Vitamin D Hair Loss

Multiple reasons are causing the hair loss. Most commons are usually intertwined with the hormonal system. So generally speaking hair loss is a problem that comes from the person’s hormonal system. But there are a lot of factors resulting in the problem. Such as high levels of stress, age, genetics, and rarely but surely, deficiency of vitamins. Genetics and age are such things that cannot be changed, so the patient doesn’t have much choice but to put up with it. But deficiency of vitamins causing the problem is wastes. Especially vitamin D. Because there is a great link between hair loss and vitamin D.

Saying that research on this topic is a little slim, there are shreds of evidence that vitamin D deficiency can affect healthy hair growth, causing thinning, shedding, and overall an undesirable look that our clients don’t want. Getting into the topic by explaining vitamin D is the way to go.

What Is Vitamin D

Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin that is needed in some processes within your body. Vitamins are generally in vegetables, fruit, or animal-based foods but vitamin D rarely can be in foods. While milk and certain types of fish containing it, most of the needed amount of vitamin D produced while our body is in contact with the UV rays in the sunlight. 

In its normal form, it’s biologically inert. To use it, your body transforms it into a usable form using the kidneys and liver. We call this process hydroxylation. It is the process that allows vitamin D usage. From maintaining a healthy immune system to promoting calcium absorption, it plays a huge role in the body. Promoting healthy bone growth and modulation the cell growth are other important tasks for it. It’s vital for preventing certain diseases. Research shows that people with low levels of vitamin D have higher risks of developing rickets and osteomalacia. These are the two diseases that can affect the health of the bone structure. And it’s shown that it might be the main reason for hair loss for some types of people.

Vitamin D Deficiency And Its Link To Hair Loss

Some researchers found that people who are deficient in vitamin D often have cases of hair loss to a degree. For example, one study of women aged between 18 to 45 determined that low levels of vitamin D were associated with two common types of hair loss. Saying that the preciseness of the role of vitamin D in hair growth isn’t pretty clear. But studies suggest that vitamin D receptors play an important role in the anagen phase of the hair cycle. (Anagen is the phase in which new hairs grow from the follicle to their full length.)

What If You Are Vitamin D Deficient?

If you realized you are shedding more hair than normal, it’s best to contact a healthcare professional. Because chances of you determining your deficiency are pretty slim. Your healthcare professional will be able to diagnose the problem that causes the issue, using a blood test. Your health needs to distinguish the cause first to solve it later.

Vitamin D deficiency is surprisingly common these days. Nearly one billion people worldwide, close to 13 percent of the world’s full population, are deficient in vitamin D. So it is not so rare as you might think. That means there can be a significant amount of people who suffer hair loss due to deficiency of vitamin D.

Some symptoms can show a deficiency. Such as bone pain, muscle weakness, fatigue, sudden changes of mood, etc. Certain factors can trigger the deficiency of vitamin D too. Being older, not spending time outdoors, being obese, being on diet containing poor levels of vitamin D are such causes. Of course, there is a reverse side of the coin.

What About Too Much Of Vitamin D?

Although it is important to consume the optimal amount of vitamin D, it’s possible to get too much vitamin D. Your body automatically limits the amount of vitamin D that it will produce with sun exposure. So there is no risk of “overdosing” on vitamin D. This means if you spend too much time outside on a sunny day, your body will reduce the production of it. Although there are other risks in excessive sun exposure. But, using too much of the vitamin D supplements will cause vitamin D toxicity. This is a harmful condition that can cause nausea, vomiting, weakness, weight loss, and even corruption of heart rhythm. To avoid this toxicity, use vitamin D supplement only when it’s recommended by your healthcare professional.

Contacting To Proffesionals

Hair loss may have multiple reasons in just one patient, there will be people who have a vitamin D problem while having other causable problems. Reasons may differ from person to person. So it’s very important to contact professionals who know pretty much every aspect of this topic. After that patient can confront the reasons that are causing the issue. But lowering the number of causes is not always the most efficient option. Especially when one of the causes is genetically based.

The most efficient way to deal with hair loss is getting hair transplantation surgery. In these times with FUE or DHI techniques (Follicular Unit Extraction and Direct Hair Implantation), patients can achieve attractive and natural-looking hair at reasonable prices. The reason why hair transplantation surgeries are the best solutions is that they are the most effective ones. FUE and DHI are such surgeries that the surgeon doesn’t even need to use a lancet. So the pain and risk for the patient is minimum and treatment is easy to do by many surgeons. Saying that it would be wise to contact a professional first. 

Seeing the causes of hair loss can worry people when it’s something changeable such as vitamin D deficiency. People can believe they can solve the issue by cutting down a reason. But usually, the best solution for the people who are suffering due to hair loss is modern hair transplantation surgeries. Such as FUE and DHI. For more information, you can contact us.

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