How To Start A Hair Care Line?

Every hair type requires proper care to keep hair soft, light, and healthy. Several hair care treatments can be done for this—both natural therapies and salon treatments can be done as often as possible. With the right hair care, hair and scalp health can be maintained every day. In this topic, we will explain how to start the hair care series for you.

Hair Care Benefits

The function of hair care is to make hair look shiny and make hair healthy and smooth. Women traditionally perform various types of hair care, both in salons and at home. The goal is the same, namely to make hair healthier, smoother, shiny, and free of problems, such as hair loss or dandruff.

Cutting Hair Regularly

Maintaining healthy hair so it doesn't get damaged is to cut your hair regularly. Cutting hair can help remove split ends and stimulate new, healthier hair growth. If the hair is damaged and left too long, it can worsen hair damage.

Eating Nutritious Foods

If you want to use a salon to treat hair health, it's okay. However, salon treatment alone is not enough to get beautiful and healthy hair. You also need to fulfill your nutritional needs to get healthy hair. The following hair care nutrients are essential for hair:

Protein to strengthen hair. The range of protein levels the body needs per day is 46 grams, or the equivalent of 7 eggs, 200 milliliters of soy milk, 6 ounces of lean meat, and 6 cups of milk.

Omega 3 fatty acids help moisturize hair, protect the heart organ, and help relieve symptoms of depression. This intake can be obtained by consuming fish twice per week.

Iron and zinc to support healthy hair growth. You can find these nutrients in lean meats or soybeans, which are consumed twice per week.

Biotin and vitamin D are also two nutrients that are beneficial for hair. Many eggs contain biotin, which can help treat the health of your thick hair. Meanwhile, you can get vitamin D from sun exposure to help stimulate hair growth.

Using Essential Oils

Another way to maintain healthy hair is to regularly use essential oils on the hair, giving a natural fragrance. You can find essential oils in hair care products for hair, such as shampoos, serums, and so on. It's best to avoid products that contain mineral oil and petrolatum as they only provide moisture to the surface of the hair.

Several essential oils can maintain healthy hair, including coconut oil, which functions to soften and add shine to hair. Also, there is almond oil, which is useful for smoothing and moisturizing the scalp.

Combing Hair from the Roots

Have you ever experienced hair loss when combing your hair? This can happen due to the wrong way of combing hair. To prevent hair loss, you should comb your hair from below to smooth out any tangled ends. After that, then you comb the middle of the hair.

Pulling the Hair Tie

Tying hair is an easy way to remove messy hair. However, you should not tie your hair too often, let alone pull the hair tie forcibly when removing it because this hair care habit can make hair damaged, such as frizzy hair, breakage, and loss.

Washing Too Often

Shampooing is good for keeping hair clean. However, that doesn't mean you can do it every day. Washing your hair or shampooing should be done regularly 2-3 times a week.

Combing When Hair Is Wet

Wet hair is more prone to damage. Therefore, you need to be careful when combing or drying wet hair. We recommend that you dry your hair first before combing your hair. You can also brush your hair before shampooing, so you don't need to comb it again after shampooing.

Wrong in Drying Hair

You can dry your hair in several ways. Among them is to use a hairdryer or dry towels. Unfortunately, some people dry their hair the wrong way. Here are tips you can do when drying your hair:

Avoid drying soaked hair with a blow dryer. Under these hair care conditions, the hair cannot absorb heat, making it more difficult to dry. So, it's better to squeeze wet hair using a towel before drying it with a hairdryer.

Use a blow dryer with medium heat ( medium ) from top to bottom. Do not point the hairdryer in all directions because this habit will make hair tangled and difficult to manage.

Please turn off the hairdryer when your hair is dry, and gently comb it.

For those who frequently use a hair straightener, you should use a heat protection spray ( heat protection tool). Don't forget to use a non-rinse conditioner if you frequently wash your hair and use a hairdryer.

Spa Hot Towels 

Many of you may not know that the best way to make the oil nourish hair optimally is to use a hot spa towel. Dip your towel in warm water, and then wrap the towel around your head. Please keep it for 6 to 8 minutes, then rinse it off.

Choose The Ideal Care Based On Your Hair Type

Each hair type requires different and appropriate hair care, and it would be a mistake to generalize. Therefore always follow a specific treatment based on your hair type.

1) If you have greasy hair, know that the cause lies more than sebum, which makes hair and scalp smooth. To cure them, you need to normalize the production of sebum and take care of the skin. For this reason, you must act gently but deeply on the skin, gently massaging it with an appropriate purifying lotion.

2) Do you have dry hair? When the sebum secretion is insufficient, the hair flakes and dries up. There is only one solution: you need to hydrate it! The combination of a moisturizing shampoo and a nourishing mask is the winning combination for treating dry hair. Brushing it often with a soft boar hairbrush helps distribute the sebum well.

3) If you have dull and dull hair, it means that the scales of the hair shaft reflect light poorly. Here's how to treat them: Regularly rinse your hair with a rinse-off hair care product that will restore shine and radiance to your hair.

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