Alcohol Free Black Hair Care Products

Alcohol free black hair care products are important for your hair health. Because hair care products containing alcohol damage the hair. It causes the hair to dry. Generally, hair care products contain propanol and isopropyl. And it is widely used especially in shampoos. This is because alcohol is a thickener. But it causes hair breakage and wear. For this reason, we recommend you to choose alcohol free black hair care products. Alcohol and paraben are among the products we often encounter in hair products. And they are known to be quite damaging to the hair.

These substances appeared in the 1920s. Parabens are just as harmful as alcohol. And it is preferred because it extends the shelf life of the products. Although it was previously preferred in many products, it has now turned out to be harmful. In addition, paraben affects the estrogen hormone. Therefore, it can even lead to hormonal disorders.

One of the harms of paraben is that it is absorbed by the skin. After absorption, paraben accumulation may occur in the body. This can lead to breast cancer in women. The harms of alcohol are also very high. Alcohol used in hair products irritates the scalp. It also causes inflammation. For this reason, we recommend that you choose alcohol free black hair care products. Each of our products is prepared with your health in mind. Therefore, it does not contain harmful materials such as alcohol and paraben. Have peace of mind while choosing our products.

Hair Serums From Alcohol Free Black Hair Care Products

Many of us give importance to our hair care. For this reason, we want to choose the products we will use correctly. Hair care creams, oils and masks are used to have beautiful hair. Thus, our hair will look more lively and fuller. Hair erums are also a necessary product for hair care. It contributes to hair growth. It is also used for the healing of hair loss. Its ingredients are good for the scalp.

It also provides nourishment to the scalp. Therefore, you can apply it by massaging your scalp. But you need to do this before taking a shower. Thus, the vitamins and minerals in the serum will reach your hair follicles. And since it will be cleaned during the shower, it will not harm. Hair care serums are alcohol free black hair care products. And as you know, alcoholic hair care products damage the hair. We recommend you to use it as one of the alcohol free black hair care products is serums. Alcohol containing products are particularly harmful to sensitive skin.

Contrary to popular belief, hair care serums are not a drug. It is one of the products used in hair care, strengthening and supporting. It will be more beneficial if used this way. Most people think that hair serums are used to treat seborrheic dermatitis or lesion. But this is wrong information. Our hair care serums contain various extracts and vitamins. Thanks to the extracts and vitamins mentioned, it is very good for the scalp. The best part about our hair care serums has to do with the waiting time. The waiting time is short. And it can penetrate even the deepest places with a short wait. Our final advice is to choose alcohol free black hair care products.

Plants That Are Good For Hair

Hair is usually in a structure that is easily worn and broken. Therefore, they require special care. And for this, we may not always want to choose hair care products. Or it will be useful for us when we pay attention to what should be in the care products we will use. Lavender is the first among the herbs that are good for the hair. It is especially effective against dandruff and hair loss problems. It is possible to get rid of these problems with regular lavender care. You can apply lavender oil to your hair. With a few drops of lavender oil during the day, you can make your hair moist and lively during the day. Or you can contribute to your hair care by using our lavender-containing products.

Secondly, onions are also very beneficial for the hair. Onion has a great hair regrowth effect. In addition, it strengthens the hair follicles and prevents graying. It cleans the hair follicles and provides protection against infection.

Next comes the nettle. Nettle extract prevents hair loss. It helps the hair to look more lively. It also prevents dandruff and breakouts. You can mix nettle oil and a teaspoon of rosemary oil and apply it to your hair. In addition, our products with stinging nettle show the same effect. The application of garlic to the hair is also useful for the treatment of alopecia. It prevents hair breaker disease. In addition, it also contributes to the nutrition of the hair. Our garlic shampoos provide the same benefits.

Things To Consider When Preferring Hair Care Products

Choosing the right hair care products is very important. No matter how good or quality the product used is, it may not work. This may be because you did not choose a product that suits you. Therefore, first of all, you need to understand your hair type. And we recommend that you make appropriate choices. Our hair care products are prepared for every hair type. For this reason, you should choose from our products that are suitable for your hair type. There are many types, such as fluffy hair, dry hair, rough hair. Fluffy hair is generally drier, rougher and tangled. We use sodium lauryl sulfate or sodium lauryl ether for this type of hair. These materials help you by removing the fluff from the hair.

In dry hair, there is usually no oil on the scalp. This causes the scalp to become dehydrated. Drying occurs naturally. For this type of hair, we recommend using our hair care products with high moisturizing properties. At the same time, you can use our hair care oils to ensure that your hair gains the necessary moisture. Thus, your hair will reach the vitality and strength you want.

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