How To Take Care Of African American Hair

It is unlike any other hair with its appearance and structure. And how to take care of African American hair is very curious. Because it is quite complicated and frequently seen. This hair structure is particularly prone to breakage and damage. Hair thinning or hair loss is very common. This makes everyone wonder how to take care of African American hair. In order to avoid such problems, you need to pay attention to how to take care of African American hair.

How To Take Care Of African American Hair ?

You should wash your hair at least once or twice a week. In this way, you will be free from the remaining cream or dirt in your hair. Take care to moisturize your hair. Make sure to apply conditioner and hair oil during the day. Thus, the moisture of your hair is balanced. The most sensitive and most susceptible to breakage is the ends of the hair. For this reason, feed the conditioner you apply to your hair, especially to the ends of your hair. Use heat protectant care products before styling. This way of styling hair is less harmful. However, try not to style your hair with very high temperatures. Process with the lowest temperatures.

Be careful when you use relaxing products on your hair. Make sure you use the hair relaxer correctly. And you can also consult a hair stylist. Do not use a relaxer product on limp hair. Use a ceramic comb and tongs to get your hair bouncy. And only do it once a week. Make sure that the braids in your hair are not too tight.

What Is Afro Type Hair Loss?

African-American hairstyles are quite interesting. They fascinate everyone with their looks. But maintenance is just as difficult. For this reason, it is very curious how to take care of African American hair. Because wrong care can even damage the hair. To do hair care consciously, you need to research how to take care of African American hair. Otherwise, hair loss and thinning are experienced. Previously, this sparseness is not apparent due to the structure of the hair. But later on, it's obvious. Therefore, how to take care of African American hair, research well and follow what is mentioned.

People with this type of hair style hair with products at high temperatures for hair change. These hair straightening applications can cause problems if done for a long time. Permanent hair loss, which is called CCCA (Central Centrifugal Cicatricial Alopecia) Central Centrifugal Cicatricial Alopecia, can also be experienced. In other words, hair loss is not only due to genetic effects. Hair loss occurs due to environmental factors. In addition, Afro-Caribbean men always have similar hair loss. And all men's hair falls out similarly. This hair loss varies according to the sensitivity of DHT to hair loss in men. This hair loss is due to physical and chemical reasons. In addition, it occurs in both men and women.

How Is African-American Hair Transplant Done?

The structure of this type of hair is different from normal. That's why there are differences during hair transplantation. It is a slightly more challenging process. Therefore, make sure to find a doctor who is an expert in his field. Even getting hair from the donor area is problematic in this type of hair. Unshaven hair transplantation is not preferred because it creates more difficulties in these hairs. Curls in curly hair start from the hair roots. For this reason, hair collection should be done with micro motors without damaging the neighboring roots. According to the experience of the person who does it, the number of hair follicles is higher.

Generally, the FUE method is preferred for this process. Another problem that occurs during Afro hair transplantation is hair placement. It is much more difficult to find the right angle when placing the hair in the hair channels. Difficulties arise due to the fact that the curl of the hair starts from the bottom and the epidermis tissue is different. As in every hair transplant, the number of grafts is important. And there must be a sufficient donor area. DHI hair transplantation is not preferred for African-American hair type. Sapphire FUE, on the other hand, can be preferred for the correct placement of hair follicles.

In addition, it is necessary to wait around a year for even straight hair to grow. Since this hair is curly, it is more difficult to grow. And it may take much more time to see the result of the operation.

What To Do To Stop Hair Loss?

You shouldn't wash your hair too often. If your washing frequency increases, the sebum feeding the hair strands cannot reach the hair. It is beneficial to wash your hair at least three days apart.
-Take care of your hair care. It is important that the hair is moist. Dry hair is quickly damaged and broken. Therefore, apply cream and oil care to your hair during the day. Apply natural oils. Oils such as coconut oil, argan oil, almond oil are also very important for hair care and nutrition.
-Massage your scalp for 5-10 minutes a day may be good for you. Because hair follicles are fed by capillaries. More blood flow to these vessels also strengthens the hair follicles. In this way, you can strengthen the hair follicles by increasing blood circulation with massages.

Biotin deficiency is also important. It causes both hair loss and dermatological problems. To get biotin naturally; You can feed yourself with foods such as milk, cereal, avocado, nuts and bananas. Additionally, if you consume raw eggs, cut back on it.
If you have deficiencies such as B vitamins or zinc, you should take vitamin supplements.
-Be careful when drying hair. Whenever possible, do not use a hair dryer. Wait for your hair to dry naturally.
-Do not comb too hard when combing hair.
- If you're dyeing hair, don't dye it too often. Or do not choose difficult colors. The hair is already sensitive due to its structure. Coloring over and over wears out and spoils the hair.

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