Does Beard Oil Help Growth?

What Is Beard Oil? 

Beard oil is a product that aims to moisturize the beard and skin under the beard. It contains oils such as argan, olive, and jojoba oil.  In addition to moisturizing the skin, it also provides a vibrant appearance. You can avoid dandruff by using beard oil. Dandruff comes out due to dry skin. Therefore beard oil makes your beards hydrated and prevents them to occur. Together with this advantage, beard oil s have many other benefits. Giving a shiny look, reducing split ends, making beards grow healthy are other benefits of beard oil. Beard oil is usually one of the preferred cosmetic products with fragrant, natural mixtures.

What Does Beard Oil  Do?

Beard oil products, like all other care oils, act as moisturizing. It helps soften the beard by moisturizing the skin that remains under the beard and beard. In this way, you can get the chance to have a more well-groomed and healthy beard. So it is one of the beard products that should be used first in beard care.  

Beard oil primarily nourishes the beard and strengthens it. That makes the beard grow healthy. Gives the beard a bright appearance. Revitalizes the beard, reduces the split ends that will occur in the beard.  It is a product that also benefits the skin rather than the beard. First, beard oil moisturizes the skin and provides a vibrant appearance. It prevents dandruff that occurs at the bottom of the beard due to dry skin and prevents itching of the beard. It makes the beard smell nice, makes the beard look combed. Although not for everyone, certain skin types have been observed to prevent acne. 

What Components Does A Good Beard Care Oil Contain?

These oils usually contain vitamin E.Vitamins both nourish the skin, beard, and increase the shelf life and effect of the product. Carrier oils (for example; castor oil, Jojoba, etc.) help beard moisturizing and nourishing. What’s more, other essential oils have a feature that is used to make the product smell good and more preferable.

The most commonly used beard oil s include almond oil. These oils have become quite popular. Do not use beard oil s that contain silicone, vaseline, perfume, paraffin, paraben, etc.

Does Beard oil  Help Growth?

The growth rate of the beard may vary depending on your genetic factors. Just as there are people who need to shave every day because of the constant growth of their beards, there are also people whose beards do not grow, although they care for their beards every day. Changing the speed of hair and beard growth is not in our's power. But we can shorten this process with several operations. It is possible to achieve this with good beard oil. Beard oil helps fulfill the conditions necessary for healthy hair growth. Thanks to simple applications that you can make at home with beard oil, you can have much healthier and longer beards. Vitamin E has an important role in growing a beard. ready-made beard oil s mixed with other oils accelerate this period and you will soon have the desired appearance.

How Does It work?

Beard oil s contain different oils such as jojoba oil and argan oil. These types of oils help beard growth because it moisturizes the skin underneath your beard. This way, you get rid of unwanted dead skin cells. As beard oil  penetrates your facial hair pores, it helps to stimulate speedy beard growth.  In addition to these benefits, Beard oil s contain natural antioxidants and Vitamin E. They make your beard stronger. It also repairs the damage that your facial hair has caused to cell membranes. The fact that your beard is strong means that it will grow faster. It is also very important to choose the right beard oil and apply it in the best way. 

How to Choose Beard Oil? 

Choosing the right beard oil may seem difficult for you, but it is easier than you think. There are a few things to consider when buying beard oil. With the right choice, you can have long and healthy beards. Beard oil only needs a few important components to work. Its main ingredients should include jojoba or argan oils. These oils are easily absorbed by hair and skin as they resemble natural oils produced by the skin itself. You should avoid beard oil that includes olive oil or castor oil. Due to these oils, your beards can appear greasy. Try to choose natural oils as much as possible. Manmade oils irritate your lungs and skin.

When to Use Beard Oil?

There is a belief that you should only use beard oil on a beard. If you hope to grow a beard, you should not wait for facial hair to grow to use beard oil. Because beard oil is a great moisturizer. You can start nourishing your beard that is growing under the skin now. And so your beard can grow strong, moisturized, and healthy. You should apply beard oil daily and repeat it throughout the day. The needed amount of beard oil may vary depending on your environment, air temperature, activity level. 

If you grow a beard, beard oil has to become a part of your daily life. For example, To have a healthy and well-groomed beard, your skin under your beard should be moisturized. It can be difficult to calibrate the moisture balance of your skin in hot or cold weather. For this reason, you should use beard oil, especially in hot or cold weather.

Or, to increase the effect of beard oil, you can use it in the morning after washing your face or after a shower. Because this is the moment when the pores are maximum during the day, it becomes easy for your skin to absorb beard oil. Moreover, you can prefer to apply beard oil before sleeping at night. On busy days you should use beard oil at nights or before sleeping instead of applying it early in the mornings. Before going to the bed, wash your face, or have a shower. After then, you can apply beard oil. When getting up in the morning, wash your face with warm water. To be able to grow a strong and healthy beard, be sure that providing these conditions.

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