therefore, it should be used on washed and clean hair. It is extremely important that the shampoo used has natural ingredients.

How to Care for Hair After Using Hair Serum?

After applying the serum effectively to your hair, you should brush it down. This will help comb your hair easily. After applying hair serum, wait for your hair until it is completely dry. If you use hair straighteners frequently, it is necessary to apply the hair serum first and then use the straightener. So, the serum will also protect your hair from damage caused by overheating. 

When using hair serum, try to figure out the best combination for your hair. For this, try to try your hair serum's other hair products such as shampoo and conditioner. It is necessary to use hair serum in appropriate amounts. Apply hair serum when your hair is damp. The roots of your hair and brush with a comb or brush after the application is finished. You should not use the hair serum without washing your hair. This will cause hair oily and dandruff. Make sure your hair has been washed and cleaned before using hair serum. Hair serum works on clean hair. 

How to Choose a Hair Serum?

Before you start using hair serum, the first step is to find the right hair serum. Like all other care products, some brand uses different ingredients that can benefit specific hair types. To find the most suitable product for your hair, you need to know what your hair needs. You need to have an idea of the ingredients used. Because the contents in the hair serum directly penetrate the scalp. For this reason, it is important to choose hair serums that do not use chemicals. This can often cause you to try more than one product. However, it is useful to experiment with natural products. If you wish, you can use products such as hair serum and shampoo, all of which are created with natural ingredients. You can find this type of natural hair care products on our website.

Why Should Hair Serum Be Applied With Massage Movements?

Hair serums are applied to nourish and protect the hair from root to tip. For this reason, it should penetrate the hair follicles and ends well. In order for the hair serum to penetrate the hair follicles, massage movements should be used. It should be heated first in the palm with the nourishing serum applied to the scalp. Then, the hair roots should be massaged with fingertips and absorb the hair serum. Only in this way will the hair serum penetrate deeply.

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