How To Take Care Of Black Hair

You often hear the question how to take care of black hair. Black hair is quite difficult hair types. It is a color that everyone craves to do and regrets when they get it done. Moreover, there is a lot of curiosity about how to take care of black hair. The answer to the question how to take care of black hair is easy. But it is quite difficult to revert to a hair color other than black hair. And this process is usually everyone's nightmare.

How To Restore Normal Hair from Black Hair?

First of all, it is not possible to switch from black hair color to blonde in a single operation. It is impossible to suddenly go to a hairdresser and go from black to yellow in one day. Do not ask for such a thing, nor allow a hairdresser to do it. In order for the hair to turn black, it is necessary to go to the hairdresser several times. Hair color tones are opened at each stage. For example, it opens up to 5 or 6 tons in the first time. The next time, when you say it again and again, the hair will be opened. Doing this in one go will cause serious damage to the hair.

When the hair color is lightened, a color similar to orange occurs first. However, hairdressers prevent this by dyeing the hair brown tones. So you don't walk around with an orange look. Then, a period of about two weeks should pass before the hair is damaged. In this way, the color returns to normal without harming the health of the hair. After bleaching, the hair can be dyed. If you want a hair color like highlight, ombre, balayage, you have to wait again.

How Can We Lighten The Hair Color At Home?

Among the methods of lightening hair color, peroxide is often used. Peroxide is one of the easiest products to find. It is available in every pharmacy and cosmetic store. It's even available in most grocery stores. Although this method has a higher risk of damage, it is preferred by everyone. Peroxide causes burning when applied to the hair in excess. In addition, it can also cause rupture by burning. Therefore, try not to take high-density peroxide. If your hair is light in color, 5% or 6% peroxide will suffice. If your hair color is dark, you should use 8% or 9% peroxide.

Apart from peroxide, hair color can be lightened with natural methods. Moreover, by using natural methods, you will prevent the hair from wearing out and breaking. The first of such natural methods is chamomile juice. Boil some water in the teapot and throw chamomile in it. Turn off the stove shortly after boiling. When the water becomes warm, apply it to your hair. And give it a massage. Going out in the sun with chamomile juice in your hair will cause it to open faster. For this reason, you need to go out after applying chamomile water.

Another method is lemon. Squeeze enough lemon into the water for your hair. Then apply this mixture on your hair. And in this method, it is necessary to be under the sun. After applying the mixture to your hair, move to a sunny environment. Finally, you can lighten your hair color by adding a teaspoon of cinnamon to the conditioner. Apply the mixture to your hair. Let the mixture stay in your hair for about four or five hours. Then you will see the difference.

How To Care For Black Hair?

Many people are researching how to take care of black hair. Because black hair has become black thanks to dye. Therefore, it needs care. You can also ask your hairdressers how to take care of black hair. Thus, you will learn the correct information. You will also receive a product recommendation. Now, let's try to answer the question of how to take care of black hair.

First of all, you should be extra careful when combing your hair. Make sure you do not damage your hair during the combing process. Choose wide and soft-tipped brushes for combing. Dense-toothed combs damage both your hair and scalp. Try to revive your dull and lifeless hair. There are many care products suitable for black hair. Using these products is good for your hair. Because black hair is usually more prone to drying. And they become more sensitive. Therefore; You can use shampoo, conditioner, hair structure, hair masks suitable for black hair. Take care not to dry your hair. Moisturize your hair constantly. When you get out of the shower, when your hair is dry, or any time during the day, apply conditioner. In this way, you will have smoother and more vibrant black hair.

Do not choose very challenging shapes when styling your hair. In such a case, you will break your hair, which is prone to breakage, even more. Keep away from high-temperature curling irons. Because such tools break and wear your hair. At the same time, try not to even use too many hair dryers.

Who Would Suit Black Hair Color Tones?

There are many shades of black. The types of people they suit also vary. First, let's start with the velvet black hair color. Such colors are more suitable for brunettes. Intense black hair color is more eye-catching. And it suits people with fair skin more. This hair color creates a fascinating effect on fair-skinned people. Very dark brown and black hair color is very suitable for wheat skinned people. If you have wheatish skin and brown hair, this hair color will suit you. It is a very dark brown. And it is similar to black. The night black color is more suitable for fair-skinned people. This hair color is a long lasting and shiny tone in the hair. Of course, they certainly do not apply to such people. However, this has emerged when the hair colors made and the people applied are examined. It has been seen that some people suit some tones more.


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