How To Use Hair Serum

People who like to take care of their hair probably already know what a hair serum is, but if you weren’t paying much attention to your hair until now, there might be some things you missed. Hair serum is a hair product that aims to take care of your hair and make it healthier than before. You usually apply it on your head where the roots of your hair are. Usually, most hair serums do not require washing after use, but if you want, you can still wash your hair after using your hair serum and wait a while. 

Hair serums usually come with a glass bottle, which is not a big bottle. So using the hair serum isn’t that hard. While using shampoo, you typically need to put some shampoo in your hand and then spread it on your head, but with hair serums, you can directly apply it on your head for much less time taking and better results. We know, nothing can be easily achieved. If you know it, you will be more relieved and happy with the results you get. Hair serum will, of course, help your hair get in a better condition but expecting it to happen in one-time use would be expecting a miracle.

Why Should You Use A Hair Serum?

If you ever used a hair cream, you should have noticed those products affect your hair immediately, but you should have also seen that those effects don’t take long before disappearing. Those kinds of products require less time for the results, but their results don’t take that long. When it comes to hair serums, it is reversed. If you are willing to work for healthier hair, then using hair serum is the way to go for you. 

How To Use Hair Serum

Before explaining how to use hair serum, we want to inform you about hair serums more. You should know that hair serums also have protection features against anything that can make your hair dirty. By knowing that, you probably understood where it goes. If you apply the hair serum just after washing your hair, it would be much better for you since the hair serum will protect your hair against anything that might make it dirty. Using shampoo or hair cream, using hair serum on your hair while it is wet will get you better results. 

Since your hair ends need more attention than other parts, you should apply it on your ends more than you use it on the roots. And do not forget that hair serums usually come with a thick consistency. So instead of directly using it on your hair, putting it in your hand and waiting for a few seconds will make it more liquid. So after putting some hair serum in your hand and waiting a while, you can finally rub the hair serum on your hair. Again, do not forget to use more on your hair ends while applying your hair serum. Also, do not forget that using more hair serum won’t make it healthier. So try using only enough hair serum. After you applied enough, you can dry your hair.

If you have thin and oily hair, only a few hair serum drops will be enough to use. Over-using it will only make things messier. If you have thick hair, then you can use a little bit more drops. It does not matter whether your hair is thick or thin, you can still use hair serum for healthier hair. You need to know how much should you use and when to use it.

Which Hair Serum Should You Use?

Just like every other hair product, not all hair serums go for different hair types. Knowing your hair and choosing your hair serum will get you better results. If your hair is dry and more frizzy than it’s curly, then you can apply hair serums that aim for hydrating your hair. If your hair is only dry, you can use a cream type of serums for better results. Hair serums that contain castor, marula, and rosewood usually do the job well. If your hair is damaged because of heat or pollution, you can choose between jojoba and lavender oils. If you have split ends, you should use hair serums that contain keratin, which is a powerful medicine for unhealthy hairs. For thick hair, you can try Moroccan or argan oils to soften your hair. Thick hair can be tough to work with if you don’t take care of it. 

On the other hand, curly hairs are sometimes just hard to work with, even if you take care of your hair, but using hair serums that contain jojoba or argan oils on your curly hair will make things much more manageable. And finally, if your hair is dyed or chemically treated, you should try finding hair serums with coconut oils in them.

How Long Should You Wait Before Using Hair Serum Again?

We do not recommend using the hair serum every day. If you use it every time you wash your hair, it will be enough but if you wash your hair every day, you can use hair serums every second time you wash your hair. If you think your hair needs more care, then you can use oil-based serums every day too, but be careful while using oil-based serums every day. They can cause greasiness or dry out your hair, depending on how intense the serum is.

Should I Be Afraid of Using Hair Serum?

Unlike hair oils, hair serums do not aim for your hair roots. So, they are safe to use. If you used too much hair serum, it could cause greasiness on your hair. You can fix this by washing your hair with dry shampoo will fix the greasiness. You can use a brush to spread the hair serum more evenly to prevent greasiness. If you apply intense hair serums every day, it can dry out your hair. If you use hair serums a maximum of twice a week, you won’t face a problem like that. 

Written by İçerik Balonu

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