How To Take Care Of Wavy Hair

How is wavy hair structure, how to take care of wavy hair, how is wavy hair, questions are frequently asked. In fact, it is obvious that wavy hair care is more difficult than straight hair, and in such a case, one wonders how to take care of wavy hair. The biggest reason why hair is straight or curly is genetic effects. How to take care of wavy hair, instead of first understanding the structure of wavy hair. The wavy hair gene is more dominant than the straight hair gene. However, it may sound like more people have straight hair.

How Is Hair Structure Formed?

What determines hair type is mostly allele genes. An allele gene is a special form of a gene with different characteristics. In other words, the structure of the hair can occur in many different ways according to the allele structure. For example, wavy hair structure is an example of this. Normally there is both curly and straight hair. But the structure of wavy hair is neither straight nor curly.

At the same time, the type of hair varies according to the regions you live in. For example, curly hair is very common in the African region. Another factor related to the hair type structure is the hair follicle structure. Hair grows inside the follicles. The shape of these follicles naturally affects the shape of the hair. If the shape of the follicle is round, straight hair is formed. If the follicle structure is C-shaped or flat, curly hair is formed. Finally, if there is an oval follicle structure, it is wavy hair. Finally, keratin protein also affects hair type. Keratin contains amino acids. If these amino acids are attached to the R groups, the hair starts to curl.

What Happens When You Blow Dry Wavy Hair?

Blow drying wavy hair means applying high heat. And this intense heat applied to the hair damages the hair. Due to the high temperature, the disulfide and hydrogen bonds in the hair are broken. Disulfide bonds are related to the frizziness of the hair. The more disulfide bonds there are, the curlier the hair becomes.

This method is also used in perm processes. A reducing agent is added to the heat applied to the hair. This substance is usually sulphhydryl. This solution is applied to the hair with heat. Thanks to this substance, disulfide bonds are broken. In addition, moist heat also breaks hydrogen bonds. After a certain time, the effect of the reducing agent begins to decrease. And it is removed from the hair. An oxidizing agent is applied to the hair so that disulfide and hydrogen bonds are re-formed by cysteine. In this way, the hair regains its former state.

Perming is a temporary procedure. However, its frequent application will damage the hair too much. Because permanent damage can occur in chemical interactions in the hair. If such a situation occurs, the hair may not return to its original state. Even in washing the hair, these bonds are broken and formed again. Therefore, care must be taken. Even when drying your hair, breaks occur in the bonds and interactions in the hair structure. There is an interaction between hydrogen bonds and keratin proteins. As such, the two keratin proteins bind to each other. Hair curl increases according to the number of bonds between the keratins. That is, water molecules need to be absorbed by the hair. When absorbed, hydrogen bonds are formed. And straight hair becomes wavy.

How To Take Care Of Wavy Hair?

We often hear the question how to take care of wavy hair. Because people have increased their hair straightening or curling iron applications. When this happens, a lot of damage is done to the hair. In order to reduce the damage to the hair, they try to find an answer to the question how to take care of wavy hair. Then, let's answer the question how to take care of wavy hair.

There are many people with wavy hair structure. However, wavy hair is definitely more difficult to care for and use than straight hair. For this reason, people generally want their hair to be straight and therefore they apply treatment to their hair. If you have wavy hair, you should definitely do your hair care without interrupting. If you don't, your hair will wear out very quickly. Wavy hair structure is very suitable for drying. Therefore, more maintenance is required.

For the care of wavy hair, you should soften your hair by using conditioners regularly. Especially if your hair remains wet after a shower, you need to take care of it. Additionally, if you're going to dry it by wrapping it in a towel, be gentle. Rubbing the hair vigorously will break the hair. When combing hair, use toothed combs. And be careful not to use hard combs. Thanks to this, the curls open more easily. In this way, your hair will look brighter and voluminous. And you will also reduce the amount of breakage.

Tips For Maintenance

It would be better for people with wavy hair not to dry their hair after taking a shower. Because hair dryers damage the hair. And this has been proven. It causes hair breakage. At the same time, straighteners and curlers, which are used as hair conditioners, are also very harmful. The use of such products creates negative consequences for your hair health. It would definitely be better for you not to use it. But if you still use it, at least use it at lower temperatures. And make sure it doesn't touch your hair for too long. Otherwise, it's not just hair breakage. It can also cause your hair to break and burn. In daily life, you can apply these procedures very often and see them as unimportant. But still, don't stop being careful.

At the same time, if you want to apply thick curls to your hair, you can use a roller. This method will not burn your hair. In addition, it does no harm at all. In addition, thanks to this method, your hair looks more natural. It's also easier.

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