Vitamin D Deficiency Hair Loss

Hair loss is one of the main problems of people’s desired looks and there can be many causes to that problem. Usually, genetic factors are responsible for outside looks, so this is one of the main reasons. But there are also things we can do to decrease hair loss, such as preventing the deficiency of vitamins. Among many vitamins, vitamin D is the key one to achieve natural hair growth. Deficiency of vitamin D can cause many issues in the hair, and may even result in alopecia. So vitamin D is vital for hair.

Researchers found that vitamin D deficiency can affect healthy hair growth. It can cause hair thinning and shedding. People who are deficient in vitamin D, are generally the same people who have hair loss problems. One study of women who are deficient in vitamin D and aged between 18 to 45, faced with some type of hair loss in their past. Although saying that, the evidence isn’t crystal clear. But it’s found that vitamin D receptors play an important role in the anagen phase of the hair cycle. (Anagen is a phase in hair growth in which new hair develops.) So vitamin D is crucial for nearly every procedure in your body and that includes hair growth too. It’s important to prevent deficiency of any vitamin to prevent any health issues. And vitamin D deficiency might be the cause of hair loss or unhealthy hair for some people.

Vitamin D

Like any other vitamin type, vitamin D has some roles in the body. It takes care of bone and muscle health, lack of it might cause some health problems in those areas. Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin, which means that our body can store it. So in the short term, our body can use the stored vitamin D when it is in need.

Usually, our body can receive the needed vitamins and minerals via food. Fruits and vegetables usually the main source of vitamins for people. But the thing is a little different with vitamin D. It’s rare to find vitamin D in food. Of course, some food has it, like milk and certain types of fish for example. But generally, our body provides the needed vitamin D while our body is in contact with the UV rays in sunlight. In its natural form though, it’s biologically inert. So, to use it, our body transforms it into a usable form with liver and kidneys. This procedure is hydroxylation and this allows vitamin D usage. 

Vitamin D is vital for many aspects of the body. From maintaining a healthy bone and muscle structure to having a healthy immune system, it’s needed in many processes. The main task though is needed to promote healthy bone and cell growth. Lackness of it, as we clarified before, can cause many health problems in bones and muscles. It’s shown by researchers that people who are deficient in vitamin D have high risks of developing rickets and osteomalacia. Osteomalacia is a critical condition that results in unhealthy bone structure, making bones curvy and weak. And deficiency of vitamin D may cause hair loss for many people too.

Deficiency Causing Hair Loss

Some studies found that vitamin D deficiency can cause unhealthy hair growth or hair loss, plus osteomalacia. One of them made a little sound on media too. Especially the one study of women aged between 18 to 45. They determined that women aged between 18 to 45 who are also vitamin D deficient had also hair loss issues in their past. Although the accuracy of the research is questionable, we know that vitamin D takes a role in the anagen phase of hair growth. Anagen is the phase of new hair growing in the hair scalp. So this means that it might have a direct impact on the hair loss issues.

First of all, vitamin D deficiency is very common than you might think. Data shows that nearly one billion people around the world have some kind of vitamin D deficiency. That means that nearly 13 percent of the whole population is deficient in vitamin D. So this means there are people having hair issues due to lack of vitamin D storage. Deficiency of vitamin D can cause many health issues in your body and there may have signals for you to catch. Bone pain, muscle weakness, fatigue, sudden changes of mood are indicators of vitamin D deficiency. But there are other factors facilitating vitamin D deficiency itself. Old and obese people usually prone to have more vitamin deficiency. Not spending enough time in the sun and an unhealthy diet are the other causes.

Being Careful

It might be best to contact your healthcare provider if you have or had any of these symptoms. Because determining the lacking of a vitamin is usually tricky without a blood test. You can rely on your blood test to determine your situation. It’s needed to determine the cause of your problem first then apply the solution next. Getting vitamin D supplements daily might help but it can damage other aspects of your health. Vitamin D toxicity is one of them.

It’s important to receive the optimal amount of vitamins and minerals daily for a healthy body. But it isn’t that quite simple. There is no risk of “overdosing” vitamin D. If you spend too much time outside your body will adapt to the situation and stop the extra production (Of course there are risks for excessive sun exposure). But the problem comes from the supplements. In the use of excessive vitamin D supplements, the person will be diagnosed with vitamin D toxicity. Vitamin D toxicity can show itself as nausea, vomiting, weight loss, heart rhythm problems, and even hair loss too. To avoid such health issues, let your healthcare provider find a solution to your problem.

Results Of Acting On Your Own

Having hair loss can be sad for most of us and we might want to apply solutions by ourselves. But the best thing to do is to contact your healthcare professional. They can determine the problems in your body such as vitamin D deficiency. But in the long term, having FHI or DHI based hair transplantation treatment is the solution for your hair loss. You can contact us here for furthermore.

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