How to Wash for Sewn in Hair Extensions

Sewn-in hair extensions have made many technological advances in recent years. In most cases, the texture and appearance of the hair is quite natural. As the situation progressed in this way, the question of how to care for sewn in hair extensions became a question you were wondering about.

The wave and curl patterns in synthetic hair have a "memory" wave that allows the curls to bounce back without much effort. Won't curl or sag in humid weather. However, since synthetic hair has different properties than human hair, you need to look at it differently to make it last as long as possible. Many people who have made this application wonder how to care for sewn in hair extensions. We will guide you in this article.

 How to Wash for Sewn in Hair Extensions

Let's start with the question of how to care for sewn in hair extensions by addressing how you should wash first. The shampoo you use should be mild and suitable for synthetic hair. A shampoo for synthetic wigs also works well on synthetic extensions. However, if you can't find a shampoo for synthetic hair, a mild shampoo will also work.

Gently comb through tangles with a wide-tooth comb. A wide-tooth comb does not grab hair the way a smaller-tooth comb does. Work from the ends of the hair to the roots while gently combing through the tangles. To facilitate the combing process, wet your hair with a spray bottle filled with water or solvent spray, and then comb through the hair.

For the first step of the how to care for sewn in hair extensions question, fill the sink basin with water. The water should be warm. Make sure the water is not too hot or it may affect the smoothness or texture of the hair. Fill the sink to a high enough level to submerge all the hair.

Mix a container of shampoo formulated for synthetic hair into the water. If you are washing a lot of hair, mix two containers of shampoo into the water. Use your best judgment to decide whether you need a cover or two. You don't want to use too much shampoo because you don't want the cleanser to scrape off any coatings that give the hair shine or change the look and feel of the hair.

Washing Process After Filling the Water

Submerge your extensions in water. You should completely submerge the hair in the water. Make sure it absorbs water. Press underwater if necessary. If the hair is not wet enough, the shampoo cannot clean the hair.

Run the hair through the water, moving it from side to side. Then, let the hair hang up and down. Go back and forth between shaking and dipping hair until you think it's clean.

Rinse hair with cold water. In synthetic hair, cold water does not destroy any of the coatings on the hair or change the way it curls like a hot water bowl. Therefore, rinse the hair thoroughly with cold water until all the foam is rinsed away and the water is clear. Thus, you will have completed the washing step of the question how to care for sewn in hair extensions.

Sewn Care in Hair Extensions

The second step of the question how to care for sewn in hair extensions is maintenance. Get a conditioner to prevent your hair from getting tangled. If the hair gets tangled, you must carefully untangle it without disturbing the texture, curl or wave shape of the hair. Since hair is not natural, the moisturizing conditioner will not be as effective on human hair as synthetic hair cannot absorb it. Conditioners are often labeled by type.

Fill the sink basin with water. Use cold water. The best temperature to use for synthetic hair is cold water. After you put it in the sink, fill it to a high enough level to cover all your hair. If you are carrying your extensions, your hair ought to nonetheless be moist after rinsing off the shampoo.

Add a container of conditioner to the water. Too much conditioner can weigh down the hair. Gently rock the hair back and forth in the water as you did before. You can use some conditioner to hold and style the hair. Synthetic hair cannot absorb conditioner the way human hair can, so too much of it will weigh down the hair and make it look greasy. Keep shaking the hair for a few minutes until you think the hair is getting soft.

How should we dry the hair?

Squeeze excess water from the hair and place your hair in the palm of your hand. Then, near your hand as though creating a fist to squeeze out extra water. Work from the ends of the hair to the top while squeezing gently. Do not rub the hair with a towel as this can damage the structure of the hair.

Place the hair extensions on a towel. Lay each extension on a towel, leaving space between each piece so that the pieces do not overlap. They will take longer to dry if you stack them on top of each other.

Blow drying the hair can permanently change the curl or wave shape of hair. Therefore, air dries the hair and do not use a blow dryer. Some synthetic hair is specially formulated to work with hot tools. It must say whether or not you could use warm gear in your artificial hair at the package. Even then, check the label to see if you can blow-dry the hair.

Hair Styling

For how to care for sewn in hair extensions question, the final step is to style it. Using a wide-tooth comb means you'll experience less snagging when combing hair as the teeth are wider. If the curl pattern is particularly tightly curled, comb through the hair using your fingers.

Spray water to comb the hair. This will be especially helpful if the hair is curly, wavy or textured. The water helps add glide so you can easily move the comb through the hair. If you need more glide, add some conditioner to the water in the spray bottle. You can also buy wig spray to comb the hair.

Set hot appliances to a cool environment. If you have synthetic hair that you can use with hot tools, be sure to use a cold setting on a flat iron or curling iron. Otherwise, you can melt the hair. Also, styling changes you make with hot tools can fix the hair permanently.

Trim the curly ends. Untidy, tangled and knotted ends can make your extensions look damaged and messy. Trim the ends when they start to look bad. It will instantly revitalize the appearance of the hair and make it look better.

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