Beauty And Skin Care Products

The use of beauty and skin care products should be regular. In cases where it is not regular, the effect of beauty and skin care products decreases. Therefore, be careful to use the products you will use regularly. It is necessary to use beauty and skin care products in a certain routine.

How To Use Beauty And Skin Care Products?

Start this process by first cleaning your face. Get a gel, cleansing milk or cleansing foam that suits your skin type. Then clean the dirt on the skin and the dead cells that cause aging. Take care to use gentle and foaming products to revitalize the cells. After the cleansing gel comes the use of tonic. Tonics contribute to the breathing of the pores. It helps to cleanse and tighten the skin. It moisturizes the skin and helps to even out the skin tone. Thus, the skin begins to shine, revitalize and illuminate. The next stage is for you. For example, if you have a problem such as acne, you can use a suitable product.

If you prefer serums in skin care, use serums in the next step. Since serums are concentrated products, absorption occurs very quickly. It also increases the effect of the product used after the serum. Therefore, it will be very good for you to use serum before moisturizer. Serums increase the defense power of the skin and make it more resistant. It also contributes to making the skin smooth and supple. Next comes the use of moisturizer. You should apply moisturizer to the face, neck and décolleté areas. There are special moisturizers suitable for use in the morning and evening. With the moisturizing of the skin, fine lines and uneven skin tone are eliminated.


What Is Retinol And What Does It Do?

Retinols are a very useful ingredient that is often used in beauty and skin care products. It is included in foods such as meat, chicken, fish. If you consume these products, you will get retinol. Retionels can also be taken in the form of drugs. In addition, retinols interact quite strongly with other substances. For this reason, it is a must-have ingredient in beauty and skin care products. There are serums and creams containing retinol. Such beauty and skin care products are also faster in absorption. And by starting a reaction, it forms retinoic acid. This formation shows that what is expected from retinol.

There is no need to use products containing retinol at an early age. It should be used mostly after the thirties. Also, experts do not recommend using retinol in the morning. The use of retinol in the evening is also effective. Because cell renewal takes place in the evening. Its use during cell regeneration also means more effect. At the same time, retinols undergo some reactions in sunlight. And it causes the formation of sun spots.

Retinols should not interact with acids containing AHA and AHB. Therefore, be careful with which products you use retinol. Otherwise, it may cause irritation or redness on your skin. In addition, retinols contain acids that can directly damage the skin. Pay more attention to this, especially if you have sensitive skin. It also causes dryness in the skin. People with skin conditions such as eczema should not use it.

Things That Harm The Skin

It is necessary to balance the daily water consumption. Because, the amount of daily water consumption is certain for a healthy life. Staying below this amount and drinking less water is harmful to our body. At the same time, it is necessary to make the necessary water consumption for skin health. Otherwise, the skin becomes dehydrated and loses its moisture and dries up. However, by drinking enough water, the toxins in the skin are reduced. In this way, the dull appearance that will occur on the skin is reduced.

It is very harmful in squeezing acne on the skin. Because the inflammation flows. Inflammation on your face also damages your face. And it causes the acne to spread more. Or it causes acne scars not to go away. It is also necessary to be careful when cleaning blackheads. Cleaning by special tools and experts is more beneficial for skin health. Staying in the shower for a long time damages the skin's protective lipid layer. It makes the skin vulnerable. With the damage of skin protective lipids, the skin becomes more vulnerable to external influences. And it can take more damage.

It is harmful to use trial products while purchasing cosmetic products. Because it is not clear who used the product before you. It is not clear which disease he carries or whether he is clean. Therefore, it would be more beneficial for you not to use it. Finally, insomnia or irregular sleep also damages the skin. Skin repair takes place at certain hours at night. If you do not sleep during these hours, skin care and repair cannot be performed.

Skin Care With Ozone Vapor

Ozone steam has recently been used for skin care. Leaves softening and nourishing effects on the skin. Thanks to ozone vapor, closed pores in the skin are opened. Dead skin is removed. And you get a completely cleansed skin. The effects of aging appear more easily on dry skin. In other words, dry skin is more suitable for wrinkles and skin blemishes. For this, care is made by moisturizing and revitalizing the skin with ozone vapor.

There are also some improvements made to ozone vapor devices. Nutrients are added to the ozone gas vapor. These nutrients are mixed with steam. And sent to the skin. The skin becomes much more absorbent this way. And it absorbs this steam up to the lowest layers of the skin. With the application of ozone gas, the skin becomes stronger. And the skin protects itself against external influences. Moreover, skin whitening occurs with ozone vapor. It has a blood circulation-enhancing effect. In this way, it contributes to the revitalization of the skin. In addition, it helps in removing toxins from the skin.

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