Hair Regrowth Serum

Healthy, thick, and strong hair is one of the necessary merits and decorations of every woman. And of course, every woman would like her hair to be as close as possible to ideal. Also for it to look beautiful and pleasing to the eye with a gorgeous shine. Unfortunately, the modern rhythm of life and many traumatic factors that we face every day leave a negative mark on the hair. They weaken them and make them more subtle and fragile. As a result, curls get world-weary, start to break, and almost stop growing. And then women have to look for ways to restore their old hair appeal and normalize their growth process.

To make curls grow faster, you can use different means. But the most effective among them are serums - concentrated preparations with high penetrating power. It differs well from other hair serums, primarily due to the high content of active ingredients, and in its functions. They combine several cosmetic hair care products: this nourishing mask, air conditioner, and styling foam. Thus, the serum simultaneously nourishes, moisturizes, and treats weakened hair, stimulates their growth, and helps fight alopecia, while also making it easier to comb strands and hairstyles for styling. Let's see the advantages and disadvantages of hair growth serums and how to apply them to achieve the desired effect.

When the use of serum for faster hair growth is under the recommendation

Hair falls out every day, and it is a natural outflow that we all go through. The amount of hairs that fall out daily has a specific limit, resulting in excessive hair loss. This further leads to thinning, and later to complete hair loss.

 The use of serum for faster hair growth is recommended when you notice that the balance between gain and hair loss is disturbed. Hair falls out faster and more, thins, loses hydration, and growth is not possible.

If you are willing to improve your hair's health, make it more resistant to damage and prolong the growth phase, it is advisable to start using a hair growth serum. Both men and women can use the serum, and consistency in how it is used is considered one of the most crucial success factors.

 It is recommendable to use the hair serum in more severe and severe shampoos against hair loss and hair growth. Some of our customers shared with us that this is the case and that shampoo can help solve hair loss and then encourage new healthy growth.

Hair growth serum: pros and cons

 Hair growth activator serums have a term: the most significant invention of the modern beauty industry. The unique formula, which includes vitamins, amino acids, trace elements, carotenoids, plant extracts, and oils, allows such agents to quickly penetrate the skin and sticks, providing them with intensive nutrition and hydration. Compared with other cosmetic products of similar effect, hair growth serum has several obvious advantages, which consist in the fact that similar preparations:

  • have a complex effect on the scalp and curl themselves;
  • they have not only a cosmetic but also a healing effect;
  • easy to apply (most hair serum activators come in the form of sprays or ampoules);
  • do not require rinsing (with rare exceptions);
  • give a relatively quick and long-lasting result;
  • possess chemoprotective properties.
  • Serum deficiencies include:
  • the likelihood of allergies in individuals with hypersensitivity to individual serum components;
  • curl weighting (this applies to products that contain a large amount of oil);
  • the need for more frequent cleaning of the head (some serums can contribute to rapid salting of the hair);
  • the high cost (this is due to the presence in the serum of a large number of highly effective components).

 Speaking of the disadvantages of these drugs, it is impossible not to mention the presence of contraindications to their use. Some serums to improve hair growth are not recommendable for people under 18. Also, those who suffer from dermatological diseases of the scalp in the acute phase. Another limitation of the use of such means is individual intolerance to the components contained in them. To avoid side effects, carefully study the selected product's instructions. Do not forget to perform an allergy test before first use.

Recommendations for the use of hair growth serum

 Even though the hair growth activator hair serum is simple and easy to use, this tool has some features that must be considered to achieve the desired results:

  • choose products according to hair type and additional problems;
  • any serum is best to use to clean, dry hair, with particular reference to the roots;
  • after applying the product, it is recommendable to gently massage the scalp to activate blood flow and improve the action of nutrients;
  • use serum courses (the manufacturer determines their duration) to avoid dependence and effect loss.

 When applying the drug, you may feel a slight burning or burning sensation of the skin due to the action of active ingredients (some irritating additives are in use in some hair growth serums - ginger or hot pepper extract, mustard oil, etc.). Their main task is to improve blood circulation in the skin, increase oxygen supply to the cells and awaken the "sleeping" hair follicles. Keep in mind that if the discomfort does not disappear after a while but, on the contrary, increases, the chosen medicine does not suit you.

Hair growth serums

After shampooing against hair loss and hair growth, hair serums for faster hair growth are the next option that many reach for. We have selected a list of 8 serums for hair growth, the characteristics of which you can get acquainted with below. 

  • Krauterhof hair growth serum, 
  • Penelope serum for hair growth,
  • Ecolab serum that stimulates hair growth, 
  • Ecolab active serum for hair growth and hair density recovery, 
  • Dermedic Capilarte serum,
  • Kerastase serum for hair growth,
  • Velcro anti-baldness serum,
  • Marbo activator.

Hair growth serums conclusion

For the problem of hair loss and reduced hair growth, you may want to consider a hair serum for growth as a solution. A hair serum as an innovative preparation can be an effective and reliable preparation in establishing hair regrowth.

 It is known that there are shampoos against hair loss, ampoules, lotions, as well as shampoos for hair growth, which you should use in any case, depending on the type of hair. And, of course, the depth of your problem.

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