Where to Buy Organic Pure Hair Care Products?

Hair experts tell us why it is better to use organic products on our hair and how we can recognize them.

 Buying hair care things can be inconvenient if you are doing it on the web. But real stores may suit you better because of the way that you can demand heading. In the modern society that we live in it is more intelligent to buy for online locales. Also the thing will be passed on to your area. So no necessity for long walks around get to the store.

All females who like to change their look and wear different hair from time to time, run into deterioration or drying due to certain products' components.

Much has been said about organic hair care products and, to learn a little more about them, we attended a launch of the beauty brand

 Surya Brasil where we spoke with Federico Piqué, a hair expert who works alongside them, who told us some benefits of using this type of hair products and how to recognize them so as not to make our hair suffer so much.

Why prefer organic products?

 Specialists tell us that some of the benefits that are given on these products are that “they do not invade and are not aggressive with our health. Besides naturally beautifying the hair, they take care of it ”. And he adds that "they are sustainable with the environment, are respectful of animal welfare and have the highest quality levels for their natural components . "

Another critical point is that "these hair products do not contain ammonia, hydrogen peroxide, Guanidine, heavy metals, Sodium Perborate which is the oxidant, nor do they have Sodium Pricramate which is the dye, Parabens or Formol, among other components that are harmful", says the expert.

To this, the hair experts add that "the ingredients of organic products are not air out to fertilizers, herbicides or chemical pesticides. That makes them safer, and likewise, it is an expectation that their contributions of nutrients and vitamins will be greater than in the case of production controlled by chemicals ”.

How to recognize these types of products?

 One tip to keep in mind that Federico gives us is that to recognize a genuinely organic product you have to “verify if there is an Ecocert, USDA, Soil Association, VEGAN, ISO, and others certification seal. That will give us the support that what we are acquiring or applying is what it says ”.

Are organic hair products really what they are said to be? Are there any benefits to using them?

More and more individuals are choosing healthy lifestyles. If you are also concerned that you are using harmful agents, which may harm you in some way, this article is for you.

 The use of natural and organic hair products has become a powerful trend in recent years. That is why it is expected that you wonder if it is worth using organic products. To find out the respond, we must take a closer look at the ingredients in traditional hair products and organic ones' benefits.

Organic hair products

Ingredients of a traditional shampoo

 The truth is that traditional shampoos and conditioners contain synthetic chemicals that are harmful to our skin and our overall health. Yes, that nice foam, which smells delicious, actually includes a lot of harmful ingredients. Some of them are, for example, sulfate, alcohol, silicone, parabens and even traces of antifreeze.

What ingredients to avoid when buying hair products

 traditional shampoos with chemicals

When you go to buy a hair care product, it is a recommendation that you carefully read the list of ingredients that make it up. Choose those that are biocompatible, that do not contain toxic ingredients. To find out which are the most harmful ingredients you can look at the following list:

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS)

 Ammonium lauryl sulfate

 Diethanolamine (DEA)

 Triethanolamine (TEA)


 Propylene glycolic

 Synthetic perfumes

 Propylene Glycol (also known as antifreeze)





 Alcohol (if it is one of the first four ingredients, which would indicate that it contains it in excessive quantity)

 What is the advantage of organic hair products?

 organic products vs chemical products

Organic shampoos do not contain the harmful ingredients found in traditional shampoos. They contain natural ingredients, such as proteins, essential oils, vitamins, fruit extracts, etc. These ingredients are, by themselves, beneficial nutrients for your hair.

Why use organic products?

 Unlike traditional shampoos, organic ones are gentle and gentle. For that reason, they do not dry out or irritate the scalp.

 If you have coloured hair, organic products do not alter or degrade the colour. On the contrary, it protects it by not drying and damaging the hair strand with more chemicals.

 The nutrients, vitamins and beneficial oils they contain are the nutrition your hair needs. With its continuous use, you will achieve beautiful and healthy hair.

 They are safe to use, so you don't have to worry about the possible absorption of harsh chemicals through your skin. (The skin is an organ and it absorbs what you apply on it, even on the skin of the scalp)

 If you use s hair extensions 100% human, organic products are highly recommended because they are not aggressive with hair extensions, helping to keep them in perfect condition for longer.

Organic hair shampoo brands

 Some hair care products brands that we can recommend, for being innocuous products, 100% natural and also effective are:

Dr Bronner's Castilla soap: it is one of the best natural shampoos that exist. Its main components are coconut oil and olive oil, among others.

 Rahua Shampoo: its main ingredients are coconut oil and shea butter.

 John Master's organics: has a wide range of shampoos, conditioners and masks.

 Natu Shampoo: it is free of parabens, sulfates, silicones, petroleum derivatives, resins, synthetic fragrances, etc . It also has, not only shampoos but also conditioners.

 Stop the water while using me: an excellent natural shampoo, which, at the same time, reminds you to turn off the water while you massage the product into your hair.

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