Skin Care Products List

For all skin types, skin care products list vary. Skin care, which does not change according to the skin type, aims to clean, purify, peel, nourish, moisturize and treat. Apart from that, every skin type has its own special needs. As the name suggests, people with oily skin should check their oil balance. If the oil balance is not maintained, they get acne, pore enlargement, blackheads, acne scars, bacterial infection, skin shine, and make-up miserable results.

Oily skin is not the only problem. Serum and facial oils used to moisturize and nourish the skin can cause acne treatment or closed-pore problems. Those with oily skin always look wet or sweaty. If the make-up material does not make the right choices, a more flowing make-up look will occur instead of getting better. For them, it is sometimes necessary to refresh their make-up 4 times a day. This skin type can turn into dry skin at night with the use of the wrong product. Dry skin ages faster, so it's essential to find the right skincare product list before oily skin loses its grace.

Oily Skin Care Product List

The order of priority in the oily skin care product list is different. It is necessary to use more anti-shine products compared to other skin types. The skin can be nourished from the oil it produces. Therefore, it is not recommended to use too much moisturizer on oily skin. Some products such as facial cleansing gel and peeling for oily skin dry the skin. We certainly don't want this because that would mean losing the health and texture of this skin and losing its oily skin benefits.

A necessary list of oily skin care products;

  • Face Cleanser gel or foams
  • Peeling with natural or fruit ingredient
  • Exfoliator,
  • Moisturizer,
  • Toner
  • Face oils

In oily skin care, it is best to use powder instead of foundation or before foundation while applying make-up. Under make-up skin tone equalizer and moisturizer is sufficient as little as possible. When choosing a foundation, if we are using a moisturizer, choose the one for oily skin. If you don't use moisturizer, oily skin foundation and powder will suffice. Eyeshadows do not clump or set on women with oily skin. For this reason, before applying eye shadow, make a small amount of font and base powder.

Not every product in the oily skin care product list is always used. First of all, our face is polluted every day due to air pollution, make-up and environmental agents. For this, we should wash our face twice a day with purifying face wash gels. Opening the pores by washing the face before going to bed at night is beneficial for the skin to treat itself.

Use the moisturizing product when the skin needs it, during the winter months or on days when make-up is applied. It is enough to care with peeling, serum or facial oil once a week

Dry Skin Care Products List

The dry skin care product list is much longer and more complex. Dry skin is a skin type that is always hungry and in need of attention. It requires constant nourishment and moisture. Meeting this need is more tiring than other skin types and takes a long time. Dry skin care products:

  • Face Cleanser foams
  • Mild Peeling with natural ingredient
  • Moisturizer,
  • Toner,
  • Make up Base Creams,
  • Sunscreen creams,
  • Eye cream,
  • Serums or treatment ampules
  • Face oils,
  • Body lotions, oils, moisturizers,
  • Anti-aging creams,
  • Face masks.

The dry skin care product list is much longer than the oily skin list. It also requires a lot of repetition. If dry skin does not receive enough attention, it cracks, flakes, and experiences permanent health problems such as couperose as well as redness and skin spots. Not only these problems, but also premature aging occurs mostly in dry skin. That's why skin care is important for dry skin.

The ingredients of foaming facial cleansers for sensitive and dry skin should be extremely mild and have a PH of 5. Dry skinned people should stay away from acidic products and chemical skin care products. Choose exfoliating particles that are extremely small and use sparingly. Skin tonics are a savior for you, but they are also a poison. The lighter and more natural the content of your skin tonics, the more successful it will be. Sometimes it's good to use a toner before applying moisturizer to the face. Sometimes it is better to use face wash foam. Moisturize abundantly, use serum, nourish and use anti-aging creams. Be extra careful in extreme cold and heat.

Get advice from a dermatologist when choosing dry skin care product list, if you experience a slight redness, tingling or discomfort on first use after purchasing the product, your skin is probably sensitive. Sensitive and dry skin type can be seen together. In this case, only natural products with mineral content are suitable for you.

Skin Care Products List Teenagers

Teenagers should seek help from parents and dermatologists when making skin care product list. Those who use skin care products for the first time may damage their skin health or structure if they use the wrong product. Some examples of skin care in teenagers;

  • Increasing the number of acne by using oily moisturizers
  • Being allergic to the wrong facial oils
  • Skin barrier damage with wrong makeup products
  • Injuring the skin with excess skin washing product
  • Drying the skin with excessive peeling
  • Using chemical-containing and cheap products
  • Having a bad appearance with the wrong make-up product choices.

Young people are extremely wrong in choosing skin care and makeup products. Therefore, it impairs the health of the skin or has acne. First of all, she should get information from a dermatologist to learn her needs and skin analysis to create her own skin type product list. According to the skin care needs list, the brand with the most natural ingredients should be preferred. Thus, it will be prepared for the skin care marathon that will last a lifetime.

Among the basic skin care product list and recommendations, skin cleansing foam, moisturizing and regional blackhead peeling application are sufficient. If you're wearing make-up, you should buy a purifying toner or make-up remover lotion. The fewer chemicals you do to your skin, the less damage it will suffer. Just eye makeup and lipstick will be enough for you to become beautiful.

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