How to care for 4c Hair

If you want to have a healthy and shiny hair, you should learn how to care for 4C hair. Type of your hair will lead you to the right way to care of it. Hair types are divided into subcategories such as curly, straight, wavy, loose curly, and kinky. Types of hair range from 1 to 4, straight ones are in type 1s, wavy ones are in type 2s, curly ones are in type 3s, and coily ones are in type 4s. This type chart will help you to determine your hair care schedule. If you have tight curls, your hair type is 4C and type 4C is the toughest one. This type of strands are very susceptible and sensitive. Actually, it does not mean that all of 4C hair's porosity is the same. Also, density can be different from each other.

What is 4C hair?

If you want to determine how to care for 4C hair, determine that whether your hair type is 4C or not firstly. Some qualities give you an idea when you define your hair type. Shrinkage is the key point of 4C if you observe up to %75 shrinkage, it means that your hair type is 4C. Detangling and also to keep moisture are really hard. Prone to breakage, matting and tangles indicate of your hair type is 4C. However, there are so many tips that they guide you.

How To Care For 4C Hair

You may be exhausted while searching for how to care for 4C hair. Lucky, you are not alone and many people challenge to find the best way for them. So, some of them share their experience on their blogs what they found. Also, you may wonder that if 4C hair grow long or not because tight curls lead you to think that your hair does not grow. Actually, this misconception is very common but if you take care of your hair, your hair will grow and get long. You can check it out by stretching out.

The key point of to find out how to care for 4C hair is to read the reliable sources. If you feel yourself confused when you read those sources, you can consult a hairstylist or a beauty expert to learn the right way. They may see many hair types more than you think so they have had experience through treat them. On the other hand, here are some tips to take care of tight coily hair.

Firstly, you should retain moisture because type 4C is fragile. Hair moisturizing prevents breakage. Even, you have low porosity hair it means that your strands need much more moisture than high porosity hair.

Coils are the reason that blocks oil to distribute throughout your hair, they leave your hair to be dry. Avocado oil rich hair products will help you to lock and to penetrate moisture inside your hair. To avoid over-shampoo and shampoos contain sulfate will increase your hair moisture. Detangling is extra important because 4C hair is prone strands curl around each other. You can detangle your curls easily with wide-toothed comb. Additionally, deep condition is a plus for type 4C, it keeps your hair moisturized. Over-styling is not for Type 4C because of its fragile form. Also styling products can lead to dry out your hair.

Tips To Maintain and Grow

Tips are rescuer because they teach you how to care for 4C hair by supporting you. You probably want to maintain your hair health so, you need to learn how to manage it. While you are trying to maintain healthy hair, your hair growth comes along with because the way you treat your hair properly will lead your hair to grow even longer.

If you do not know how to care for 4C hair and to maintain its health, you should keep reading this article. Here are some tips for you both to maintain and to grow your 4C hair.

First of all, avoid applying shampoo with sulfate instead of it you should prefer hydrating avocado shampoo or shampoo with an apple cider vinegar rinse. Additionally, in order to prevent tangles, you should wash your hair in sections. Prefer 100% natural products such as ice cream treatment deep conditioner.

Secondly, style your hair heat-free styles because heat harms fragile and low porosity curly hair extremely. However, you should be careful while styling because over-styling is not a good idea for 4C hair.

To sum up, if you consider those things, you can manage to maintain and to grow your hair.

How To Retain Moisture Of 4C Hair

To know how to retain moisture may lead you to find the way of how to care for 4C hair. Because, moisture is an essential thing for every hair type but it is challenging for those who have tight curly strands. actually, through deep conditioning you can keep your tight curls in safe. Conditioning stimulates scalp and of course strands from root to tip. In order to moisturize your hair deeply the first thing you should do is to prefer 100% natural formulas. Avoiding product build-up is possible by using organic and cruelty-free shampoos, creams, serums and mousses.

It may be a challenging topic for you to find how to care for 4C hair. However, you can carry out some basic tips to promote health of your scalp and strands. Firstly you should know how often you should apply conditioner on your hair. Normally, it is okay applying conditioner every 2 weeks but weekly conditioning will thrive your 4C hair quickly.

If you want your hair to be shiny, you should keep conditioning. On the other hand, love your tight curls, to be happy with your hair type will bring you many opportunities along with. Because, to be okay psychologically make your body works properly. Entire physical and mental health leave your immune system to be powerful.

To sum up, tight curls may require much more attention but to be busy with its care will make you happy because the more you consider your tight curls, the more it will look healthier.


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