Hair Repair

Hair repair is a long-term improvement of the hair structure. The mechanical strength of the hair is improved, and its hydration and the defects in its structure are replaced. Substances with a regenerating effect penetrate the hair. Depending on the type of active substances, they can be incorporated into the intercellular cement, sealing substances in the cortex, or into keratin chains.

Hair Repair at Home

Only low molecular weight compounds (small molecules) pass inside the hair. High molecular weight substances remain on the surface of the hair shaft. This is the basis of the action of most hair repair products. Their active ingredients are deposited on the surface of the hair and, as it were, seal its scales, smooth out damaged areas, prevent the loss of water from the hair shaft, make it thicker, softer, and reflect light. As a result, the hair is visually shiny, silky, thick, although, in reality, its structure remains the same.

Natural Products for Hair Repair

Modern shampoos are a combination of cleansing components (surfactants), conditioning additives, compounds that affect the scalp (plant extracts, zinc compounds), preservatives, dyes, and fragrances.

Yolk recipes for hair repair can be an alternative to synthetic care products. People most often use a variety of hair masks. There are a massive number of recipes that usually include products such as honey, yolk, essential oils, and vegetable oils.

Honey contains B vitamins, copper, iron, molybdenum, magnesium, and other useful traces of hair repair elements that nourish not only the hair shaft but also the surface layer of the scalp. The yolk is rich in amino acids, fat-soluble vitamins A and E. Vegetable oils of jojoba, avocado, wheat germ, burdock have an antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, moisturizing effect, soften the scalp.

Coconut oil and amla oil extract moisturize hair, make it shiny, reduce fragility, sebum production, and dandruff formation, reduce the rate of hair loss, fight split ends, and relieve skin irritation. Essential oils are also often part of an intensive hair repair course. Bergamot essential oil makes oily hair lighter. Jasmine and ylang ylang add shine. Tea tree oil can help fight dandruff.

Each healthy hair contains 10% of water. It can collect water and give it away to the environment. The degree of moisture in the hair may depend on the humidity in the environment. Dipped hair in water binds water, which changes the size of the hair.

Hair Conditioning

The form of care or regeneration begins with proper washing, where excess sebum is removed from the surface of the hair, impurities, or styling preparations. Conditioning the hair is an extremely important part of caring for the length of the hair, but it does not provide a lasting improvement in the condition of the hair. You can get the immediate effect of beautiful, shiny, and healthy hair.

The form of hair repair differs from the method of conditioning in that it is a permanent improvement in the condition of the hair and depends on the regular use of appropriate preparations.

Proper care is one of the elements of hair protection against new damage. It facilitates detangling and regenerates minor damages. Additional protection is obtained by using UV filters and anti-radical ingredients.

Hair Treatments

The best regenerating agents are:

Keratin - in the form of a hydrolyzate, builds into the torn and damaged hair structure, strengthens and nourishes, soothes the irritating effect of washing agents.

Collagen, Elastin - hydrolysates effortlessly combine with keratin, moisturize, rebuild damaged hair structure, create a protective film on their surface.

Casein - a protein containing phosphorus, obtained from milk. It has a protective and moisturizing effect.

The treatment is for these types of hair:

  • rough, unruly
  • no shine, rough to the touch
  • breaking off, crumbling along the length of the stem
  • with split ends
  • weakened by dyeing and perming treatments
  • Treatment benefits:
  • supplementing the defects in the hair structure
  • closing the cuticles, smoothing, giving shine
  • preventing crushing, rebuilding bonds inside the hair

Steam Sauna for Hair

A treatment that uses steam that produces heat at 40 degrees Celsius. It consists of the prior application of a hair repair mask or nutritional ampoule appropriately selected to the client's needs. The water vapor generated in the sauna during the treatment opens the hair cuticles, and the substances contained in the preparations penetrate the inside of the hair, filling the defects in the hair shaft. The condition of the hair and the blood supply to the scalp improves, and it has a perfect cleansing and bactericidal effect. The treatment smoothes the hair, adds shine, and strengthens it. Additionally, it influences hair growth through intense oxygenation of the scalp. Experts perform and adjust the number of treatments to the client. Typically, experts recommend conducting a series of 4-5 treatments weekly.

Hair Reconstruction

It is a hair shaft reconstruction procedure that has another term in trichology as a trichore construction, consisting of cleaning the hair structure and strengthening it with the use of appropriate preparations in 4 stages. It has a perfect effect on hair that has a tendency to split, crumble, frizzy, or wave. In people who undergo coloring, the reconstruction procedure fixes the pigment in the stem.

Stage 1 - cleansing - washing the hair with a deep cleansing shampoo.

Stage 2 - smoothing the hair porosity - an expert spreads conditioner on the hair, which restores the skin's pH and smooths the hair structure. The conditioner is left on for a few minutes, and then they rinse it off.

Stage 3 - reconstruction - applying a preparation containing 19 amino acids, which are to rebuild and strengthen the hair.

Stage 4 - moisturizing - the use of a moisturizing conditioner that smoothes and shines the hair and closes the cuticles. The preparations and conditioners used during the treatment include natural, moisturizing ingredients for hair repair, such as aloe, guava, jojoba oil, and shea butter.

You can repeat the treatments in several series in order to consolidate the effect.

Infrared Hair Treatment

The treatment consists of applying a nourishing preparation to previously washed hair. In order to introduce the active ingredients more deeply, an expert uses cichlid emitting infrared and ultrasounds. Experts create new combinations of amino acids in the hair structure through the action of radiation. The waves of ultrasound cause vibrations so that the particles of water and nutrients turn into a gaseous state, enabling better penetration into the hair. The frequency of the procedure should have a limitation of three times a month.

Botox for Hair

The treatment consists of opening the cuticle of the hair with a cleansing shampoo and then applying the serum with a syringe. The serum consists of hyaluronic acid, Acai berry extract, keratin, panthenol, and argan oil. The density of the hair fibers is visible immediately after the treatment. Hair is shiny, strong, thickened, and adequately moisturized. The effect lasts up to several weeks, and the hair repair treatments should be repeated to obtain the best quality hair.

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