How to Take Care of Permed Hair?

The success of a curly perm to last you depends on the hair care that must be given daily. From the first 48 hours and onwards, your perm needs you to be giving it some attention. 

Those with curly hair have it more comfortable to give volume to their hair, but if nature has given you relatively straight hair, without work and fine, then the hairdressing techniques are almost miraculous. Check down the tips on how to care for your hair with permanent.

Tips For Caring For Permed Hair

How the perm affects the structure of the hair, it can be made more porous. It is essential to follow some hair care to avoid ruining the hair. If your hair is usually frizzy, dull, and dry, you will have to wait a few months to sanitize and hydrate your hair before doing the perm. It is what will later help you to have beautiful hair when you get the perm.

They will tell you that you should never do a perm on damaged hair in any professional hairdresser. Pamper your hair with nourishing hair care treatments such as keratin, and in a few months, you will surely be able to get a perm, but don't rush.

A perm is a hair treatment that alters the structure of the hair. It is generally to create curls, although sometimes it can be for wavy hair. In the hairdresser, to get the perm, they will use a specific alkaline-based product, and the hair is rolled into rods of different sizes, depending on the type of curl chosen. It is allowed to pass for a while, and then the hair is rinsed.

Depending on the curl you prefer, you have thick or smaller curls that achieve small spiral curls. A neutralizing product is then applied to strengthen this new hair structure, the curls, or the waves.

Be Careful Not To Wash Your Hair Within 24 Hours

After getting perm specialists to advise giving your hair a break, don't wash it right away. Wait at least a couple of days. Your hair after the permanent is more fragile than average. Once you wash your hair, choose products suitable for dyed hair or permed hair, usually softer.

Stay away from washing your hair with very hot water. It is better to warm, and the last rinse in cold water helps to have more shine.

Using Conditioner is Good for Your Permed Hair 

If you use hair care conditioner on your hair, you can be sure that the curls will stay soft and stay the same. The conditioner glands your hair and helps to close various pores. This special conditioner that helps feed your hair for curly hair will be good for your curly hair.

Always use conditioner after washing your hair, rinse well, and leave the conditioner in for at least 20 minutes (like a mask). The more hydrated the hair, the more precious the curl will be. And on the contrary, if you have dry hair, your hair will look 'scrubby.'

Use Wide Strand Hair Combs 

It might seem quite difficult to comb curly hair, but it can break and tangle your hair if you don't untie it. It is essential to use a wide-toothed comb daily as this will help keep your curls better.

Air Diffuser Drying

It is best to use warm air, avoid very hot and a diffuser. The diffuser is perfect for curly hair looks as it does not alter the curl. If you want a style with less pronounced curls or a wavy fashion, brush it with a wide spike while drying it.

Caution With The Hair Straightener

Always use a thermal protector first to help protect hair. Remember that you should not use the straightening iron every day since your hair will suffer in the end. In natural hair without a perm, the iron can affect it, but the heat can damage it earlier if it is dyed or permed.

Products To Nourish Hair

Many provide hair care nutrition, shine, and sealing of ends: Argan oil, coconut oil, hair serum, keratin. You can use these products two or three times a week dry. They will help you hydrate your hair and also gain volume. The grease serum can be put a few drops on the ends. The capillary keratin is used upside down on the roots and your massage towards the ends.

You Should Not Use Hair Spray

If it can be better, do not use hairspray to fix the curls as they can leave it caked. There are suitable foams, and also, a little diluted lemon can restore the hair with curls. One cheap and effective trick is to use lemon mixed with distilled water to set curls. It works and is also environmentally friendly.

Don't Get Permanent And Dyed Too Often.

Consult your stylist. Dyeing and perming alter the hair fiber and can damage the hair. If you want to make a color and permanent change of look, talk to your hairdresser for advice.

How To Care For And Protect Perms

This section will prioritize giving you some hair care tips for protecting your curls. In this way, your hairstyle will last longer, and you will also have healthy and beautiful hair.

Curls and perms are not easy to care for. They need a time of maintenance and care, so we will give you the following tips to have shiny and beautiful curls.

  • Try not to wash your hair for a minimum of three days. When you do a perm, we have to wait a few days to settle and adapt the curl to the head to last longer. Follow this first advice.
  • Please do not use the hair straightener or the dryer very often because they will damage the curls. You can take them well without looking frizzy. It is best not to use the iron every day.
  • It is best to let it air dry naturally to dry your hair, so we do not expose it to the dryer's attacks.
  • To have good hair and hairstyle, healthy and shiny, it is necessary to use a good conditioner.
  • After using the conditioner, it will cost less to comb your hair. You must do it cautiously so as not to break the curls. Must untangle curly hair carefully.
  • If you want to fix your hairstyle more, we recommend using hairdressing products or some serum or anti-frizz foam that is good.
  • To have a healthy hairstyle, it is essential to cut, even if it is little to clean up, so every 10-12 weeks, you can go to the hairdresser to have the volume reduced a little.

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