Skin Care Routine Steps

Skin Care Routine Steps

Skin care routine steps help you to find out the right way of beauty regimen. The order of using products is very important to take advantage each of them. Every cosmetic product has its own, unique benefit. For instance, cleanser is used for purify the skin from impurities, dirt and makeup debris. Although there are multifunctional products, you should apply them separately.

Skin care routine steps provide you healthy and younger-looking skin. If you want to retain youthfulness of your skin, firstly start with cleanser. Cleanser sweeps away any product build-up and it leaves skin refreshed. Especially, at the end of a day you skin exposes many environmental free-radicals. Sun, wind, dust, and any kind of dirt can affect skin surface. For instance, dust exists air and it may clog pores and you cannot see the process. If you use cleanser firstly, other products are absorbed easily by your skin. Otherwise, blocked skin pore does not allow absorbing.

You should prepare a product list that helps you not to skip any of them. Additionally, daytime and nighttime routines are different. Even some products are suitable for weekly usage. For instance, scrubs can be irritating because of that you should use scrubs with dermabrasion-based once a week.

Cosmetic brands produce variety of products for body parts. So, a beauty routine should be built for each of them separately. This means you should take care of your hands, feet, lips, arms and legs one by one. While considering your face, you should not skip to take care of other parts of your body.

How To Build Skin Care Steps

Skin care routine steps must be determined precisely. In other words, firstly start with defining your skin type. Your skin type is the key factor of your beauty routine, because you will buy products according to your skin needs. If you have an oily skin, buying a product that is suitable for dry skin would not be best option. Ingredients and formulation of products help you to find out the best options for you. If you are not sure about your skin type, consulting a dermatologist would be better.

You can build skin care routine steps according to your own daily schedule. However, there are definite time periods for skin care which means in this period applying products provide more benefits. During nighttime skin cell turnover works so mostly anti-aging products are recommended to use nighttime. Anti-agers should be used in p.m. for more revitalizing and rejuvenating effect. Of course, there are variety of anti-agers for daytime usage.

Additionally, applying products in order of texture is remarkable. Starting from thinnest to thickest would be better in terms of penetrating. After learning some key points, you can start with washing your face. Of course, your hands must be clean when you wash your face. With a gentle cleanser you can massage your face and then rinse until remove all of cleanser and grime. At night this process may be repeated twice if you wear makeup. Use cleansing oil or micellar water to remove makeup.

Following step is to apply toner before everything else but after cleansing. A few drops will work out, just swipe onto your face by your palms or a cotton pad. After toner next step is to apply serum with antioxidants and hyaluronic acid. Remember that there are water-based and oil-based serums. (Firstly, apply water-based serum and then moisturizer, however, firstly apply moisturizer and then oil-based serum.) Following steps are applying eye cream, using spot treatment, moisturizing, applying retinoid, and then applying sunscreen.

Daytime Skin Care Routine Step-By-Step

Skin care routine steps can be divided into two categories. These categories are called daytime and nighttime. Daytime routine is based on protection; in other words, you can protect your skin by applying cosmetic products. The main target is to protect the skin surface and pores from free-radicals. Especially, during daytime skin exposes many different harmful factors. So, you should prepare your skin against any kind of harmful factors. In order to prepare your skin, firstly you should cleanse your skin precisely. You can use a gentle face cleanser or by splashing warm water your face, you get ready for following steps.

Skin care routine steps make your day enjoyable. Because, you can be sure that you do everything for you skin to keep its elasticity and strength. After cleansing you may skip using toner because of its irritating effect. However, some toners have multiple purposes such as delivering antioxidants, vitamin-B derivatives and toning acids. Step 3 is to apply antioxidant serum which provides variety of benefits. Step 4 is to use eye cream which is vital for your beauty routine. Eye cream can keep eyelid skin elastic and prevent collagen loss. Step 5 is spot treatment; acne spots can bother you and cause uneven skin tone. However, you should be sure to apply only on spots. Step 6 is to apply moisturizer and then put an end your daytime routine with a sunscreen.

Nighttime SkinCare Routine Step-By-Step

Skin care routine steps are beneficial for you, thus, you can get rid of any skin concern. You have learnt daytime skincare routine. This is the time for nighttime skincare routine. Firstly, you should cleanse your skin with a cleanser but if you wear makeup before cleanser, apply cleansing oil. Cleansing oil helps dissolve makeup. After cleansing, use toners, essences and boosters. Use them from thinnest to thickest.

Skin care routine steps should include eye cream. Protecting delicate eye area, addressing crow’s feet and dark circles are the main concern of eye area care. Additionally, treatments, serums and peels are the pieces of nighttime routine. These products can be irritating so you can choose one of them according to needs of your skin of the moment. And then moisturizer or night cream should be used because this step provides protective coating on your skin. It is good to prevent water evaporation while sleeping. Retention of water in the skin promotes healing and maintaining healthy skin. For dry skin types adding face oil before applying night cream would be better.



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