How To Take Care Of 3B Hair

The question of how to take care of 3B hair is often a matter of curiosity. Hair care is very difficult in itself. It is also detailed. Therefore, you need to take special care of each hair type. Type 3B curls are dense curls that run down towards the shoulders rather than down the roots. Light gels can be described as soft curls that bounce off without leaving a sticky residue. It is best for you to add stylers to this hair type while it is wet. You should then let it air dry. Although 3B hair is difficult to maintain, it is worth it if you follow the right steps. It's nice to be different from the general public, but you need to put in a little more effort to look healthy and well-groomed.

Especially 3B blonde hair requires attention and love like a newborn baby. The appearance, direction and stance of the curls in all hair, especially in blonde hair, are directly noticeable. You may be bored with the lifeless stance of your curly hair, you may find it difficult to shape your curls, or your hair may look lifeless and dull. Perhaps you have not yet encountered the care products that will give life to your hair and help you achieve a trendy look. With some tips, you can stop fighting with your hair. We explain all the details you need to know in 3B hair care.

How To Take Care Of 3B Hair And What You Should Consider

All curly haircuts require special care. The better you treat your hair, the more well-groomed and beautiful you can look. As a routine, you can make masks suitable for your hair structure and cut your hair ends. Important tips on 3B hair care are as follows:
Curly hair often tends to be dry. That's why you shouldn't go overboard with washing your hair. Of course, you have to keep your hair clean, but if you wash it too much, you can ruin the natural structure of your hair. We recommend that you lather your hair with a quality shampoo every other day and rinse thoroughly. You can live in peace with your curls if you use conditioner to prevent your hair from getting frizzy.

Shampooing 3B type hair is a very important detail for healthy hair growth. When you cleanse your scalp of oils, dirt and dust, you can have stronger, healthier and shining hair. While shampooing, you should gently rub your scalp with your fingertips and concentrate on the cleansing process. If you treat your scalp harshly, you may encounter problems such as scarring or hair loss.
You should make sure that the care products you choose are suitable for your hair. If you use a special shampoo for 3B hair, you will take better care of your hair. Because such products provide a lot of care to the structure of your hair.

This part is very important. You should make sure that you dry your curly hair very well after the shower. You should gently remove the water from your hair with the help of a towel. Also, you should make sure that the towel you are drying is soft. You can dry your hair gently with a hair dryer. Before, we recommend that you care for the ends of your hair with a natural oil.

This process provides you convenience during the combing and drying phase. Even with short curly hair, you should not brush this type of hair. It may be difficult for you to shape and maintain afterwards. Before you shower, you can comb your hair with a wide-tooth comb or after showering you can open your hair with your fingers. You even have the luxury of not buying a comb for the rest of your life! Because your fingers are enough to open your hair. It should be noted that wet hair is more prone to breakage. So, if you're going to comb your hair while it's wet, you have to be gentle.

How To Take Care Of 3B Hair and Is This Hair Type Useful?

You should use the most suitable products for your curly hair. Also, you should make sure that the shampoo, conditioner and all the products you use are suitable for curly hair. You should revive your curly hair with hair care. Especially by using a hair mask, you can facilitate the shaping of stubborn curls and make your hair look brighter and more lively. You can also apply styling creams to your hair with your wet hands. In this way, you can help the curves of your curls take shape more beautifully and keep them in shape. You have to saturate your hair with moisture. 3B hair has a different texture than other hair.

Especially for curly hair with drying problems, you should definitely moisturize your hair. You should use a wide-tooth comb. Using brush-type combs on your hair will cause tangling and damage to your hair. For this reason, wider combs ensure that the knots in your hair are easily opened and your hair is not damaged. You should never use hot water when washing your hair. Hot water can damage hair follicles and cause hair thinning and shedding problems. Cold water always makes your hair look brighter and livelier. Only when you wash your hair by cooling your final rinse will you notice the change in your hair.

3B Hair Care Routine

You can eliminate the dryness problem of your hair thanks to the moisture-containing support once a week. Here we have prepared 4 tips for you to moisturize your curly hair at home. First, you should gently wash your hair strands.

In addition to your how to take care of 3B hair question, you should stay tuned for other questions. You should wash your hair properly in order to remove excess oil and dirt from your hair and to get more efficient results from the masks you will make. Some points that you should pay attention to when washing your curly hair also make your hair stronger, more durable, and eliminate the problem of frizz and electrification.

We can list these details as follows;

  • Cold water makes your hair easier to comb, shiny and healthy.
  • Using a suitable shampoo for your curly hair will make your curls look more prominent and pleasant.
  • By massaging the scalp, you can revitalize your scalp and have healthier hair.

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