Hair Follicle Repair

The density and strength of the hair depend on the condition of the hair follicles. If the hair is weak, quickly falls out, and breaks, it means that you urgently need to "wake up" the hair follicles; otherwise, you can be completely left without hair. How to wake up dormant hair follicles, and what type of hair repair steps must you follow? 

Each hair on the head has its own base-bulb, which is the main organ of the hair. When the hair follicles are in a state of sleep, the hair stops growing, and sometimes it starts to fall out profusely. Most often, the reasons for the sleep of hair follicles are stress and lack of vitamins. It is possible to wake up the bulbs, but the result requires some effort.

Why Do Hair Follicles “Fall Asleep”?

The condition of the hair follicles directly depends on the condition of the follicle, which is responsible for hair growth.

When the follicle is weakened, the bulb begins to fall asleep or even die off, and the hair becomes thin and weakened.

If nothing is done, the follicle can completely stop working. The results from this are the most unpleasant.

Possible causes of sleep bulbs:

  • Poor blood flow to the scalp;
  • Excess sebaceous glands on the scalp;
  • Excessive use of hairdryers, flat curlers, and cosmetic hair repair chemicals;

The first two reasons are due to the work of the human body. Violation of its functioning can occur due to the stress mentioned above, as well as hormonal disruptions, lack of sleep, and a lack of vitamins in the body.

To solve the problem of bulbs sleep, in this case, you can eliminate its cause.

As for the use of a hairdryer, curling pads, and chemistry, the situation is more complicated here because these funds do not just lull the hair follicle; they cause the follicle to die off. If the dream of the bulb has come, for this reason, you cannot do without special methods of awakening the bulb.

There is another reason for falling asleep hair follicles - this is the lack of hair hygiene.

If the hair is not washed for a long time, the sebaceous glands clog the bulb, and it ceases to receive the necessary oxygen. Regular shampooing with hair repair products is not just one of the basics of self-care but also the prevention of hair follicles falling asleep.

How Can You Wake Up the Hair Follicles on Your Head?

If you are faced with the problem of "sleep" bulbs, you should know the main ways to solve it:

Massage- When treating hair follicles, try not to braid your hair or do any hairstyles. The massage should only be done with loose hair. He should be regular and energetic. Massage your scalp every time before washing, during washing, and after. This will increase blood flow to the scalp. Also, use a special wood-toothed hair comb. Comb your hair well along the entire length, starting from the crown of the head. It would be nice to buy a special head massager. The use of essential oils will enhance the effectiveness of massage;

Proper nutrition- To wake up dormant hair follicles and help your hair repair, make sure that you have vitamin B9 in your diet. It is found in foods such as cottage cheese, cheese, brewer's yeast, beans, and so on. Another vitamin necessary to awaken the bulbs is vitamin C, which is found in citrus fruits, currants, cabbage, and so on.

Also, elements such as zinc, magnesium, iodine, calcium, and iron are very useful for hair follicles. It is best for these elements to enter the body; naturally, that is, with the help of food, and not tablets;

Professional beauty treatments- If you are faced with the problem of profuse hair loss, then the best solution would be to contact a specialist cosmetologist who, based on the condition of the hair, will offer treatment. In beauty salons, there are several procedures with which you can wake up the hair follicle. An example of this is a medical injection into the scalp with a preparation that includes medicinal herbs. 

Masks for Sleeping Hair Follicles

In order to awaken the hair follicle at home, it is best to make masks. It's easy to cook them; it's nice to wear them on your hair.

Cinnamon mask

There are a lot of variations in the preparation of such a hair repair mask. Let's consider the most interesting and affordable ones.

First way. Take one spoonful of cinnamon powder, a few tablespoons of any essential oil, and a spoonful of honey. In a water bath, it is necessary to melt the honey mixed with essential oil. After that, add cinnamon to the mixture. The mask is applied to the hair for half an hour. The head must be insulated. After the time has passed, the mask is washed off.

It is worth noting that cinnamon causes blood flow to the scalp. Therefore, such a mask, like any cinnamon mask, can cause a burning sensation. If the pain is too severe, you do not need to endure it. Your best bet is to either shorten the time or try a different recipe.

Second way. Take a glass of fatty kefir and add one egg yolk and one and a half tablespoons of cinnamon powder to it. Stir the mixture and apply it to the hair. Apply the mask to damp hair. She lasts half an hour. This mask is very useful not only for the hair follicle but also for the entire hair structure.

Mustard Powder Mask to Awaken Hair Follicles

Mustard powder, like cinnamon, increases blood flow to the scalp, which means it can cause a burning sensation. This mask does not need to be done often because mustard tends to dry out your hair. However, this mask is extremely effective.

To prepare such a mask, a spoonful of mustard powder must be dissolved in a glass of warm water, mixed to melt the mustard, then add one yolk, a spoonful of burdock oil, and half a spoonful of sugar. The mixture must be stirred and, rubbing, apply it to the scalp. Keep 15 minutes, then rinse.

Combining with mustard, sugar causes a strong burning sensation. Again, the pain is not worth enduring. Rinse off the mask as soon as you feel severe discomfort. Enjoy using these hair repair variations in normal amounts.

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