How To Take Care Of Long Hair?

Well-groomed, silky, and shiny long hair is undoubtedly one of the best weapons of a woman who looks more attractive and feminine. Besides, having extra long hair allows you to wear countless hairstyles and styles, adapting to new trends. But like everything, long hair also has its drawbacks. It takes a lot of relaxation and cares to be healthy and strong because capillary and fragmented fracture problems are common. We bring you a few simple tips on hair care for long hair and keep it full of life.

How to Wash Long Hair

Washing your hair is the first essential aspect we need to fix if we want to show a beautiful and radiant mane. Take into consideration!

Too long hair requires perfect quality shampoos and conditioners and is, of course, adapted to each hair type to always be healthy and silky.

Use a nourishing hair care mask once a week and apply it evenly on the mane. This will prevent the hair from breaking.

Experts do not recommend washing long hair daily because it creates its fat, and when we remove it, we will make the hair start to look duller. In case you have very oily hair, you can try a dry shampoo on days when you are not washing it.

One of the challenges that long hair brings is that it does not require much care at the ends as at the roots. Simultaneously, the tips need a significant amount of conditioner so that they do not open. The roots can be fried if we move on to the product's hair care application.

To wash your hair well, go from root to tip and smoothly massage the scalp with your fingertips.

Take Care While Combing Your Hair

After washing your hair, do not rub it with a towel. It would be best if you push them over them to absorb all the moisture gently. Long hair is more likely to cause knots. It is a recommendation to apply conditioner before brushing. Use a wide strand comb that is not made of plastic to detangle it, and to prevent breakage, separate the hair into strands and look at them separately.

Hair Dryer Quite Important

As happens in medium or short hair, it is best to let the hair dry naturally. However, this cannot always be possible to finish when you have very long hair, so you must use it properly if you need to reach for a hairdryer. First, to avoid damaging the capillary structure, apply for thermal hair care protection and then place the hairdryer at a distance of 30 cm when starting to dry it. It is essential to perform drying at a warm temperature at all times. For more details, visit the article How to dry your hair without damage.

Get Your Hair Cut At Regular Intervals

Hair loss and breakage are among the most common problems of long hair. To fight them and make the hair healthier, it is necessary to cut it regularly, once a month or every two months. Also, do not hesitate to take care of the hair from time to time, applied to special treatment or a special mask for split ends.

How To Care For Long Hair During The Summer?

There are numerous influencing factors in summer, such as solar radiation, salt water, and sometimes chlorine from the pool. In these cases, the mask helps to hydrate and moisturize, especially the lower ends, not to lose moisture from the hair. When hair losses a necessary percentage of water, the hair becomes brittle and dry, and often such hair is prone to breakage.

When it is summer, it is a recommendation to apply a nourishing mask on wet hair, which will not last only a few minutes, but a few hours, especially if you are at home and you cannot go outside. That way, you will do a tremendous service to your hair, which will get the extra hydration it needs.

Some recommend that even while you are on the beach (when we mention summer), you should apply a mask to the ends of your hair. Packed this way, you can spend as much time in the sun as you want, but your hair will not be damaged. The yeast hair care mask is also suitable for that.

It is not a recommendation by an expert to apply the mask on the hair root, well, rarely, because it will make your hair get oily very quickly. So, avoid using shampoo to the ends of your hair, but you can apply the mask in large quantities. This is a recommendation, especially if the hair is lifeless.

Sun protection is significant.

How To Care For Long Hair With Shampoo?

Another essential item that is important when wondering how to care for long hair is using a suitable shampoo. It is also one of the more difficult choices, since many of them are on the market. The recommendation goes in using natural remedies and natural shampoos because they are the healthiest for the scalp.

Choose formulas that are not aggressive and that will help you deal with some scalp problems, such as dry dandruff or seborrhea. It is also essential that these shampoos do not contain silicones, sulfates, parabens, or other ingredients that can damage the scalp. Mild, nourishing formulas will make your hair soft and shiny.

Sometimes it is the right choice and medical hair care shampoo.

This is a very logical piece of advice if you think about it. The lower part of the hair is never greasy, and we don't have to shampoo it often because, in that way, we destroy the hair, we make it weaker.

It is the same with daily showering. Dermatologists say there is no need to rinse the whole body every day with a bath or shower gel. It is enough to rub the folds, like the armpits, well, because that is where we sweat the most. The rest of the body is dry when applying a large number of various soaps, and the PH value does not cause disturbance, and we do not want that at all.

That is why the rest of the hair, which does not necessarily need to be washed with shampoo, only needs water. A hair care mask should be applied regularly. The mask is useful because it coats the hair and because it makes it more durable, more resistant to what happens to it during the day.

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