Which Vitamin Deficiency Causes Hair Loss?

Most people worry about the condition of the hair. They care about it so much. They do something to keep it strong all the time. As for the hair loss problem, it is a nightmare for them in a way. Both men and women suffer from hair loss problems. Even pregnant women also are exposed to this trouble. A lot of factors lead to hair loss problems, but what is important is finding a solution. Vitamin deficiency is among the reasons for hair loss. Taking some hair loss vitamins may be a good choice. Then, let's talk about how hair loss occurs.

What are the main reasons for hair loss? 

Actually, most of us notice our hair shed. Old ones fall out and new ones appear. It is normal to meet it, but some people experience this problem excessively. Then it means there is a problem for them. Hair loss may result from lots of reasons like using a comb, hairdryer, bad shampoo. People may face this problem because of genetic factors, using some pills, or living in a stressful situation. These are all reasons for it; however, vitamin deficiency is also a big reason for hair loss. Also, we can't realize it until we research it thoroughly.

Does vitamin deficiency cause hair loss?

Above, it is said that hair loss depends on many reasons including vitamin deficiency. Vitamins and minerals are vital for our body to work properly. Besides variable benefits, vitamins also play an important role in hair loss. Among the reasons for hair loss, iron, vitamin A, vitamins B, zinc, vitamin D, vitamin E deficiency are dominant in hair loss. People generally don't heed a balanced diet and eat healthy foods. They generally prefer to consume snacks or fast food. They produce the hair loss problem together with vitamin deficiency. Suppose that you eat the nutritions which don't include vitamins for your hair to keep tough. You probably go through a difficult hair loss phase.

Which and how does vitamin deficiency lead to hair loss?

You have read that vitamins cause hair loss, and you may not be able to understand the shedding of the hair resulting from vitamin deficiency. Now you will find out which vitamins cause this problem with their possible side effects on you. 

  • Vitamin D and Omega 3: You need vitamin D in order not to struggle with hair loss. Vitamin D exists in sunlight and if you don't take it enough, you will have to see your hairs falling out. When you aren't exposed to sunlight, you should start taking vitamin D supplements. Omega 3 also is important for hairs. If you want your hair to be vivid and healthy, you should take Omega 3 as well.
  • Vitamin C: It is significant for our body. It makes the immune system stronger and protects us from being ill. Almost all people know it with the benefits of the immune system. Vitamin C exists in fruits as all of us know, but if it is not got enough, hair loss problems may arise again. Hair loss is experienced by people because of the missing collagen substance that has to do with vitamin C.
  • Iron: It is also necessary for the human body. Iron deficiency is seen mostly in women. One of the reasons causing hair loss is not getting enough iron inside us. If you try to answer whether you have iron deficiency or not then you have to apply for a blood test. When not taken enough, many people get an iron supplement for fear of hair loss.

Vitamins B: Actually, Vitamin B has many components like B1 B3, B5, B7, B12. 

Many of them are significant for hairs. If you want to have healthy hair, you shouldn't ignore the fact that vitamins b is really important for your hair follicles. Vitamin B1 fulfills the task of keratin production. B1 is not stored in our body, thus we always take it. B5 (panthenol) generally exist in some shampoos. In fact, it comes together with some chemical ingredients and it loses the effect and doesn't become useful.

  • Biotin (B7): It is also included in B vitamins, and its effect on the hair is great. There are many proven studies that biotin helps the growth of hair follicles. It does. Many patients suffering from hair loss benefits from the B7 supplements and they give results.
  • Vitamin B 12: Along with biotin, B 12 is a powerful vitamin for the hair follicles. The number of people who have a deficiency of B 12 is really much. If B 12 is not taken enough, some redness on the tissue, hair follicles' seeming thin can be seen. It is important for the liver, eyes, and hair. Its main function is carrying oxygen to the body organs. While doing this job, the hair also needs oxygen. In the deficiency of vitamin B 12, people see their hair falling out, growing the hair follicles slowly. You may realize you have B 12 deficiency thanks to some symptoms such as tiredness, weakness, or changes in your nails.

What should we do when we don't get enough vitamins from foods?

In fact, the solution is apparent. There is just one thing to do. It is taking vitamin supplements. For hair loss, there are many techniques people apply. Everyone says something about it like cures or different nutrients. Firstly we should identify the cause of the hair loss. 

Most people suffer from hair loss because of vitamin deficiency. If you aren't careful with your eating, set up a healthy diet then it is pretty normal to embrace the idea that takes vitamin supplements may help me. However, there is a variable of vitamin supplements in the markets. Most of them include harmful chemical substances not solving your hair loss problem. You should pick them carefully if you want to make use of them literally. As a whole, vitamin supplements can solve your hair loss problem.

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