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Back from the holidays and the joy of the touch of coarse hair, dull color, and split ends? Don't panic, there is no reason to cut everything. A special routine of hair repair products for damaged and dry hair to set up and hop off the dry hair and the thatched roof above your head. Find all the solutions against damaged hair to treat your hair.

Wavy, smooth, curly, or colored, at a given moment, the hair is too stressed, and we signal it by split ends, dull colors, and brittle lengths. Whether you like to change your head regularly, run after the hairstyle trends of the moment, or simply want to restore vitality to your hair, restorative treatments are your allies.

Hair Masks: How to Apply them Effectively?

The ultimate step recommended after the shampoo box: the application of a hair mask. While it is generally advisable to apply the treatments to wet hair, nothing is set in stone. As you wish, you can leave the masks on dry or slightly damp hair. The ideal is to apply the treatment to well-towel-dried hair to remove the water, which would prevent the treatment from releasing its repairing active ingredients. Once applied, leave to act for about ten or twenty minutes as indicated on the packaging, but if you feel like it, it is quite possible to apply 1 hour or two so that the hair repair product penetrates and acts at its own pace.

When the hair is damaged, unfortunately, going through the hairdresser is mandatory! You will have to go through the scissors cut step to get rid of split ends. Indeed, even if the treatments will then improve the dryness of the hair, a clean-cut with scissors with a slight gradient to keep the length will allow you to start again on good foundations ...

Wash your Damaged Hair Without Drying it Out

Damaged hair doesn't need as much washing as healthy hair. Shampoo week is enough! Except in the case of intensive sport but always with suitable products such as shampoos rich in nutritious active ingredients keratin type, ceramides, oils, or even essential fatty acids. Wash your damaged hair with a specific shampoo for dry hair and choose a detangling-conditioning adapted to the dryness of the tips.

  • René Furterer Karité Intense Nutrition Shampoo 150ml
  • Klorane Conditioner Balm with Desert Date 200ml
  • Phyto Phytokératine Extrême Exceptional Shampoo 200ml
  • Ducray Nutricerat Ultra-Nutritive Treatment Shampoo 300ml
  • Vichy Dercos Nourishing-Repairing Cream Conditioner 150ml
  • Weleda Regenerating Oatmeal Conditioner 200ml

Masks for Damaged Hair

The avocado oil-based masks to Shea are of argan oil and jojoba (which have very nourishing properties). They often the best cure for damaged and dry hair. The generous application on the tips and lengths of nutrient oil to wear all night. You should rinse with a suitable shampoo in the morning is an ultra-effective routine. Be careful with hair repair products that contain sulfates/sulfites. Also, be aware of silicones because silicones suffocate the hair and weaken it a little more. It is also possible to make a special homemade hair mask for damaged hair using essential oils.

  • Nuxe Sun Milky Moisturizing Protective Hair Oil 100ml
  • Phyto Phytocitrus Regenerating Color Radiance Mask 200ml
  • Biocyte Keratin Forte Repairing Care Shampoo 150ml
  • Nuxe Rich Prodigious Oil 100ml

How to Protect Your Damaged Hair daily?

To avoid maintaining this effect with dry hair, do not go out without good protection of the hair against the drying effects of external aggressions (and also valid against heat sources). This protector creates an envelope that insulates the hair from cold, heat, pollution or the drying effects of the wind.

What to Do with Dry or Smooth Hair?

The hair dryer and the straightener: 2 deadly weapons for damaged hair if they are not used correctly. Because yes, the excess of heat considerably damages the hair. So how do you straighten your hair without damaging it?  We opt for a hairdryer with a cold function and the straightener, a single pass at 200 degrees. They are enough to straighten his hair and damage it much less than several passes at a lower temperature. To avoid having damaged hair after straightening, use care before smoothing to protect the fiber. Only straighten the hair after thorough drying. Remember that when you get out of the hair repair shampoo, you wrap your hair in a towel to dry it by dabbing it and not by vigorous friction!

To style them while keeping them healthy, use alcohol-free styling products that dissolve the hair's protective fatty acids. Also, give preference to products labeled for damaged and/or fragile hair.

  • René Furterer Radiance of Light Vegetable Wax 50ml
  • René Furterer Lisséa Smoothing Thermo-Protective Spray 150ml
  • Phyto Phytovolume Actif Intense Volume Spray 125ml
  • Klorane Day Cream with Desert Date 125ml

Think about the ponytail with new generation elastics without a metal fastener and especially think that the braid is the ideal ally for damaged and dry hair because you tie your hair in this way when you go to play sports to avoid let the acidity of sweat not attack the hair!

How to Nourish your Damaged Hair?

If nourishing your hair from the outside is quite a ritual, doing it from the inside is also essential! Foods rich in silica, iron, and vitamin B such as lentils, cereals, or even wheat germ associated with foods rich in established fatty acids such as salmon, hazelnuts, or even olive oil are recommended.

Have an intake of vitamins to boost the sources of trace elements zinc, vitamin A or group B vitamins (B5 vitamins, B6 vitamins, B8 vitamins). These hair repair food supplements allow them to restore strength and vitality by doing at least three months of treatment.

Arkopharma Forcapil Hair & Nails 60 capsules

Jaldès Silettum Hair Growth 60 capsules

When you return from the holidays, make room for this anti-damaged and dry hair routine and pay attention to coloring, which is often merciless for the hair: negotiate with your hairdresser for the use of gentle products without ammonia! Finally, do not hesitate to ask your pharmacist for advice, who will be able to guide you on the right hair repair products suitable for damaged hair.

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