What Does Beard Oil Do?

Beard oil is one of the products that every beard must-have. It is certainly not just for aesthetic or stylistic reasons, nor does it have the same purpose as balm or beard wax. Beard oil is much more than cosmetics - it protects your beard and skin! The oil has many benefits, and if it is made correctly by people who know how to do their job, its regular use is one of the best ways to have a healthy and well-groomed beard and skin.

What is Beard Oil?

Due to its extremely rich composition, vegetable oils are also known in cosmetics as vitamin foods for the skin and hair. Beard oil is used for several reasons and is necessary for every man who sticks to it. They nourish the skin and regenerate the hair root, have an antibacterial effect, prevent skin flaking and itching, make the beard softer, prevent cracking of the tips, and at the same time have great masculine scents. The beard can often carry with it unpleasant itching, dry face, and even dandruff. This is because your skin primarily lacks proper care and hydration. With beneficial, natural soaps, we remove the natural layer of fat and oil from the skin, which protects and nourishes it.

Beard care oil and soap (a recipe that is beneficial to the skin) should be an unavoidable part of the daily routine. The oil is not only helpful, but it also smells fantastic, without artificial colors and aromas. Herbal and essential oils nourish the skin thanks to their high content of unsaturated fatty acids, vitamins, lecithin, and flavonoids.

The Benefits That Beard Oil

  • It makes the chin softer and tidier.
  • Hydrates hair and skin without clogging pores
  • Prevents dandruff, itching, and irritation
  • Regenerates the skin under the chin
  • It prevents hair growth and strengthens the root

How To Use Beard Oil Properly?

When applying beard oil, the most important thing is to follow one rule: less is more. Otherwise, you risk your chin being greasy as if you ate an excellent gibanica. Therefore, avoid the mistake most beginners make and follow five simple steps to make your beard looked well-groomed, healthy, and fragrant:

  1. Depending on the length of your chin, pour one to seven / eight drops of oil on your hand.
  2. Rub with your hands
  3. Rub the oil well into the chin and the skin under it
  4. If you have a quality beard brush (and you should), finish styling with it
  5. You do this by combing your chin with light movements in the direction of hair growth.

When is The Correct Time To Apply Beard Oil?

Beard oil is applied exclusively to a clean beard.

So, it is best to rub it immediately after washing your beard since you dried it with a towel because then the skin is the driest, and it needs nutrients. Wash your beard with a special shampoo or soap for beard care because ordinary hair cosmetics are too aggressive for the beard.

If you use beard oil regularly, expect a 30ml bottle to last you about two months, making the oil perhaps the most cost-effective beard care product.

Does Beard Oil Increase Growth?

A thick beard is the ideal of every bearded man. However, in reality, hardly anyone has a perfect beard: usually, each of us has placed on the face where the beard does not grow the way we would like. Therefore, one of the most common questions is whether beard oil can encourage it to grow thicker and faster. What you need to know is:

Beard oil has a beneficial effect on your skin, prevents hair from blooming and breaking, and in that way, it can help you have healthier beard growth. However, one should not expect the oil to make you grow a long and thick beard if your genetics do not allow it.

Beard Oil Composition

What is most often criticized for oils, compared to creams, is that they are greasy, harder to absorb, and easier to spoil (oxidize). However, not all oils are heavy or sticky. The speed at which the skin absorbs them depends not only on their chemical composition but also on the skin's characteristics and needs (condition, type, age, thickness, genetic factors).

That is why our oils are composed of carefully selected quality vegetable and essential oils easily absorbed by the skin and are not overly oily.

Jojoba Oil

Its second term is - "desert gold," and this oil is one of the best for skin care. Jojoba oil works as a beard oil as well and improves the quality of hair, and gives the beard a natural look without burdensome greasiness.

Almond oil

People are using almond oil for hundreds of years as one of the best oils for dry skin. It softens irritated and dry skin, increases skin radiance, and improves its complexion. This oil absorbs very well through the skin. Many experts in the pharmaceutical industry use it to produce various creams, and it also contains the beneficial vitamin E.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is an excellent antioxidant and has many beneficial effects. It protects against irritation, toxic substances, and its other term is the "elixir of youth." It stimulates blood circulation, renews cells, and gives the skin elasticity and energy.

Essential Oils

Essential oils are an inevitable component of high-quality beard oil. They have antiseptic and antibacterial action, as well as very sophisticated scents. You can obtain essential oils from different parts of plants. In perfect proportion to vegetable oils, essential oils have many beneficial effects. Carefully selected essential oils help the outer part of the skin penetrate deeper tissues and have a beneficial effect on muscles, tissues, blood vessels, and tendons.

I warmly recommend beard oil to every beard. It doesn't matter if your chin is sensitive or not. The beard oil will make it of better quality, it will provide the necessary vitamins, and your chin will be softer.

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