Vitamin Deficiency Hair Loss

When it comes to hair loss, the issue may have multiple causes rather than simply one. That is the reason it confuses people. Hair loss intensity may differ due to age, gender, diet, stress level and so many other factors you can guess. For example, it’s more common to have hair loss if you are a man. Another is that if you eat healthily then your hair will become healthy. This is truly the case when the topic is about vitamin deficiency on hair loss.

Although studies on that subject are kind of little, some researchers claim that vitamin deficiencies can cause hair loss. Thinking that “it might” makes sense too. Because vitamins are vital for nearly every process in your body, from digestion to muscle use. Deficiency of vitamins can cause many illnesses too. This is the reason why all the time those diet professionals suggest to include fruit and vegetables in your diet. Generally speaking, it’s useful for everyone to achieve a healthy body. So vitamins are crucial.

What Is Vitamin Deficiency?

Vitamin deficiency is a term in medicine to define the lack of vitamins in the body. These days people are generally more concerned about the time and don’t care about what they eat. In the long term, an unhealthy diet can cause serious damage to the heart, kidneys, brain, and liver of the person. But lack of vitamins is just an important problem to achieve a healthy body. Vitamin deficiency can cause problems like hair loss, for example, specifically vitamin D. 

Research shows that a lack of vitamin D in your body can directly affect the intensity of hair loss. The reason being for that is vitamin D is playing a role in stimulating new hair follicles. So that means when there isn’t enough vitamin D in your body, new hair growth can be stunted. There are also links found between vitamin D deficiency and alopecia (the autoimmune condition that causes bald patches on the body). Both men and women can experience alopecia. The research found that women 18 to 45 years old who experienced hair loss, or alopecia, had vitamin D deficiency. So other vitamins are a little bit tricky to determine if their deficiency is the cause of hair loss. But vitamin D deficiency has a strong connection with overall hair loss.

Determining The Vitamin Deficiency

Deficiency in different vitamins can cause different problems in the body. For example, vitamin D deficiency can cause bone pain, having weak muscle control, and increased hair loss. Vitamin B deficiency can cause numbness and other nerve problems. You can find many articles online if you are suspicious that you may have a vitamin deficiency. But the reasonable thing to do is making an appointment with your healthcare professional. He/She can find them if there are any problems by taking a blood test.

Hair Loss And Vitamin Deficiency

It’s hard to say something about all of the vitamin types but specific vitamin deficiencies can directly affect the person’s hair loss. The one we will going to talk about is vitamin D. There have been clues found about vitamin D that it plays a role in hair growth. So the deficiency of vitamin D causes hair loss in the medium to long term. We can safely say that deficiency of vitamin D causes alopecia. So getting the optimal amount of vitamin D daily is crucial for hair loss and hair growth.

Fatigue, having bone pain, muscle cramps or weakness, sudden mood changes are the symptoms of vitamin D deficiency. If you have a few of these symptoms it would be best to contact your healthcare provider. It’s rare to find foods that have vitamin D inside but people generally don’t receive vitamin D by food. Milk and certain types of fish contain vitamin D but the main source is the sun. The most needed amount of vitamin D is produced while our body is in contact with the UV rays in the sunlight. 

Some people may want to gain vitamin D via vitamin D supplements. It’s a great choice for those who can’t get in contact with the sunlight enough. But, using them too much may result in vitamin D toxicity, a harmful condition causing nausea, vomiting, weakness, etc. To avoid such illness, use these supplements only when it’s recommended by your healthcare professional.

Optimal Solutions For Hair Solution

People can reduce the intensity of hair loss by reducing the causes of hair loss. Like being on a healthy diet for example. But, there will be people suffering from baldness by not external factors but genetic factors. In the long term, of course, it is better to adapt to a healthy lifestyle not just for hair loss issues. Sadly in the long term genetic speak louder. People genetically inappropriate to have healthy hair growth will suffer from baldness. For those people, the most efficient thing to do is having a modern hair transplantation treatment. By modern, we mean that the treatments that are using the FUE and DHI techniques.

Best Solution For Hair Loss

As we said before, hair loss can be prevented by preventing vitamin deficiencies or other causes. However, the best solution for hair loss is, most of the time, hair transplantation.

In our modern world, technology evolved to a point that our surgeons can provide treatments to clients with minimal risk and pain. Clients can achieve their desired hair and forget about hair loss problems ever in their life. FUE and DHI techniques allow our surgeons to ensure effective treatment, so our patients don’t need to worry about pain. They can apply local anesthesia to the area so minimal pain will drop even lower.

Thanks to FUE and DHI, surgeons can extract follicles one at a time to transplant them to the desired area right away. This allows surgeons to provide a surgery that is in no need of a lancet. Not needing sharp metals is another factor that keeps our clients comfortable and secure.

Preventing vitamin deficiency to avoid hair loss is of course needed. But in the long term, people who have such problems may consider having such modern treatment.

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