How To Care For Curly Hair?

All types of hair need attention to remain beautiful, healthy, and full of life. And if you have curls, some specific hair care precautions must be taken into account. Want to know what they are? So come learn how to care for curly hair the right way!

Use Specific Products

Whoever wants to take care of their curly hair needs to start by knowing a little more about their hair's curvature and the type of hair they have. This is the first tactic in finding products specific to these characteristics and that will have much better results in your curls.

The hair types are usually dry, oily, or normal, and most curly ones tend to have drier strands since the hair's curvature makes the oil produced on the scalp more challenging to travel the length and reach to the ends.

The curl of the curly hair is within types 2, 3, and 4. You will find it easier to identify your hair type and find shampoos, conditioners, and masks for your hair needs.

Follow a Capillary Program

If you are searching for how to care for curly hair, you will not be able to escape a good hair care schedule, a care routine that involves hydrations, nutrition, and reconstructions. With this, the program can replace water, nutrients, lipids, and proteins that the hair loses daily.

The capillary program is suitable for all hair types, but since curly hair tends to be more dry and sensitive than others, it can be even more essential for them.

Take Care of Your Haircut

Even if you want to show long hair and full of curls, you must always keep the cut up to date to remove the most damaged ends. This makes the hair have more strength to grow beautiful, healthy, and with well-defined curls!

Use Texturing Techniques

There are several techniques to finish your hair and make your curls even more voluminous, defined, and beautiful. These tricks are also crucial for those in hair transition, and there are still two textures in the hair: the natural and the one that has been smoothed. 

With damp and untangled hair, apply your favorite combing hair care cream. Then, tie a thin sock on top of the head, as if it were a sash, and tie a knot behind. Carefully wrap each strand in the sock so that, when finished, all the hair is tied up. When you unroll your curls, they will be even more defined and beautiful!

Take Care of Your Bed

Curls require care even at bedtime. To keep them beautiful and defined for longer, you can choose to sleep with a satin cap or a pillowcase made of the same fabric.

While cotton generates friction with the hair, undoing the curls and causing frizz, satin lets the threads slide more smoothly. The result is more aligned and beautiful hair the next morning!

Protect Hair From The Heat

The heat of hairdryers, hair straighteners, curlers, or sun heat are all conditions that affect your hair, all of which make curly hair drier.

Therefore, before exposing the hair to the sun, use creams with UV factor and never forget about thermally protected pollutants while artificially drying your hair.

Do Not Rub With The Towel

Right after you have washed your hair, wrap it in a washcloth or towel and pat it dry without ever rubbing it. The latter behavior could electrify the hair instead of taming it. In this regard, a little advice is to wrap an old t-shirt around the hair instead of the towel, and the "fizz" effect is averted.

Avoid Salt Water

Very often, we hear about saltwater as a natural hair care remedy to keep curly hair disciplined. Spraying it on the hair, in reality, only results in drying it further. The effect obtained at sea is given by the combination of seawater, sun, and brackish air, which cannot be reproduced by a spray.

Always Nourish Hair

Curly and wavy hair needs extra nourishment, so make sure you use a good moisturizing and taming conditioner. A little secret is to keep the conditioner on for at least ten minutes and to use

Use A Revitalizing Mask At Least Once A Week

It is a good habit to use a keratin-based mask for curly hair at least once a week: it will help you keep the hair in order, restructure the curls, and define them deliciously.

Choose Only One Brand Of Products

Even if you will be tempted by the huge offer from the hair care brands, opt for a single brand and choose all the specific line products for curly hair. It is not an exhortation given by chance, but because the hair care products of the same line of a single brand work in synergy for a better result.

Check Lengths Often

Curly hair should be cut more often than curly hair as it tends to get damaged and dry out more quickly. Experienced hairdressers recommend trimming lengths every 6-8 weeks for strong, healthy, and voluminous hair.

Eat The Right Foods

Nutrition is essential for hair health, especially for curly hair. Never miss the right amount of fruit, vegetables, meat, fish, and egg proteins on your table. Also, drink plenty of water, essential for hydration and elasticity of the hair.

Always Keep The Rooms Well Humidified

The last piece of hair care advice concerns the rooms in your home, which must be kept at the right level of humidity by a humidifier. Air conditioning or excessive heating (or cooling) of the temperature in an artificial way tends to dry out and ruin your wavy hair. On the other hand, the humidifier will help you keep the curls well defined and shaped.

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