Anti Aging Therapy

Aging is a big reality that no one can escape. But even if you can't escape, you can look for a solution to its effects. Anti aging therapy is one of these solutions. The aging of the skin is different from the aging of other organs. You can see the aging of the skin not from the inside, but also from the outside. The largest organ of our body is the skin. For this reason, the biggest factor that distinguishes your skin from other organs is that the skin is open to external factors. Your kidneys, liver or lungs are unaware of the external environment.

Anti Aging Therapy

Your internal organs are not affected by whether the weather is snowy, dry, rainy, windy, or humid. Skin is open and vulnerable to all changes. The skin ages internally as well as externally. Even the air you breathe, the environment you are in, and the sun affect your skin. Anti aging therapy also comes to your aid at this point.

What is Anti Aging Therapy?

Anti aging therapy is the general name of the applications applied to the skin by a specialist. Generally, anti aging threrapy is applied in beauty centers. These procedures, performed by a specialist, aim to make the skin look better. The main target of each transaction is separate. Most of the processes aim to remove wrinkles. Some treatments aim to reduce blemishes. Some processes aim to destroy the pores. While some of these anti aging therapy types, which aim to reduce the effects of aging, are applied in a single session, some may require more than one session.

An Anti Aging Therapy : NAD IV

This anti aging therapy is a very popular therapy. NAD IV treatment is natural. This natural treatment has the power to improve cognitive function, energy levels, memory, mood, and muscle health, as well as skin appearance. It provides a coenzyme from vitamin B3. NAD level decreases in every individual after one year of age. And it begins to play a vital role. This treatment increases the NAD level. Returning NAD to youth level improves body function. It also shows strong potential to reverse the signs of skin aging.

Another Anti Aging Therapy : Ozone Therapy

As our skin ages, we resort to many ways to rejuvenate the skin with the necessity arising over time. As the years pass, the lines on our faces are becoming more pronounced. You can also hear anti aging therapy methods as "aging backwards. One of these anti aging methods is ozone therapy. Ozone therapy provides a better use of oxygen by the tissues. In addition, this therapy also activates the immune system. After this therapy, you will see the difference in your skin.

Derma Therapy

In order to look younger, people have used many methods from past to present. These beautification methods have gained a more professional dimension with the help of technological devices today. There are many anti aging therapy and derma therapy is one of them. There are stem cell extracts in the derma therapy method. In this way, it helps the skin get rid of blemishes, freckles, and acne. It is also very successful in removing fine lines and wrinkles.

The derma roller used by the specialist in derma therapy consists of synergistic parts. Thanks to this feature, it improves the skin structure. Derma therapy, also called Derma pen, stimulates the skin by causing minor damage to tissues and cells. This method is done by experts using derma roller. People can also buy derma roller to use at home. But it does not give the effect of the procedures performed by the specialist.

Led Therapy

Led therapy is one of the most well-known anti aging therapy methods. This skin treatment allows the skin to heal itself. The most important feature of this therapy is to increase the speed of the skin regeneration process. This practice is also referred to as youth light in some sources. The main purpose of the application is to increase the collagen tissue under the skin. The expert performs this process with a device with 4 different colored heads. These colors are yellow, blue, red, and green. It makes many skin problems disappear after regular application. Led therapy is also a preferred procedure after some surgical applications. It provides acceleration of the healing process, healing of wounds and disappearance of stains.

Oxygen Therapy

As we age, oxygen in the skin decreases. This anti aging therapy is a method that accelerates circulation by replacing the reduced oxygen. It is important to apply it regularly in order to realize the anti-aging effect. It also has an important effect in the fight against wrinkles. In this application, the expert gives natural oxygen to the skin. This is a method that has been used abroad for years. As soon as this therapy starts, blood circulation accelerates. Because even the lowest layers of the skin are immediately affected. Oxygen therapy helps to remove harmful toxins from the skin.

It increases the regeneration rate of cells. This threapy gives a massage effect. It gives our skin cells the energy they need to do their job. Teenagers do not have such problems. However, as we age, malnutrition, improper use of poor-quality cosmetics, tobacco consumption and especially the effects of the sun on the skin greatly damage our skin cells. For this reason, our skin is worn, thinned, stained, wrinkled and sagging. Without oxygen, life is impossible. This also applies to our skin. If there is no oxygen, the metabolism will not work. Cells cannot produce energy and cells cannot be renewed. This is how the aging process begins.

When Should You Start Anti Aging Therapies?

Each skin has its own characteristics. Everyone also has different genes. Some people's skin starts to dry out at the age of 25. Some people's skin starts to dry at the age of 35. For this reason, the application times of anti aging therapy also vary from person to person. For this reason, it is not correct to say anything definite about this issue. If you are considering such a procedure, you should first see a dermatologist. Then you must do the operation.

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