Professional Hair Care Products Brands

Professional hair care products brands are very diverse. Hair consists of two parts. The first is the hair root. The second is the part with the hair body. There are pigments, minerals and proteins in our hair that enable it to acquire color. At the base of the hair is the sebaceous gland. It makes our hair greasy. Proteins help hair grow and water keeps it moist. The hair is tangled despite its fine structure. In the outermost part there is a shell of dead cells. Below it is a shell called the "cortex" and the innermost part is a structure called the "medulla". These layers are too small for us to see. These layers make up our hair type. Professional hair care products brands take this structure of our hair into account. It contains ingredients that nourish our hair.

Every hair needs different. For this, we need to know our hair type. Basic hair care is very important. It takes much less time than other treatments. Regular hair care makes the hair more lively, voluminous, resistant and healthy. It is important to have professional hair care. Our hair type is known by the hair analysis done before professional hair care. Professional hair care products brands do not include harsh chemicals in their products. There are many substances that damage hair. Examples of these are dimethicon, SLS, paraben. Hair care products are quite diverse. The most preferred of these products are masks and serums. Thanks to regular hair care, hair problems are no longer a problem. It is also important to use hair care oils. Oils such as coconut, argan, macadamia and garlic oil are mostly organic. And they are plant based oils.

What Is Good For Hair Loss?

It is very important to choose restorative and nourishing shampoos for shedding hair. There are professional hair care products brands for hair loss. These products provide keratin and vitamin support to the hair. Thus, spillage is reduced. It is also necessary to give intense moisture to the hair while caring for the ends of the hair. This provides intense moisture, nutrients and keratin support. Thus, it repairs and restructures the hair strands. There are also oils that you can use as a natural mask for shedding hair. For example, argan oil, rosemary oil and coconut oil are indispensable for hair care. They nourish and moisturize the hair at the same time.

Take care to make hair masks. Making a hair mask a few times a week will give your hair the necessary moisture. And you will have stronger, softer hair. At the same time, there may be internal reasons underlying the hair loss. It is important to get a blood test and be examined.

Professional hair care product brands do not contain harmful harsh chemicals in their anti-hair loss products. Dimethicon, SLS, paraben are the most damaging substances to the hair. For your hair care, stay away from hard and tight-toothed combs. Comb your hair with soft-tipped brushes. At the same time, drying with a hot blow dryer causes breakage and drying of the hair. Try styling your hair with more natural and heat-free methods. Because the moisture of the hair also protects the hair against environmental influences. By applying conditioner to your hair in the morning and evening, you will prevent hair dryness. Also, cut your hair regularly. Thus, your hair roots become stronger. This is how you can search for professional hair care products brands.

Causes Of Hair Loss

Hair loss is caused by many reasons. While some people experience shedding due to genetic structure, some are caused by later diseases and environmental factors. More shedding occurs in women during stressful periods, breastfeeding periods and menopause periods. Hair loss is usually related to nutrition. Nutritional disorders, uncontrolled diets, anemia, hypothyroidism and protein metabolism disorders cause results such as thinning, breakage and shedding in hair color.

It is normal for a healthy person to experience hair loss. However, healthy hair grows in place of the shed hair. Each hair has a different lifespan. But it roughly consists of three parts. The growth phase is the longest lasting phase of the hair. Hair grows 1 cm per month. Then the hair enters the resting phase. After this stage, which takes 2-3 weeks on average, the hair starts to fall out. Shedding takes place on average in 2-4 months. Treatments applied to the hair cause this process to be shortened. However, even if no action is taken, the hair will fall out. In a healthy individual, new hair grows out of the hair follicle to replace the lost hair. There are many methods to reduce hair loss. Some of these are diet and sleep patterns. Nutrients such as zinc, vitamins and B12 need to enter the body.

What Is Ringworm Disease?

Normally, it is normal for hair strands to shed up to 100 pieces every day. Hair loss occurs for many reasons. However, a new hair grows in place of the lost hair. Ringworm disease is regional hair loss. It is usually seen in children. Ringworm disease is the formation of circular cavities in a part of the scalp. Apart from the scalp, it also occurs in the eyebrows, beard and mustache areas. Stress is the biggest cause of illness. Studies have shown that it is more common in people with dark hair. At the same time, men tend to get ringworm more than women.

Ringworm disease occurs as a result of thyroid disorder and anemia. The diagnosis of alopecia is usually made by the patient himself, without going to the doctor. But in some cases, ringworm and hair fungus are involved. For this, it is useful to go to the doctor. Ringworm disease does not cause permanent hair loss. However, treatment can take a long time. Creams and lotions that stimulate hair follicles should be preferred in the treatment. People with advanced disease should take cortisone supplements. After cortisone treatment, fine hairs called vellus appear. These hairs then turn into thick hairs. The vast majority of patients recover spontaneously over years. However, waiting without doing anything leads to great depression and loss of self-confidence in people.

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