How to Take Care of Curly Hair

People with curly hair often think about the question of how to take care for curly hair. Some people have straight, some wavy, some curly and some spiral hair. For instance, the hair follicles of people who have curly hair are oval. That is why, hair types can differ between people. People with curly hair can be quickly noticed in an environment. For this reason, the appearance of curly hair is due to the fact that it is more voluminous and remarkable than other hair types.

How to Take Care of Curly Hair

Hair care as an important place in people’s lives. When people do hair care they feel better and happier because the well-groomed and clean appearance of hair helps people to increase their self-confidence. Apart from the voluminous and beautiful appearance of curly hair, curly hair has a difficult care. One of the biggest problems of people with this hair type is not being able to shape their hair. Especially people with 3B and 3c hair types can be quite difficult about this. The other problem of people with this hair types are that their hair looks limp and stressed. Every hair type needs regular care.

What are the curly hair types?

Before answering the question of how to take care of curly hair, it is necessary to explain these types of hair. Curly hair type is divided into three parts. These are, 3a hair type, 3b hair type and 3c hair type.

Curly Hair Types and How to Take Care of Curly Hair

3a Hair Type: 3a hair type is like 2c hair type. S-shaped curls form loose loops. As with any curly hair type,this hair type is prone to dryness,but Type 3 a, b and c is the hair type that is easiest to deconstruct among hair types. 3a hair type needs moisture and you need to moisturize your hair frequently. How to take care of curly hair type 3a. If you have 3a hair type, dry your hair with a microfiber towel and do not use the blow dryer at high temperature.

3b Hair Type: Compared to type 3a hair, spirals are tighter, and tresses are more in 3b hair type. 3b hair type usually have your index finger. Tresses of this hair type need moisture. It may be helpful to use a hair conditioner to lock in moisture in your hair. How to take care of curly hair type 3b.  After washing your hair, squeeze the excess water from the curls and comb your hair lightly. You can use a curl cream to remove dryness in your hair or you can use curl milk.

3c Hair Type: The type of hair that has much tighter tresses than the 3c hair type is called the 3C hair type. How to take care of curly hair type 3c. Use a hair cream to prevent dryness and breakage in your hair, and never dry your hair with a blow dryer. The tresses are slightly larger than the thickness of the fingers. These tresses are thinner than other curly hair types. Tresses are easily curled and easier to take shape. This type of hair is prone to dryness, and hair curls may resemble type 4a hair.

What Are the Other Types of Hair?

How to take care for curly hair? This is the problem of people with this hair type and there are other hair types as well. There are four main types of hair. These are, type 1 straight, type 2 wavy, type 3 curly and type 4 tight curls. In addition, these categories have three subcategories. These are classified as a, b, c.

Type 1 Hair

Type 1 hair type is hair type that is not prone to curling. This hair type can be thin and thick hair and the oil on the scalp slides down, which causes the hair to look healthy and shiny.

Type 1a Hair: If you do not wash your hair very often, your hair will look oily and shiny. Do not dry your hair with high temperature, your thin hair will burn and wear off.

Type 1b Hair: Type 1B is straight, but not as straight as 1a, and its medium structure is its distinctive feature.

Type 1c Hair: This hair type looks thicker and rougher than other type 1 classes. It is the type of hair that is most likely to frizz, but more prone to dryness and frizzy.

Type 2 Hair

Type 2 is called the wavy hair group. Waves and tresses are all over the head. Shaping this hair type depends on the hair type and can show a change.

Type 2a Hair: This type of hair has a soft texture, and your hair is straight to the ends of your hair. There is a slight tress at the ends of your hair, if you do not want to flatten this tress, stay away from oil care products.

Type 2b Hair: Waves are more distinct when compared to this type of hair type 1a. Usually 2b hair type has medium thickness and if the hair is damaged, the chances of curling and frizz are low.

Type 2c Hair: You can see in detail above what is the 2c hair type. 2c hair type is called the hair type that is not straight and not very curly.

Type 4 Hair

In Type 4 hair type, tresses are very tight and so what is the coil hair type to this hair type.

Type 4a Hair: It has the tightest and smallest spirals. It can generally be confused with 3c hair type.

Type 4b Hair: 4b hair is easily distinguished by its zigzag pattern. Unlike 4a or 4c, 4b has tight “Z” shaped strands with little definition in curl shape. Often, 4b hair is fluffy and can be soft or coarse depending on hair texture.

Type 4c Hair: It is very difficult for people with this hair type to damage their hair. The hair is like a Z shape. This hair type needs as much moisture as possible.

In conlusion, curly hair requires good care using the right hair care products, using hair foams and hair care creams on your hair to avoid losing your tresses is a good alternative for you.

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