Must Have Skin Care Products

Must have skin care products be reliable so that they do not harm our health. Otherwise, unreliable skin care products can damage the skin. For example, must have skin care products be approved by the Ministry of Health. This approval indicates that it is risk-free to health. Of course, as with every product, side effects can be found in products approved by the Ministry of Health. But the fact that it is approved by the Ministry of Health gives confidence to people. This does not mean that you use every product approved by the Ministry of Health.

How Must Have Skin Care Products Be?

Of course, you should choose a product according to your skin type or skin problems. Otherwise, the effect of the product produced for a person with sensitive skin and the product suitable for oily skin will not be the same. For someone with sensitive skin the one is nice. However, people with oily skin may not see the expected effect when they buy that product.

In addition, what the product does is also important. Or density matters. For example, must have skin care products are thought to be anti-aging. Because, basically, skin care is done to protect from aging. For this reason, products with a high moisturizing effect are preferred. However, a person who uses an anti-aging product at the age of thirty and a person who uses it at the age of sixty should be different. Because the thirties are our younger days. For this reason, the anti-aging products to be used should be less intense. Otherwise, if the thirty-year-old person uses a more intense product, it may be damaged.

Natural Masks That Equalize Skin Tone

It is asked whether skin care products should be natural, what they should contain, and what products should be avoided. Skin care products should be natural. Therefore, examine what the products you choose contain. If you think that skin care products should be natural, but you can't find the products you want, you can make these products yourself. Skin tone unevenness is seen in most people. For the solution of this, there are many natural masks that you can prepare in your own kitchen. You've heard of some of them.

First, let's start with skin tone equalization thanks to the lemon juice mask. Lemon juice has a skin whitening effect. Thanks to the acids it contains, it eliminates skin tone inequalities and nourishes the skin. It contributes to the expulsion of dead skin. Fresh lemon juice mixed with cold water. This prepared mixture is applied to the face and neck area. It is kept for about fifteen minutes. And then it is rinsed. After applying this mask, be careful not to go out in the sun.

Rose water mask is also a method that contributes to skin tone equalization.Keeps skin soft and vibrant. In addition, it nourishes the skin and acts as a tonic. It can be applied in two ways. In the first method, rose water is applied to the face with the help of cotton. And waiting for it to dry. No need to wash or rinse. In the second method; Mix 2 spoons of rose water, 1 spoon of lemon, 1 spoon of flour and 2 spoons of milk. When this mixture becomes a mask, apply it on your face. Let it sit for thirty minutes and rinse with lukewarm water.

What Is BB Cream ?

BB cream means blemish balm. It has a light color tone equalizing structure. And it also acts as a concealer. In general, it has a much different effect than concealers. It does not make the skin layer by layer and it is not very clear that it is applied. It also has a lot of moisturizing effect. In other words, when you apply this product, both your skin imperfections are closed. You will also see a moisturizing effect. It makes the skin look healthier and more vigorous. In addition, it also allows the scars to be formed on the skin to be lifted and closed.

It was first released as an acne cream. And it was sold because it was good for acne, but later it attracted more attention with this aspect. And it has started to be used as a concealer. It can be said that there are no people who use it for acne anymore.

It resembles liquid foundations thanks to the dyes and moisturizers it contains. The structure of BB cream is heavier than CC cream. It does not clog your pores as it is generally non-comedogenic. It is also good for the skin to breathe through the pores. Most BB creams contain an ingredient that also blocks harmful UV rays from the sun. Therefore, when you apply BB cream, you will be protected from the sun. But still, it would be better to apply sunscreen.

What Is CC Cream?

CC creams are color correcting. It helps to eliminate inequalities in skin color. It carries the same SPF and antioxidants as BB creams. In addition, another important feature is the lightening of the skin color. In addition, it is used as a make-up base. And the demand for CC cream as much as BB cream is very high.

The texture and consistency of CC cream is lighter than BB cream. For this reason, CC cream is more suitable for oily and acne-prone skin than BB cream. It will be more useful. CC creams also add shine with light-reflecting particles. It balances the skin tone and contributes to the lightening and revitalization of the skin. If your skin is prone to redness or yellowing, CC cream is very good for you. Because this equalizes the color changes. And it makes it look even toned. CC cream will be your savior most of the time. It is packed with antioxidants, vitamin C and vitamin E. Compared to BB cream, CC cream has more SPF. And this is more important for nourishing and protecting the skin. It will be good for you to choose whichever BB or CC cream is suitable for your skin.


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