The Best Hair Serum

Hair serum is a silicone-based mix that coats your hair's surface, unlike hair oil, which penetrates the hair cuticles and causes hair structure changes. There are many sorts and brands of hair serum available nowadays that you can try and find out which one does best for your hair type.

They were designed as a hair care solution that stops your hair from getting tangled while giving it softness and shine. Great hair serum should effectively protect your hair from exposure to the sun and pollutants. Those of dust and dirt every time you step outside. Once you have found the matching hair serum, it is essential to know how to apply serum to hair to maximize the benefits.

How to Use Hair Serum

 One of the primary uses of this hair serum is making the hair shinier, healthier, and causing fewer tangles. As the serum reflects light, it makes the hair look more polished and healthier and keeps it well protected from dust and moisture. Not only that, but it also forms a protective layer on your hair against harmful sun exposure. But even against toxic chemicals.

Most people use hair serum as a preventive measure against dry and damaged hair. Some begin using it once their hair turns exceptionally dull or tangled. At the same time, others may use it to protect against too much heat and chemical reactions caused while using the products—hairstyling and gadgets.

Find The Perfect Product

The first step is to find the perfect hair serum. Like any other pet product, each brand uses different components to benefit certain hair types and do very little for others. It is important that you pick the perfect product best suited for your hair and keep a tab on the parts used. Often this means that you may need to try two or more products before you can find what is right for you.

Wash hair thoroughly Before Application

Hair serum is applied only to shampooed hair, and the importance of it can not be stressed enough. Unlike hair mousse or hair spray, hair serum is primarily a source of nourishment for your hair, although it does help to style or disassemble as well. The main purpose of hair serum is to protect your hair against dust and dirt; thus, applying it to unwashed hair will beat the purpose. Often popular brands produce a complete range of pet hair products that include a shampoo, conditioner, and hair serum made to complement each other. If trying out hair serum for the first time, it is a good idea to use this hair serum with a compatible shampoo and conditioner in the same haircare range.

How To Apply Serum On Hair

 Relying on the length and volume of your hair, take two to six drops of serum hair on your palm and rub them gently on both palms to mix well. Hair serum is best to use to wash the hair. So make sure your hair is dried with a towel or slightly damp. Flip your hair forward and start using the hair serum to the hair that falls over your face, going upwards from the ends of your hair. Massage tips, such as hair serum works well on split ends. Flip the hair back again, take out 03:58 more drops of hair serum and massage it well into your scalp.

Post a Hair Care Application

 Once the serum has been applied effectively over your hair, brush it down. This will help you to disassemble the coat easily. After using hair serum, make sure you blow-dry your hair until it is scorched. As damp hair can cause dust or dirt to stick to your hair and scalp. If you utilize a hair straightener often, it is best first to apply the hair serum and then go for straighteners. As the serum can also protect your hair from any damage caused due to overheating and resulting in breakage.


 Always go for a known brand. Even though it may be more expensive than some other brands available in the market. Trying to cut down on costs can be a good idea if you want your hair's desired result.

While applying hair serum, make sure you do not rub it on your scalp; comb it lightly through your hair, preferably with your hands or with a comb.

If you think that after using hair serum, your hair is drying out unusually fast, try switching to your brand. It may be possible that the brand of hair serum you are using will not suit your hair type. Switching to another brand can solve the drying problem.

As you use hair serum, try to match your other hair products, such as shampoo and conditioner. To understand what combo works best for your hair.

Using too much of anything is wrong, and that holds for hair serum as well. It is ready to use the serum in moderation; try not using it daily, or in case you need it every day, use it in small quantities.

Apply hair serum when your hair is damp or towel dry, not dripping wet.

Pour a few drops of serum on your palms, rub them with your fingers, and then run along with your hair.

You look at the roots of your hair and, once done, comb or straighten through.

Do not over-use hair serum continuously without washing hair, as it leads to oily hair and dandruff. Make sure your hair is moist and cleaned before using a hair serum.

For Dry Hair

Dry hair sorts are usually prone to split ends and breakage. Thick, concentrated, and moisturizing oils such as castor oil should be chosen as the serum base. For dry skins, essential oils like rosewood and lavender suit as well.

Mix a few drops of any type of the essential oils with 100ml of pure castor oil

Shake well and leave in an airtight bottle.

If you think the castor oil consistency is very thick, you can add 20ml of coconut oil to lighten the texture.

A daily massage on the dry scalp with this results in hair serum on beautiful, shiny, and nourished hair without any damaged ends or dryness. Leaving the serum overnight gives double benefits to dry hair.

Tips To Remember

Avoid using hair straighteners, curlers, and other heat-producing hair equipment often as long as they can damage your hair. This leads to lifeless and dull hair.

Hair serums can be in usage twice or thrice a week to nourish and protect the hair. As they are in production naturally without any silicon or other harmful preservatives.

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