How To Care For Colored Hair

Everyone who dyes their hair asks the question of how to care for colored hair. Because dyeing hair means disrupting the balance of the hair. And it causes wear. Hair breakage increases. For this reason, everyone is wondering how to care for colored hair. Therefore, let's talk about how to care for colored hair.

How To Care For Colored Hair

First, try to protect your hair from chlorine. There is chlorine especially in the pools we enter in the summer. And the contact of chlorine with the hair causes damage. Wash hair less frequently so that your hair dye does not run. Otherwise, your hair dye will flow quickly and you will have to dye your hair frequently. This means more damage to your hair. Make sure that the products you use (shampoo, conditioner) are color-protective. These products both have a caring effect for dyed hair. It also helps you dye your hair at a later time. The best thing for dyed hair is to care. You can do this with hair masks that you will prepare with products at home. In addition, eat foods high in protein and in a healthy way. Because the products you eat also affect your hair health.

Apart from these, let's give a few more recommendations to the question of how to care for colored hair. Try to use sulfate- and paraben-free products. Try not to shower with very hot water while showering. If you cannot stop styling your hair in daily life, there is a solution to this. You can use heat protectant hair care products. So you do your hair the way you want and your hair will not be damaged much.

How Often Should Hair Be Dyed?

There is no definite answer to the question of how often to dye hair. It may differ depending on the type, size, and growth rate of the hair. Due to such situations, an exact time cannot be given. But try not to wash your hair too much to prolong this period. Because the dyes flow in approximately 28 dyeings. For this reason, frequent washing causes the dye to flow faster. In addition, your hair from the bottom starts to grow during this time. And for this, the hair needs to be dyed. On average, you will dye your hair again in between four and six weeks.

Ombre Hair Care

Let's answer the question of how to care for colored hair, for ombre. Because, ombre hair is usually in shades of blonde. And in order to have an ombre, the hair must be lightened before the color. Dye is applied to the opened hair. And because the bleach is applied, these hairs wear out a lot. For this reason, you should use products such as hair cream, hair oil, hair mask on a daily basis.

In addition, hair with yellow dye always tends to turn orange. Purple shampoos have been produced for this purpose. After you have your hair ombre, you should definitely use purple shampoo. Even using it once a week is enough to protect the hair color.

 Is It Possible To Dye The Hair Without Bleaching It?

After the question of how to care for colored hair, it is asked whether the dye made without bleaching the hair is permanent. The answer to this question varies depending on the paint color you want to have. If your hair is a dark color, this is not possible. Because the color of the hair will be dark, the paint on it is not obvious. Dark hair swallows light colored hair. Therefore, the dyeing process is not clear at all. And your hair will be worn out for nothing.

But if the situation is the opposite, that is, if your hair color is light and you want a dark hair color, the situation may be different. But if you want a healthier and more permanent, understandable hair color, you need to lighten your hair color. However, dark colors can be applied to dark hair. In this way, a beautiful light tone is captured. But in general, it would not be the right decision to dye before the hair color is lightened.

Harms Of Hair Coloring

It can even cause cancer due to the pigments in hair dyes. According to some studies, people who change their hair color have a much higher risk of lymphoma cancer. In addition, PPD in hair dyes can cause allergic reactions such as wounds, itching, redness, swelling, rash on the skin of the hair follicles. In addition, hair dyes wear, dry and harden the hair too much. Hair loss and thinning are seen in people who regularly dye their hair. To avoid this, you need to moisturize your hair abundantly. You need to use conditioner and hair oils every day.

Hair dyes can cause problems not only in the hair but also in other parts of the body. If hair dye comes into contact with the skin, it can irritate it. Or it can cause large scars on hair types. Due to the chemicals in the hair dye, the room where the dye is made must be ventilated. Otherwise, it may cause respiratory distress. If you are sensitive to bad smells, you should do this by using a mask.

Can Henna Hair Be Painted?

We see many people around us who apply henna to their hair. These are people who want to change their hair color in more natural ways. And that's why they apply henna to their hair. The color of henna on the hair may vary according to the hair color of the person. But it is usually in a red and tones color. As for the question of whether to paint on henna hair, no, it cannot be done. Because henna completely covers the hair. For this reason, it is impossible to paint on henna hair. Considering all this, think twice before applying henna to your hair. Because it will not be so easy to go back from this decision you have made.

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