Acne Skin Care Products

It is hard to take a call among many acne skin care products.  The issue of how to know which anti-acne cream is more suitable for me is very complicated. Getting help from a dermatologist for an acne problem can be a good way to find out the cause. Sometimes a cause of acne,

  • Fatty liver,
  • Hormonal change,
  • pore occlusion, clogs
  • Bacterial oriented,
  • There may be an allergic reaction.

Acne is always an annoying and simple problem. It is possible to overcome it with one medicine or several creams. But acne is actually a warning given to you by your skin. It would be wrong to see it as an insignificant red dot. It is known that harmless cysts in the uterus cause acne in gynecological female disorders. You may be using acne skin care products as a result of malnutrition or too many toxic foods and drinks. For the best acne treatment, you should first learn the source of the problem from a specialist doctor.

What kinds of Acne Skin Products are there?

There are many acne skin care products used in acne treatments. As acne treatment, it is possible to use products such as ointments, point pens, face wash gel, and purifying tonic. However, some of these acne products cause skin dryness. If you have normal or dry skin, you should be careful in choosing the appropriate anti-acne face wash gel. Most acne skin care products contain acid in their content;

  • Salicylic acid
  • Benzoyl peroxide
  • OTC retinoid.

Applying large amounts of these products to the entire skin can cause flaking on the skin. If you have an oily skin type, these products will not tire your skin much. But for dry skin, you only need to apply it on acne. Acne skin care products are not just creams forms, there are also natural oils.

The use of oil in the treatment of acne is also very effective; the oil of some plants contains antibacterial content and acidic form. It is necessary to make the right choice among them or to thin the oil with water. For example, if you have dry and sensitive skin, grape seed oil is definitely not suitable for you. When you apply this oil directly, you will see tingling and redness on your face. To avoid this, dilute this product or try other oils such as lavender oil. If you have one or two acne, pimple patches are the most suitable acne skin care products for you.

Home Remedy Versus Acne Skin Care Products

We know most acne skin care products have acidic ingredient. You don't always have to buy skin care products for acne treatment. You can do your own treatment at home by avoiding some acne causes. We now know that acne is caused by bacteria or clogged pores. So let's not start getting rid of bacterial sources,

  • Clean or throw away makeup sponges, brushes that have been used for a long time,
  • Out of date headlights, get rid of old foundations,
  • Use a paper towel instead of a towel for your face for a while,
  • Always keep your bed linen clean,
  • Cleanse your face with face wash gel 2 times in the morning and evening,
  • Moisturize your skin but reduce the amount,
  • Use the power of fruit when a pimple pops up.

It is possible to benefit from the acidic structure of fruits instead of acne skin care products. Grape berry and peach peel will especially help you when a pimple tip appears. Cut a grape in half and put it on the pimple. Repeat this process until the pimple goes away. This method is applicable for almost any fresh fruit. Fruit acids are emergency rescuers. Apple cider vinegar is also very effective. It is possible to use it in the same way or put it in a spray bottle by diluting it at a ratio of 1:1. You can apply it all over your skin, but it sure smells a little bad. It is effective against acne skin care products by applying all natural oils on acne with a cotton swab.

Oils for Acne Skin Care Products

Choosing oil as acne skin care products is also a form of treatment because it contains natural ingredients. However, not every oil is suitable for every skin type. Especially in oily skin, if the pores are clogged, it is possible to have more acne with the use of oil. If you have less acne on your face, general oil application is more effective, and if you have 4-5 acne, only application on acne is more effective.

  • Tea tree Oil
  • Rosemary Oil
  • Bergamot Oil
  • Oregano Oil
  • Lavender Oil
  • Cinnamon Oil
  • Rose Oil.

If the smell is important to you in these oils, you should prefer bergamot and lavender oils. The most effective, if necessary, the original tea tree oil will help not only acne, but also many problems such as breathing. Oils are in dense and concentrated form. Therefore, its direct use is only done on acne. If you want to do general acne care, you should apply it by mixing it with water in a spray bottle. When using all skin care products, the skin pores must be clean. So you better wash your face first.

Acne Treatments over 30s

You can try different methods for acne skin care products over the age of 30. If you're 30 or older with acne, it's okay to be ashamed of looking like a teenager. Some women see the acne problem at a late age, which they did not experience in adolescence. Acne that appears after the age of 30 is usually a sign of a health problem.

Post-puberty acne is mostly seen in women. It is necessary to get an examination from a doctor to find out the underlying causes. For this, you can talk to a gynecologist, dermatologist and internal medicine specialist. Because acne is caused by bacteria, related to uterine cysts and hotmons or a reaction of internal organs.

For acne treatment in your 30s, making a list of what you eat, drink and keep your skin clean is a good start. Remember, too much processed fatty foods, chocolate, alcohol, caffeine cause acne. She then checked the situation by purchasing acne skin care products from many brands.

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