Hair Repair Treatment

We all dream of silky and shiny curls as from a commercial, but usually, for such a result, you need to go through a full path of hair repair. And what's more, do not forget about constant care, even when you managed to get closer to the desired result. Surely, each of you has come across a situation when after using restorative agents, you did not have to wait for any wow effect, and in some cases, the hair structure became even worse. We will tell you about the most common mistakes in leaving, important life hacks, and share a rating of products that will definitely do their job.

Be Afraid of Boiling Water

If you usually wash your hair with very hot water, then don't be surprised that your scalp gets dirty quickly. Boiling water stimulates the sebaceous glands, so it is better to use warm water. There should be no steam from the jet, so you can be sure that you are doing everything right. And it is better to complete the cleansing procedure with cooler water - this will improve blood circulation and give the curls an additional natural glow.

Clean Your Hair Thoroughly

After the first wash, we remove only the top layer of impurities, and only after the second, we can be sure that we have cleansed the scalp from keratinized particles and prepared the hair for subsequent care. Before using the hair repair shampoo, thoroughly moisten the curls, so the product will foam better and spread over the entire length. Try to rinse off the shampoo as thoroughly as possible to remove any excess product.

Use Conditioners and Masks Correctly

Water molecules are indeed considered to be an excellent nutrient conductor and help skincare products perform as efficiently as possible. In this case, the curls should be only slightly damp; you should not apply conditioners or masks to wet hair. If there is too much water, then it fills the entire space of the hair and blocks the passage of nutrients. Maybe your skincare products weren't working at full capacity for this very reason. Try applying the same products to towel-dried hair all the way to the ends, but do not rub it into your scalp.

Get Used to Your Hairdryer

Allow your hair to dry by itself before using the hairdryer. Direct the airflow during drying at an angle - along with the growth of the cuticle, so you will avoid unwanted damage. If you want to style, you will need a higher temperature setting. Just do not forget to cool your hair with a jet of cold air at the end, so the styling will last longer. And in order to simply dry the curls, use an average temperature regime, a warm stream is exactly what you need for hair repair.

Correct Brushing is Important

Irregular split ends and slow hair growth can be caused by improper combing. It is worth remembering two simple rules that will help you avoid the most common mistakes. It is better to comb the hair starting from the ends and smoothly rising to the roots. And be careful when choosing a brush - for daily use it is better to opt for the soft bristle option to avoid damage to the cuticle.

Careful with Silicone

Recently, the beauty world has divided into two opposing groups: some argue that silicone is a powerful component that should not be feared, others try to avoid it in their compositions in every possible way. In fact, the truth, as usual, is somewhere in between. It all depends on how high-quality the product line is. If the composition contains high-purity silicone, then it will create a protective film that will protect the hair and will not lead to dehydration.

Listen to Your Body's Signals

If you notice that your hair has begun to fall out more often, and its hair repair condition has deteriorated sharply, then this is definitely a reason to pay special attention to your health. The fact is that the hair receives nutrition last, so if something is missing in our body, then this affects, first of all, the curls.

Collect Your Hair Before Bed

For owners of long curls, it is better to braid them before going to bed in a weak braid or collect them in a relaxed bun. In the morning you won't notice creases, tangled strands, and excessive fluffiness, so it will be much easier to tidy up your hair.

Avoid Temperature Changes

This rule is especially true in winter. Hair suffers the most from temperature jumps, so do not rush to run out of a warm room into the street with strands not completely dried.

Hacks for Hair Treatment

Now that you definitely won't make primitive mistakes, it's time to move on to life hacks.

Change places of conditioner and shampoo. You are probably used to applying shampoo first and then rinsing your hair with conditioner. We suggest abandoning the usual order and swapping products. For what? The conditioner will help prepare your hair for shampooing so it won't dry out. Using the hair repair products in this order will help you achieve maximum styling volume.

Dry shampoo

If you want to create maximum root volume, try applying dry shampoo to clean hair. The styling will be much faster.

Oil for Hair Treatment

Avoid brushing while blow-drying. In the process of drying, it is better to lightly comb the curls with your fingers instead of the usual brush. Raise the strands at the roots, drying them with a hairdryer, so you can create root volume. Brushing damp curls can result in a lot more hair loss.

Intensive Hair Treatment

Use eyeshadow of the same shade. This trick will also help create the illusion of volume - just paint over the parting with matte eyeshadow in the same shade as your hair. It looks very cool.

Replace the cotton pillowcase with a silk one. You've probably heard what miracles liquid silk is capable of, and natural silk fabric will also pleasantly surprise you. Replace the pillowcase with a silk pillowcase, and you will notice that the curls are smoother. Natural silk smoothes cuticle scales, helping the hair repair.

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