How To Take Care of 2C Hair

It is essential to be sure hair type and how to take care of 2C hair. Apart from 2A and 2B types, people with 2C hair type can have frizz, untamed curls, dead ends and thickness. Both oily skin type and dry skins can have this type of shape. Choosing the appropriate products of shampoo, conditioner, serums and masks will keep its look prettier and healthy. 2C hair type properties in common;

  • It is a wavy hair,
  • Curls starts from the root,
  • It is thick,
  • Can be loose,
  • It has the “S” shape,
  • Can be on oily or dry skin,
  • May have frizz

No one wants to deal with skin related problems or hair type disadvantages. But applying wrong hair care products may result in these obstacles. The burden of unhealthy hair will result in extra care. You can avoid these by learning how to take care according to your hair type.

How To Take Care of 2C Hair with Dry Skin

It is not easy to manage dry skin, so need to learn how to take care of 2C hair. Dry scalp is prone to dandruff formation and if it is wavy like 2C hair type, it requires extra care to purify. If you have dry hair type, the flexibility of your hair is lower and it breaks easily. There is no permanent treatment or solution for dry skin hair. It is managed and supported only by daily hair care.

As the age progresses, the nutrition of the hair decreases, and the shine in the hair is not the same as before due to the decreasing metabolic rate. To eliminate all these disadvantages;

  • Using curly and dry hair shampoos alternately,
  • Providing herbal or dermatological support for dandruff,
  • Using water-based or gel conditioner for dryness,
  • To shape the curls by hand so that there is no frizz,
  • It is necessary to stay away from heat, chemical hair dyes and styling tools that work with heat.

In addition to all these, you can use conditioner or natural oils for skin care. Once a week, use natural oils with intense nourishing and moisturizing properties, such as jojoba oil, Argan oil or coconut oil. Olive oil for dryness is very nutritious. Add some water to all hair care products to increase absorption and try to apply by hand and sectioning.

How To Take Care Of 2C hair with Oily Skin

Those with oily scalps are lucky in a way, but they should still know how to take care of 2c hair. 2C hair type is possible to turn into dry skin, but in such a case, there is a much more disadvantage. Therefore, those with 2c oily skin should know that they are lucky and advantageous. For 2C hair type care, it is not necessary to use oily hair moisturizer, conditioner or serum. It is beneficial for them to take a shower and comb the hair a little more often. People with oily scalp see their pillows become dirty within 2 days. If he/she does not wash oily hair often, it will look dirty. When they are styled, they usually do not last long and are easily goes back to original shape.

Moisturizing is absolutely not necessary for 2c hair care. Thus, the hair nourishes and softens by its own oily structure. To maintain this natural nutrition and moisturizing state for a long time;

  • Ensure that the hair ends are nourished by combing the hair frequently,
  • Avoid products with chemical content such as hair dye,
  • Take frequent baths as oil is a habitat for bacteria,
  • Clean your pillow often or change sheets,
  • You can use heat styling tools, but not recommended,
  • Use dry shampoo if there is no time,
  • Before washing the hair, dilute the shampoo and make sure it reaches the roots,
  • Let the shampoo contain natural ingredients.

if oily skin is a genetic, it continues for life, and sometimes it loses its structure with too many chemical products, hair dyes, and styling with heat. Hair type 2c is therefore much easier and cheaper to maintain. Hair conditioner, hair care oil and hair masks do not cost to you. Apart from 2C hair care, you can use anti-frizz gel products and foam products to shape. Products such as hair wax are not suitable because they contain oily content.

How To Get 2C Hair Care Routine

It is good to have routine for caring yourself in every aspect. It is easy how to take care of 2C hair care routine which takes 1 hour weekly top. You can get help from your hairdresser, dermatologist and hair analysts for the 2c hair care routine. Products such as hair dyes and hair straighteners dehydrate the hair structure. Therefore, stay away from these products for 2C hair styling. In this hair type, which is wavy from the root, it is most important to use shampoo. Massage the shampoo abundantly for at least 4 minutes to thoroughly cleanse the hair.

If your 2C hair type has a dry scalp, you should continue with your care and moisturizing in the shower and after the shower. You can use serum to nourish the hair. If you have an oily scalp, dirty appearance is your biggest problem, just frequent bathing is enough for this. It is enough to take care for 2c hair for half an hour 2 or 3 days a week. Not to look frizzy, use the blow dryer with diffuser, and you can use hair mousse or hair gel at last.

2C Hair Type Care Tips Hair Products

There are many products for curl enhancing especially for 2C hair type. But you should choose styling and hair care products according to you skin type. There are deep conditioning treatments that make shinier curls. But it is not a good fit for 2c oily hairs. Curl enhancers mostly have smoothing effect so you may choose leave-in conditioners for dry skins. Curl defining gel is a good product to enhance curls and hair styling for 2c hair type. Instead of using hair serums, deep conditioners you may only use curl oil just to style and moisturize. These are the tips that cost less and care the health of your loving 2C hair.

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