How To Take Care Of Straight Hair

People with bushy and straight hair wonder how to take care of straight hair for their hair that they have difficulty in controlling. In all hair types, people look for the style they don't have. Each type of hair has its own particular challenge. Their care and needs are different. On the other hand, straight hair has more electrostatic and some look dull depending on the skin type. Curly or wavy hair covers the dull look; on the other hand, having thick and straight hair is sometimes a nightmare.

Hair looks unhealthy in people with oily skin. Therefore, it is appropriate to eat and use products suitable for hair type. Sometimes sebum production increases so much that dandruff begins. In such cases, taking a regular shower with anti-dandruff shampoos solves the problem. Sometimes this problem lasts for a long time and it is essential to seek help from a dermatologist. Seborrheic eczema or an allergy may be behind what is known as oily hair or just dandruff.

People with thick and straight hair also experience some problems. This type of hair does not take the desired shape and is voluminous. This maverick hair often looks messy. Especially men find it difficult to get rid of this image. With special hair cutting techniques in short hair men can get rid of that image for short term. However, the effect of this does not last very long and hair sprays and hair styles are effective together.

Straight Hair Care Tips

Styling and haircutting mistakes are a straight-haired nightmare. It is extremely important to get a cut according to the style of your hair and to use the appropriate products. That's why we can give a few tips on how to take care of straight hair. If your hair is thick and straight;

  • Haircut style is extremely important (not too short or long models),
  • Reduce hair density with the intermediate scissor technique,
  • Use a special shampoo for oily skin,
  • Take frequent showers,
  • Use styling products for electrostatic effect,
  • Never style wavy or curly,
  • Do not use conditioner,
  • Hold the dryer up when drying your hair.

Straight hair looks bushy and fluffy, if it is thick. We don't want it to swell because it already is. That's why we don't use conditioner and the hair dryer should never be at the bottom when drying the hair. Blow drying and straightening are effective to a certain extent. It will quickly gain volume when it rains or sweats. Wave and curls on thick hair disappear within 1 to 2 hours. Hairspray won't work too well in such cases. For this reason, it is wise to have it flat.

How To Deal With Straight and Oily Hair

Your hair will always look dirty, if you have an oily skin type. It's frustrating when people doubt your cleanliness. Hair looks dull, uninspiring and weak. How to take care of straight hair to get rid of this look:

  • special shampoos suitable for oily skin.
  • by taking frequent baths,
  • Hair cream, oil and conditioner are not used,
  • After the shower, the hair is dried without waiting too long,
  • Use of dry shampoo,
  • Blow dryer.

In addition to all these methods, it is necessary to stay away from the diet that increases the amount of oil in the hair. Thus, the fat rate in the body is controlled. There are many medical shampoos for the dirty appearance of oily hair. The best solution for this is a dermatologist examination. If you have an oily skin type, it is possible to learn how to control the amount of fat in the body from a nutritionist.

How To Style Straight Hair

Cutting straight hair makes a big difference. It is possible to make your hair look thinner and brighter with cutting tricks. If you have a dull and sparse-looking hair, it is possible to look cooler with voluminous cuts. It is possible for thick and voluminous hair to look good with the opposite techniques. A good hairdresser or hair designer will analyze your hair as soon as it sees it. Listen to professionals who have experience in this field. So learn and try how to take care of straight hair.

Slightly waving the ends is a great trick for oily straight-haired people can do to actually make their hair look fuller.  It is also a practical model to make hair voluminous. After getting out of the shower, apply a nourishing product to the ends of your already straight hair and air dry. Thus, you can achieve both practical and healthy-looking hair.

For very fluffy and voluminous hair, sometimes it may be good to gather the hair in a ponytail or attach a hairpin. Messy bun models are also extremely stylish and casual. To get rid of fizzy look hair pin is a good method. Men with straight hair need a stylish cut and hair sprey to fix its look.

Take Care of Straight Hair Kid

Children want to try what they see in their mother. They get uncomfortable when their hair comes to their eyes. Straight-haired girls dream of having long hair, like the princesses in cartoons. But this is not possible for fluffy hair. It would not be right to use chemical hair styling products for children. Excess forming machines are also not suitable. So the best way was to improve the technique in the use of the hair dryer.

Using a dryer while tasting the hair prevents frizz. Also, drying by holding the dryer from the top prevents static electricity. It is also beneficial to use wooden ones instead of plastic brushes. In addition, evening showers help to fix the hair with hairpins after drying. Children usually do not have oily scalp. For this reason, taking a shower twice a week is sufficient for them.

Brushing the hair every day prevents the messy look of straight hair. So she looks like a princess. If boys with straight hair prefer long models with bangs, the risk of frizz is reduced. Many children's hairdressers are experts in these techniques and offer advice. Expert advice is always fixed by experience. Apart from these, children's shampoos with natural ingredients are used when washing children's hair. As a child, shampoo with chemical content damages the hair structure.

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