Skin Care Products For Kids

You need to be careful when choosing skin care products for kids. Because children's skin and our skin are not the same. Children's skin is more sensitive. For this reason, it is necessary to pay attention to the substances contained in the purchase of skin care products for kids. The fewer ingredients and additives in skin care products for kids, the better. It is better not to be in contact with excess chemical products. Children's skin is more sensitive and prone to dryness. Therefore, you can choose nourishing skin care products. This will keep your child's skin hydrated. In addition, moisturized skin prevents damage from external effects.

Skin Care Products For Kids

Skin care products often contain synthetic compounds. Therefore, it causes endocrine disruption. Endocrine disrupting chemicals also mimic the hormones in the body and interact with hormones incorrectly and disrupt the body's natural functioning. These disorders cause problems such as obesity, learning and memory difficulties. Especially since children's skin is more sensitive, they become more vulnerable. For this reason, it is imperative that you pay attention to the ingredients contained in child care products.

When choosing skin care products for kids, also look at certification labels. Certification labels are something that indicates whether the product complies with production and sales standards. Pay attention to the brand and user reviews you choose, too. And search. You should buy mostly organic and naturally produced skin care products. Organic products in skin care products consist of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides. Synthetic fertilizers can cause cancer. In addition, it causes immune system disturbance. At the same time, natural care products are usually free of endocrine disrupting substances.

Mask For Kids

Children have more sensitive skin than adults. And most skin creams contain parabens. You can choose natural ways rather than choosing creams that do not meet skin requirements. If there is no one you trust among skin care products for kids, you can try to make a mask at home. Moreover, in such a case, you will protect children from the harm of future chemical compounds with skin care products for kids. Children's skin contains naturally occurring oils. To strengthen these oils and prevent the skin from becoming dry, you should try making face masks at home. But in this case, it is necessary to know what to pay attention to when making a face mask for children.

When making face masks for children, be careful not to add bleach and chemical products. Try not to choose products with high acid content, such as tomatoes and lemons. Avoid excessive scrubbing after making the mask. The duration of the mask you will make should not exceed fifteen minutes. Try not to leave your child's side during this mask application. Because they may not understand and try to eat masks. Additionally, knowing what skin type your child has is also helpful when making a mask. Once you know your skin type, you can make a mask accordingly. An example of such homemade masks is the cocoa mask. Mix one tablespoon of cocoa and one tablespoon of flour. Add a teaspoon of honey and milk to mix it. This mixture can be applied to the child's face or any part of his body. Rub the area where you applied the mask with your fingertips. After about fifteen minutes, rinse with warm water.

How And Why Should We Protect Children From The Sun Effect?

Vitamin D is very useful for children. However, the harmful effects of the sun on the skin are also quite high. And it should not be forgotten. Children are not immune to the sun. Therefore, they cannot tolerate UV rays from the sun. In addition, children's skin is thinner than adults. So, how do I get my child to get vitamin D while protecting it from the sun, you might ask. However, the body does not need to take vitamin D when the sun is at its highest. Walking outside in normal weather or on a cloudy day also helps children get vitamin D.

Try not to take our children out, especially when the sun's rays are at their strongest. And protect your child from UV rays. Take care not to let the children out between 10:00 and 15:00 on summer days. Because these are the hours when the sun's rays are most effective. Even if it is necessary to go out, always apply high-protection sunscreen. And get your child to wear a hat. Renew the sunscreen you put on your child every two or three hours. Thus, you will not sweat in the heat and cause the sunscreen to lose its effect. Know that you are doing your best by protecting your child from the sun. Otherwise, unexpected effects may occur after the child is exposed to the sun.

How To Choose Sunscreen For Kids

Adult sunscreens are not suitable for children's skin. For this reason, sunscreen should be chosen in a way that is suitable for children or babies. Sunscreen must be special to protect the natural defense system of children and to prevent cellular damage caused by the sun. Therefore, it is a must to have SPF 50 or SPF 50+ factors. The sunscreen you choose should have a high tolerance guarantee.

The formula of the cream should be prepared in accordance with children and babies. It must be dermatologically checked and approved. Mineral, organo mineral must contain. In addition, there should be a sunscreen that is resistant to water and sand. Because both water and sand are places that children cannot give up. Finally, the chosen sunscreen must be dermatologically tested and approved. It should be hypoallergenic, paraben and alcohol free.

Apply sunscreen at least twenty minutes before your child is exposed to the sun. Always try to protect your child from the sun, not just when the sun is high. Because the sun's rays can harm without making itself felt. 80% of the sun's rays pass through the clouds. Apply sunscreen to your child's face and body. And renew sunscreen every two hours.


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