How To Take Care Of Blonde Hair

Questions such as how to take care of blonde hair, does it get damaged after dyeing blonde hair, what should I do for blonde hair wear come from everyone who dyes their hair blonde. Because for blonde hair dye, hair lightener must be applied first. And this is a very frustrating method. Naturally, hair loss occurs after the bleaching process. This brings to mind the question how to take care of blonde hair. Moreover, after the bleaching process, a mustache is applied to the damaged hair. In this way, the hair is thoroughly damaged. And maintenance is necessary. For these reasons, now let's explain how to take care of blonde hair.

How To Take Care Of Blonde Hair

As we mentioned above, for blonde hair, a lightener is first applied to the hair. Openers are chemically strong and damage, damage, dry hair. For these reasons, take into account that when you decide to dye your hair, the care you will do should also increase. You need to take care of your hair constantly so that it does not dry out and do not wear out. You must use products such as hair cream, hair mask, hair oil every day. Because hair dyes absorb all the moisture from the hair. In addition, use shampoos specially found for blond hair. This type of shampoo not only nourishes the scalp, but also helps to remove the orangeness that will occur in blond hair.

Do not use products such as tongs and straighteners in this process. Because your hair will already be worn out. And such high temperatures do extra damage to your hair. It causes the hair to become dehydrated and lifeless.

Which Masks Should I Use for Hair Care?

Blonde hair has always been more difficult to maintain. And how to take care of blonde hair is very curious. Because, before the hair is dyed, a bleach is applied to the hair. And these lighteners do a lot of damage to the hair. For those who ask the question of how to take care of blonde hair, we have prepared mask recipes suitable for hair.

Let's start with the olive oil mask first. This oil is very good for the structure of the hair. Thanks to the olive oil mask, your hair will shine and revive. For this; Mix half a tea glass of olive oil, half a tea glass of honey and a teaspoon of ground cinnamon. After mixing well, apply the mask to your scalp thoroughly. And leave it for about half an hour. Then rinse.

Another mask recipe is rosemary oil mask. Rosemary oil nourishes the scalp very well. To make the mask, mix two teaspoons of rosemary oil and half a cup of olive oil. This mixture is also applied to the roots of the hair. The effect of this mask, which has a very dense structure, will be seen quickly. This mask can also stay on your head for a maximum of fifteen minutes. Then clean it well. And it is suitable for use at least three times a week.

Finally, we will continue the question of how to take care of blonde hair with an almond oil mask. Almond oil not only nourishes the hair follicles, but also provides a shiny appearance. It is a one-to-one method especially for damaged hair. A banana and a teaspoon of almond oil is enough for the mask. Mix both and then apply to your hair.

What Is Ombre?

The word ombre means shadow in French. It is a word used for the expression of shaded hair. It is the dye that describes the dye at the ends of the hair, light or dark color shade. In Turkey, it is usually done as light colored hair. In short, the yellow glitters on the ends of the hair are called ombre. Depending on the natural transitions according to the expertise of the hairdresser, you can achieve a natural look. The expertise of the hairdresser is important for the naturalness of the shadows. While some of the hairdressers do this with crepe, some do not need crepe. Although ombre is known as yellow and its tones, it is not actually like that. Hair colors such as black, blue, pink or gray are also ombre.

When dyeing ombre hair, the dye does not touch the bottom of the hair. Approximately, the shimmers begin to be thrown from the temples. It can be done from above or below, depending on the person's request. Whatever tone the ends of the hair will be, the bottom of the hair should be suitable for it. Because otherwise, an artificial image is formed. For this reason, it is more preferable to pretend that there is a natural transition.

Ombre is not very similar to flat dyes. When you have a solid color dye, you need to go to the hairdresser as often as you get deep. But this is not the case with ombre hair. Hair goes away for about seven or eight months. Therefore, it is seen as a more economical method.

Ombre Hair Care

Processes such as ombre, balayage, crepe wear the hair out. This type of hair is liked by everyone. But it looks bad unless good care is applied. Hair strands can create a worn, bad appearance. At the same time, hair styling processes also negatively affect the hair. However, everyone practices it. When this happens, more hair wear and breakage occurs.

If you have ombre hair, it is useful to use products suitable for blond hair for its care. Such products give vitality to the hair thanks to the moisture they contain. At the same time, it is a structure that is good for the wear of the hair. Additionally, blonde hair always tends to turn orange. Products suitable for blond hair prevent this orangeing. This is why purple shampoos are made. The use of purple shampoo once a week prevents this orangeing of the hair. In this way, you can make your hair lively and strong with a care.

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