What Are The Best Skin Care Products?

People are very curious about "what are the best skin care products?". Skin care products repair the skin thanks to the ingredients it contains. And it feeds. Therefore, skin care is very important. People are very curious about what are the best skin care products? The answer to this question varies from person to person. Because each product differs according to skin type. Therefore, it is not possible to directly talk about a brand or variety. It is important to do research on this. However, there are vitamins and minerals that should be found in skin care products. Because it nourishes the skin and balances the moisture rate. It is beneficial to choose products containing vitamins such as vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin E, which are among these components.

What Are The Best Skin Care Products?

At the same time, there are many components that harm the skin in many care products that have emerged with the developing technology. For example, dimethicone is a synthetic silicone found in tissue. It allows the products to spread more easily on the skin. Fills fine lines and wrinkles. But this causes bacteria. And it dries out the skin even more. Dehydrated skin creates more wrinkles. Sodium sulfate, which is frequently used in body foams and shampoos, is also very harmful to the skin. It erodes and damages the skin. Many care products also contain parapen. Because it makes the product last longer. However, studies have concluded that paraben triggers skin cancer. Sodium sulfate, paraben and triclosan are substances that should not be in skin care products. Finally, the general answer to the question of what are the best skin care products is products that are not too chemical.

The Effect Of Skin Care Products On Aging

People are wondering what are the best skin care products. Skin aging is a biological process caused by internal and external factors or their combination. Our skin acts as a barrier preventing physical, chemical and bacteriological interventions in the body. Another task is to control body temperature through sweat glands. With aging, each of these functions of the skin is negatively affected. There are many cleaning and care products to delay aging. The history of cosmetics, which are personal cleaning and care products, as raw materials and finished products dates back to ancient times. Thanks to the ingredients it contains, it repairs the skin. At the same time, too much sun exposure is very damaging to the skin. For this, sunscreen creams are very important.

What are the best skin care products? There are many skin care products. It is also important to use cleansing gels, which is one of them. Because during the day, our skin is exposed to many bacteria and dust. This clogs our pores. And it causes skin aging. Natural fruit acids in cleansing gels are effective in maintaining the sebum balance of the skin. People ask a lot of questions about this topic. One of them is what are the best skin care products? Sodium sulfate, paraben and triclosan are substances that should not be in skin care products. Products that do not contain these components are beneficial to the skin. At the same time, it is beneficial to choose products containing vitamins such as vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin E.

What Are Skin Types?

Skin type differs from person to person. Every skin is different and every skin type has different characteristics and problems. Sebum in the skin is one of the most important factors in determining skin type. Apart from sebum; Gender, age and genetic effects are also very effective in determining the skin type. Even the skin type does not always stay the same. Your skin type changes over time due to factors such as environmental conditions and humidity. The skin structure is generally under five headings. To do skin care right, you need to know your skin type. Each skin type has different cleansing and moisturizing needs. In short, you need to know your skin type in order to get the necessary effect in your skin care. There are five skin types: combination, sensitive, oily, dry and normal. In addition to these, there is also a blemished and acne-prone skin type.

No matter how much you know about skin types, you cannot understand exactly which skin type you are without a skin analysis. Doctors are more specialized in diagnosing skin. It's obvious they do it to diagnose the skin. They look at the effects of pustules, skin bumps, and skin erosion. Then they look to see if there is a very dry skin structure that cannot protect the nerve endings in the skin. Finally, they examine whether the rate and tendency of blushing on the face and body are the same. People with fair skin, red hair and colored eyes have genetically sensitive skin problems. In these people, the epidermis is thinner. The best products for these people are those that contain ingredients that will repair and strengthen the barrier function.

Care Products For Oily Skin

Oily skin type, like its name, is the skin type where the pores are oily, shiny and open. Your pores are usually more prone to blackheads and acne. For this, it is important to implement a daily cleaning program. It will be more effective to use water-based gel cleansers and peelings on oily skin types. First of all, it is necessary to use a light oil-based and water-based cleanser together to balance the skin. Masking a few times a week moisturizes the skin. And it prevents the pores from clogging. It is not right to use soap for oily skin.

Many people think that because the skin is not clean enough, it increases oil production. However, the amount of oil production of the skin is not directly related to the cleaning of the skin. It is important to keep the oil production of the skin in balance. It is necessary to clean the skin without drying it and without damaging the oil balance. Excessive use of soap and similar substances causes the sebaceous glands to start producing more oil to eliminate the dryness of the skin. At the same time, our skin needs moisturizer, even if it is oily. For this reason, people with oily skin should also use moisturizing products. However, when choosing a moisturizer, it causes the skin to become more oily than products containing intense oil.

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