How to take care of tape in Hair Extensions

The question of how to take care of tape in hair extensions is very important. You should pay attention to some points during this process. By creating a correct, regular and complete care routine, you can preserve the appearance of your extension hair for a long time and avoid risking the health of your hair. With the hair extension method, you can have long, healthy and voluminous looking hair in just one day.

You should maintain your routine hair care. You should continue to use products such as shampoo and cream. Also, you should apply these products to the ends of the hair, not to the source points. Because you can make the port deformed. If you are welding for the first time, you should comb your hair twice a day. In this way, your own hair and extension hair fit together.

However, in order to preserve the natural and healthy appearance of your extension hair extensions, you should take care to take good care of your hair after the procedure. The lifespan of extension hair can be extended to a much longer period when added to the hair using the right methods and maintaining a complete care routine. You can also protect your hair by taking a look at 7 golden suggestions about hair extension care. Read on for the answer to the question of hhow to take care of tape in hair extensions and other details...

How To Take Care Of Tape İn Hair Extensions And What Are The Maintenance Stages?

Thanks to today's technologies and hair trends, hair extensions have many different techniques such as micro, keratin, snaps, rings, silicone, keratin, beads, medical. However, all hair extensions, especially studs and bead welding applications, need careful maintenance. Because on the one hand, you should take care to maintain a care routine suitable for your own hair, and on the other hand, to protect your extension hair extensions.

First of all, you should rinse your hair with warm water. Hair extensions don't like hot water at all. Because if the attachment points of your hair extensions are exposed to a temperature above 70-80 degrees, they can wear out or break. Therefore, you should avoid washing your hair with hot water. You should also take care to use the medium temperature setting of the blow dryer while drying your hair.

Also, don't forget to use conditioner. In order to comb your hair carefully and gently, you should use hair care cream after cleaning your hair during the shower. Also, in this way, you can achieve silky softness in your hair after the shower, and you will not have any difficulties while combing your hair. In particular, you should not pull the snaps and bead hair extensions while combing your hair. This may cause damage to the add-ons. You can make your hair combing process much easier with a hair care cream suitable for the structure of your hair. You should take care to choose care products that do not contain alcohol.

What Should be The Maintenance Routine of Your Hair Extensions?

You should protect your hair while you sleep. To prevent your hair from getting tangled, broken or knotted while you sleep, you can collect your hair in a loose ponytail before going to bed. However, you should avoid stretching your hair or making a tight bun at this time. You should prefer soft bristle hair brushes. If you comb your hair from top to bottom with a soft-bristled hairbrush, it prevents your hair roots from fraying. If you neglect to comb your hair roots, you may have difficulty in preventing your extensions from getting mixed up. You should use a swim cap while swimming.
In order to protect your hair from the corrosive effects of sea salt and chlorine, you should definitely use a cap when swimming.

You should not miss your hairdresser appointment. All extensions require a regular maintenance check. Depending on the type of hair extension you prefer, your frequency of going to the hairdresser may also differ. You should go to your hairdresser for a regular maintenance check within the framework of a routine. You should learn about the status of your resources. In this way, you can learn whether your hair extensions are damaged and the care tips you should apply. You must protect it from the sun's rays. No extension hair likes the sun very much, especially silicone, keratin and bead extensions. For this reason, we recommend that you apply hair extensions during the winter months. In summer, you should not neglect to use a hat or bandana to protect your hair from the sun.

10 Rules for Tape Care in Hair Extensions

1- Even with the best quality hair extensions, you should make regular trips to the salon for a professional examination at the same time as taking care of the hair extensions.

2- Resources are not exactly beach-friendly options. so in extreme heat you can choose a nice hat to protect from direct sunlight and extreme heat.

3- You should not use alcohol-based products for hair extensions. Such ingredients dry out hair follicles, dull them and make the hair prone to shedding.

4- In order for your gorgeous hair not to get tangled, you should collect it in a ponytail before sleep or intense physical activity.

5- Since chlorine and salt are not your hair's best friends, you should get into the habit of wearing a serious swim cap while swimming.

6- For regular maintenance purposes, you should use a soft bristle brush to brush your hair follicles and brush your hair frequently and sensitively.

7- Habits such as pulling hard, squeezing or wrapping tightly can damage your hair follicles, moreover, your real hair.

8- You should create a hair extension care routine with a nice, nourishing care cream.

9- You should wash your hair extensions as infrequently as possible. You should leave it to dry naturally, and if the hair becomes dry or dull, you should apply a deep conditioner.

10- When the average usage period of the hair extensions is 3 to 6 months, you should remove it properly and together with a specialist.


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