Can I Use Hair Serum On Beard?

What Is Hair Serum?

Our hair is one of our most important accessories that complement our appearance and increases our self-confidence. We always want our hair to look healthy and vibrant. But having this look is not possible without proper care. 

There are many factors that tire and damage our hair. External factors such as frequent showers, hairstylers with high heat, exposure to dust and dirt all day long weaken the hair structure, cause damage, and can cause loss. To protect our hair from these negative effects, only shampoo care may be insufficient. In addition to using shampoo, we can also create solutions to these problems by using supportive side care products.

Hair serums, the most popular and effective solution of recent periods, can help us protect our hair from external factors. Hair serums actively nourish, penetrating deeply into our hair. It cares for hair that loses its worn shine, gives it a silky texture and smooth appearance. The most important point that distinguishes this product from other care products is that it also lasts for a long time on the hair. 

Hair serum has a special place in hair care products, especially with its structure that nourishes the hair from the bottom to the end. It affects the hair strands one by one with natural oils and chemicals contained in its formula. It is possible with a hair serum to acquire components that hair can not obtain naturally with a single care product. By using a hair serum suitable for your hair type, you can contribute to making your hair healthier than ever.

What Should I Pay Attention To When Using Hair Serum? 

For a good result, you should make sure that you choose the serum suitable for your hair type. If your hair dries quickly after applying the serum, the product you are using may not be suitable for you. Don't think that the more I use it, the more it will help. You can damage your hair. Use no more than 3 times a week. If you have to use it every day, make sure you apply it in balanced amounts. After a shower, dry your hair with a towel and apply it to your moist hair. Make sure it is not completely wet. Applying to moist hair is the most recommended form of application.

What Is The Difference Between The Beard Hair And Head Hair? 

Before deciding whether beard oil can be used on the hair on your head, you should know the type of hair you have. 

Vellus hairs are short, light-colored. These hairs can not be noticed. They develop during your childhood years. When you reach puberty your vellus hairs develop into terminal hairs. Terminal hairs are thick, long, and dark. An increase in androgenic hormone levels causes a change in hair color and texture. For this reason, adult body hair is called androgenic hair.

Your beard hair is terminal or androgenic hair. It’s coarse, thick, and not light-colored. Beards are generally growing curly and flat. The growth cycle of your head hair and androgenic hair is different from each other. Sometimes your androgenic hair can grow upwards of 3mm in one day. Consequently, sometimes this hair can not grow for 3-6 months. Hair in your head grows continuously. The other main difference is that your head hair grows softer and with more shape than your beard hair. 

Can You Use Head Hair Serum On Your Beard?

Hair products are much more abrasive and chemical than anything designed for your face. The scalp is thicker than the skin of a face. What's more, your scalp has many more sebaceous glands. To moisturize the hair these glands produce natural oils. You can not strip away these glands with strong products.

These products are formulated for head hair damage to your skin and face. And in this way, you may strip your beard of its natural oils and moisture. But on the contrary, beard oil products can be quite useful for your hair.

Hair serums and beard serum s are sold separately due to their content. But some serum and oils are completely natural. Due to the lack of chemicals in its content, these serums will not damage your beard and the skin under your beard. There is no harm in using such haircare products. Of course, we would like to reiterate that it is important to choose a good hair and beard serum. Similarly, you should also examine and thoroughly research these products that you will apply to your beard and face. Otherwise, you may face a risky outcome. Because no matter how natural this product is, you may encounter an allergic condition. We recommend that you research these natural oils that do not contain chemicals.

For information about this, you can consult us and ask other questions about it. 

Growing And Maintaining A Beard 

Constantly people wonder how do they grow their beard faster. Unfortunately, there is 2 news and one of them is bad.  Your beard growth potential may be connected to inside your body while maximizing the maintenance is related to the outside of your body. Beard serum shows its effect from the first use. It allows you to get a vibrant and healthy beard with regular use. For the most effective result, it is recommended to apply every day.

How To Maximize Beard Growth?

Beard growth can change according to your health, genes, and testosterone levels. Unfortunately, it leads to both a thick beard and balding of head hair. And you can not control these things.

Apart from these, overweight, out of shape, and eating a poor diet does not affect the beard positively. To maximize the growth of your beard, you need to take care of your body. You eat well and exercise. In fact weight lifting increases your body’s testosterone levels so you can start to exercise. You can supplement your diet with vitamins. In addition to these, smoking does not help beard growth either.

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